Best Afrika Bambaataa Songs

American DJ from the South Bronx, New York, born Kevin Donovan on April 19, 1957.

The Top Ten

1 Feel the Vibe
2 Planet Rock Planet Rock
3 Looking for the Perfect Beat Looking for the Perfect Beat
4 Renegades of Funk
5 Jazzy Sensation
6 Bambaataa's Theme
7 World Destruction

How come no one talks about this song? I mean you should look at these lyrics of the song. This explains why the governments may try to keep their promises of peace to come. Unfortunately the prime ministers and presidents have become self interested with their military powers to kill each other. People are scared of what's going to happen tomorrow. Who knows what will happen the next day something terrible will affect all of humanity? Think about it.

That song was on Bio Dome. That comedy film starred Kylie Minogue, Paul Shore, and Stephen Baldwin.

8 Zulu Nation Throwdown
9 Wildstyle
10 Agharta - The City of Shamballa
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Top Remixes

1. Feel the Vibe
2. Planet Rock
3. Looking for the Perfect Beat


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