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1 I Like Trains

I died! LOL.

This has to be my favorite part.
I like singing!
I like dancing.
I like trains.
(Train zooms by)
L8r in the series
Now son, what are you up to?
I like trains.
Haha, yes you do.
You know who's gay? Y-
(Train zooms by)
This is just flat-out-get-to-the-point humor.

2 I Baked You a Pie

Oh boy what flavor?

3 Everybody Do The Flop
4 I'm Gonna Do An Internet
5 Opposite Day
6 I Am a Stegosaurus
7 Throw The Cheese


8 Muffin Factory
9 Don't Touch That Cactus

If you vote for this you're not dead to me!

Your Dead to me... - ZackAttack2005

10 Who Parked Their Car On My Sandwich

I Did!



I Did it. NOOO[boom] - ZackAttack2005

The Contenders

11 Beep, Beep, Im A Sheep

Just funny

12 The Science Show!

*piano falls*
whose idea was this - GrapeJuiceK

13 Desmond the Moonbear
14 Hello Parking Meter

Hello! - Emberleap

15 Die Potato!

Not today!

16 It's a Lovely Walk Down the Road, and If I Ever Stop Singing I Will Explode

Hey Steven!

HEY STEVEN - GrapeJuiceK

Hey Steven! What have you done. 💣

17 Why Won't You Let Me Die?
18 ultrasdf

Thers No Such Thing An That. - ZackAttack2005

Wha - ZackAttack2005

This is a YTP

19 This Is a Robbery
20 I Wanna Go To The Moon!
21 I Wanna Be a Pie!
22 Oh No I Spilt My Milk!
23 I Wonder If My Pony Can Fly?
24 Magical Pony Flying Through the Sky
25 Screw Gravity
26 Quick! Shoot Me In The Face!
27 Did You Know That Carrots Are Good for Your Eyesight?

You lied to me

28 Hey! You Two Should Kiss
29 Tree Powers Activate!
30 Ha Ha Ha... I Can't Read
31 Suddenly Pineapples

Well the good news is you don't have brain cancer anymore.

This Does Not Help. - ZackAttack2005

32 Cow
33 A Cow Pretending To Be A Man
34 Do You Wanna Go Skateboards?
35 Mine Turtle
36 Meow, Meow, I'm a cow
37 Rainbows

Doctor I think I might be a homosexual!
How can you tell?

38 Johnny Play the Piano While Falling Down the Stairs
39 Don't Jump, Now Jump
40 Can Susie Play with Me Mommy
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