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41 The Revelator

This is the song that made me fall in love with this band

42 Behold a Pale Horse
43 Voyager

Great chorus

This ep is amazing

44 Crawl

Best song ever! It's just magic!

45 Some Origins of Fire

From the album "Love". One of my all-time favorite AvA songs. The melody sounds similar to The Adventure.

This song is usually just overlooked on LOVE because it has a melody similar to "The Adventure". This song starts off with cool electronics, then the band comes in with thundering power, then a glorious guitar line, then Tom starts singing and it's just indescribable.
"We all are love and love is hard. We're hard to love". That's one of the best lines Tom has ever written.

46 Reel 5 (New Blood)

A lot of people put down this song because it's an instrumental and I think that's ridiculous especially for a band like this that makes awesome instrumentals. I personally think it's their specialty. This song starts very straightforward, then Ilan starts laying down some amazing keyboard melodies and piano lines, and then the beat grows, finally arriving at a spectacular and heavenly conclusion.

Great song with great parts in all of the instruments. Maybe no vocals, but it's still amazing. AVA is the best at instrumentals.

47 Paralyzed

This was the first song I listened to on the dream walker album and I was blown's very modern and intriguing...just great!

Very similar to Snake Charmer and Ghosts on the Dancefloor. Audio mixing is not very well done. Still a decent track however.

Eveyone is complaining about this song and the audio but I think tom ment it to be very heavy

48 Reel 6

Here's an instrumental off of Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal that is a upbeat and exciting electronic song. WHOAW that bass. Amazing! Makes you want to dance, or run, or like the album title suggests, just hop in a car or on a motorcycle without a brake pedal. Brilliant. Also features some great electric guitar work and piano.

49 Moon As My Witness
50 Kiss With a Spell

Showcases a different side of the band, sounds like the cure meets electronic. Very under rated song on an under rated album.

51 The Disease V 2 Comments
52 Dry Your Eyes
53 Chasing Shadows

So beautiful - AfreeWalrus

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