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I Like Trains

I died! LOL.

This has to be my favorite part.
I like singing!
I like dancing.
I like trains.
(Train zooms by)
L8r in the series
Now son, what are you up to?
I like trains.
Haha, yes you do.
You know who's gay? Y-
(Train zooms by)
This is just flat-out-get-to-the-point humor.

I Baked You a Pie

Oh boy what flavor?

Everybody Do The Flop
I'm Gonna Do An Internet

Well I'm gonna do a book. Oh. - queeniifan

Opposite Day
I Am a Stegosaurus
Throw The Cheese

THROW THE CHEESE! (Somehow fails) yeah!


Muffin Factory
Don't Touch That Cactus

If you vote for this you're not dead to me!

Your Dead to me... - ZackAttack2005

Who Parked Their Car On My Sandwich

I Did!


I Did it. NOOO[boom] - ZackAttack2005

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Beep, Beep, Im A Sheep

Just funny

Desmond the Moonbear

How dod I GET here? *the end*

It's a Lovely Walk Down the Road, and If I Ever Stop Singing I Will Explode

Hey Steven!

HEY STEVEN - GrapeJuiceK

Hey Steven! What have you done. 💣

The Science Show!

*piano falls*
whose idea was this - GrapeJuiceK

Hello Parking Meter
Die Potato!

Not today!

Why Won't You Let Me Die?

Thers No Such Thing An That. - ZackAttack2005

Wha - ZackAttack2005

This is a YTP

Do You Wanna Go Skateboards?
This Is a Robbery
I Wanna Go To The Moon!
I Wanna Be a Pie!
Oh No I Spilt My Milk!
I Wonder If My Pony Can Fly?
Magical Pony Flying Through the Sky
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