Vilma Santos


VILMA SANTOS is the Queen of Queens of Phil Cinema, The box office Queen, The only Grand Slam Queen of the Movie Industry, The Icon, The Idol of all artist, one of The Most Beautiful Faces in the showbiz, The Best Actress of them all! A good politician and a good mother. The One and the Only "Super Mega Star for All Seasons!

Vilma Santos is the only actress who won all the best actresses award. Best Child Actress, Best Actress in a supporting role and Best Actress in a lead role. Not even the legendary Meryl Streep can beat that. Unless she acted and won as early as nine years old which Vilma did for the movie Trudis Liit and won as Best Child Actress. Nora can never win the Best Child Actress Award anymore for obvious reason.

Vilma Santos is a thespian in the Philippine Movie industry, respected by colleagues in the industry, and the populace locally and around the world. She is one that new generation artists in the Philippines aspire to emulate and live up to. She received recognition in every award giving bodies locally, numerous times, as well as recognized globally.

She is the most talented actress who ever graced the silver screen.

Who the hell is she to be ranked so high?

She is the real deal plain and simple.

Vilma? Wasn't she on The Flintstones?

Vilma Santos is the only Philippine actress who maintains her popularity. She's the only actress for me second to none. No one equals her achievements as an actress & as a politician. A 4-time grand slam winner, 3-consecutive Urian best actress winner. Petite & God-fearing individual. Her charismatic stance is infectious & admirable.

Truly the undisputed Box-Office Queen in Philippine Movie History!.. The most-awarded actress in Philippine Cinema! The Queen for closely five decades!... No one... No other actress/actresses can even equal to her... Being labeled the QueenStar for All Seasons.. Governor Vilma Santos Recto!... Yours respectfully..

VILMA! VILMA! VILMA! Is the supermega actress for all seasons! The best actress, the queen of all queens, the box office queen, the grand slam queen, no one can beat her, even Nora cannot duplicate her records as an artist. The most awarded actress. The most beautiful actress of her generation, truly the Star for All Seasons!

Vilma Santos is the most admired and respected actress and politician. Her talent in acting and hard work and dedication to her work as Governor and the countless awards are enough to describe her. She is simply the best.

No one can ever equaled Vilma Santos no matter what awards they have internationally or locally, for me Vilma is the best that's why until now she reigns and outshines anyone among our local showbiz and even in politics she was elected three times as Mayor of Lipa and now her second term as Governor of Batangas... She's so versatile in all aspects as a mother of two sons, a public figure and a showbiz personality!

A real Queen in the truest sense of the word - a person with good values, humble, kind, sincere, truthful; no pretensions, no deceitful ways of pretending to be kind just to get sympathy of public, a good mother and wife. How can we respect a celebrity who is only good on screen, but not in real life? The Philippine Movie Industry is fortunate to have one Queen, Star and Actress for all Seasons and Reasons, Box-office Phenomenon, Versatile Talent, Humble and one of the kindest movie personalities, and a genuine good person, and that is the great VILMA SANTOS. Let us not be fooled by blind idolatry with other celebrities. It's Vilma Santos who deserves our respect, our love, and our vote for the Best Actress of all time!

Vilma Santos started her career at the age of nine. From then on, there is no stopping her. Every year, she made several movies. She has done all the roles only a woman of her caliber can do. Ugly bell-ringer, mentally-ill person, killer, other woman, a nun, burlesque dancer, AIDS victim, vulgar woman, a pimp, name it she have it. She has become the most versatile and winningest actress of Philippine cinema.

Vilma Santos is the best of all the best... The most outstanding and bankable star of Philippine cinema... The most diligent and kind hearted mayor and governor of Batangas... The Queen for all Seasons!

Vilma Santos ----- The Best Actress! Why? If everyone will have an open mind and will have a deeper and objective judgment without the fan mentality, we will choose the QueenStar for all Seasons and the Greatest Actress for all Reasons. Just watch the movies - Pahiram ng isang umaga, Sister Stella L. , Anak, Broken Marriage, Tagos ng Dugo, Relasyon, Hahamakin Lahat, Dekada 70, Karma, Burlesk Queen, and you will honor and respect the true talent and brilliance of a great actress. Please vote the true beauty inside and out, real kindness without faking the public to get sympathy. Vilma... The Best Actress.

Vilma Santos celebrates her 50th year as a lead actress of Philippine Cinema. She started at the age of nine in a title role via Trudis Liit (Little Trudis). Her latest film, The Healing, is her 210th movie to date. The said movie is showing simultaneously over 140 cinema houses all over the Philippines! And will soon hit the cinemas of leading cities of the world. Amazing achievements indeed!

For me Ms. Vilma Santos is really the Best Actress for all Seasons, from childhood she won Best Child Actress from Famas, aside from that, she also won Best Supporting Actress and finally got her 1st Best Actress from the movie "Dama De Noche" from thereon, she won many Best Actresses from different major award giving bodies in the Philippines, in fact she is the winningest best actress, she had 4 time grand slam best actress from the movie "Relasyon", "Dahil Mahal Kita, The Dolzura Cortez Story", "Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa" and "Dekada '70", she has 2 International Best Actress from Brussels International Film Festival and Cinemalaya International Film Festival that's why Vilma Santos is The Meryl Streep of the Philippines. She is also "The Box Office Queen" and "The Real Queen of Philippine Cinema".

She is the Philippines Supreme Actress for 5 decades. Scored a record 4 Grandlams as Best Actress under belt and has won 2 international trophies. She is the Phil cinema's most awarded actress. Truly a Star for all Seasons.

The longest reigning Queen of Philippine Cinema, also popularly known as the Star for All Seasons, Vilma Santos celebrates her golden anniversary this year. She has starred in almost 200 films and has given the public some of the most memorable performances in Philippine film history.

Vilma Santos was able to keep the public interest on her. She started out as a chil actress, then she became a tee star, then she became a mature actress playing mature roles that are out of the box characters and then she entered politics and still managed to do films occasionally and yet these movies made money. She deserves to be called THE STAR FOR ALL SEASONS!

Vilma Santos - The Gawad Plaridel and Diwata Awardee. Her accomplishments and achievements make her the number ONE actress/artist of Philippine Cinema. A true thespian, icon and a legend.

I like Vilma for she is so good in acting and so beautiful... The longest box office queen for more than five decades...


Vilma Santos is an A-atist in the Philippines as most of her performances have been recognized by critic. Her movies are making killings at the box office. She is truly the most successful actress in the Philippines and is well-loved by hr millions of fans.