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1 It's Alright, It's Ok

Great song of ashley

So cool song

So good song

2 Heaven Is a Place On Earth

When the night falls down
I wait for you
And you come around
And the world's alive
With the sound of kids
On the street outside

When you walk into the room
You pull me close and we start to move
And we're spinning with the stars above
And you lift me up in a wave of love...

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth

One of the best songs in the world. Thanks Ashley for making a perfect song :D

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3 Crank It Up
4 How Do U Love Someone

My favorite song ever! Ashley is so awesome and her songs are all so touching. I love her!

5 Fabulous

That's true song, she is fabulous! Love to Ashley. - selenafan

6 Time After Time
7 Bop to the Top
8 Be Good to Me


9 Walking On Sunshine
10 He Said She Said

Needs to be on 1

I will never forget the first timIe I heard this. SO catchy. I absolutely love her.


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11 What I've Been Looking For
12 I Want It All
13 I Wanna Dance With Somebody
14 Acting Out
15 What If
16 Kiss the Girl
17 Never Gonna Give U Up
18 I'm Back
19 Gonna Shine
20 Guilty Pleasure
21 You Are the Music In Me
22 Me Without You

It's just fab! 23 isn't enough for it, I mean for god sake it's just make you cry!

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23 We'll Be Together
24 Overrated
25 How Do You Love Someone

Unbelievable that this song so low on the list. Deserves better. Personal favorite of Ashley Tisdale!

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26 The Rest of My Life
27 Headstrong
28 Masquerade

Amazing song

29 Tell Me Lies
30 Suddenly
31 Busted
32 Last Christmas
33 Unlove You
34 Positivity
35 Delete You
36 So Much for You
37 Not Like That
38 Boy Like You
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1. It's Alright, It's Ok
2. We'll Be Together
3. He Said She Said
1. It's Alright, It's Ok
2. Walking On Sunshine
3. Crank It Up
1. What I've Been Looking For
2. He Said She Said
3. Bop to the Top

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