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Best songs by the American rock band Alter Bridge - hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge...

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61 Outright
62 Home

It seems no one has even tried this, which is in the 55th place, this song is so nice it should be at least below top 20. Come on vote for it!

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63 You Will Be Remembered

A loving tribute to all the fallen soldiers who gave their lives to protect their country.

64 Fallout

I totally agree with him.
This song Is Totally AWESOME. It definitely should be on top of this list.
Cool Guitar solo and Awesome Chorus.
Man! This LIST look more like a POPULARITY List instead.

Man I just can't not believe it! It's not in the top ten. this song is just pure awesome... everyone just please hear this song - shuvro

Come on, this song should be in the top 5.

Unbelievably underrated-top 5 for me

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65 Zero

Zero, is an extremely underrated song. I remember when someone recommended to me, I was extremely impressed. The message in the lyrics is great, just like all the other songs by Alter Bridge. However, this deserves top ten. I'm not going to hate on Metalingus, but this deserves to be up there. Make it happen, by listening to this song and voting for it, to get it the high place it deserves.

Just listen to this song. It is one of Alter Bridge's finest. Massively underrated song. Powerful stuff

This song deserve much more! Please listen and than rate!

Amazing song, can't believe it's so low

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66 On My Way Now
67 Breathe Again

Whenever a five minute walk to the shops or pub is necessary, I usually stick this beast of a song on. Can't get enough of it. Has an amazing finish which always makes a song score more highly with me. Top ten in my books.

Brilliant song, I wish this was higher on the list. I am a WWE fan, if I didn't watch that, I wouldn't have known how good Alter Bridge is! Alter Bridge are my favourite band EVER and this song is my favourite!

Wow this song is so underrated. So epic.

Rise above the hands that try to hold me down. Enough said...

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68 Never Born to Follow
69 We Don't Care at All
70 The Damage Done
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