Best Anathema Albums

The Top Ten

1 Judgement Judgement
2 Weather Systems Weather Systems
3 We're Here Because We're Here We're Here Because We're Here
4 Alternative 4 Alternative 4
5 A Natural Disaster A Natural Disaster

Such an underrated album and in my opinion one of their best along with Alternative 4. - RalphSaad

6 Distant Satellites Distant Satellites
7 Eternity Eternity
8 Fine Day to Exit Fine Day to Exit
9 Hindsight Hindsight
10 Falling Deeper Falling Deeper

The Contenders

11 The Silent Enigma The Silent Enigma

This album should be in the Top 10!

12 Resonance 2 Resonance 2
13 Serenades Serenades
14 Pentecost III Pentecost III
15 Crestfallen Crestfallen
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Top Remixes

1. We're Here Because We're Here
2. Weather Systems
3. A Natural Disaster
1. We're Here Because We're Here
2. Weather Systems
3. Judgement
1. Weather Systems
2. Distant Satellites
3. Hindsight



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