EA's Versus: #04. Ezio vs Altair / 03# results

EvilAngel It was decided by all, by a long way, so long that I needn't count votes, that the Mclaren is the favourite of the three cars, and that the Ferrari would be the fastest around a track. I think it would be fair to say that if I had included the fastest in a straight line then the Porsche would have won that. All three are amazing cars, the LaFerrari winning the battle overall, but the beautiful Mclaren P1 is the most loved, to me too.
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Ezio vs Altair, both of Assassins Creed.

These are easily the top two assassin's of all the Assassins Creed series, both in legacy, and likely in technique too.
Though Altair is very loved in the series, Ezio is the most loved, so much so that he caused Assassins Creed 3 to be delayed and had a trilogy made for him whereas all the other assassins only had one game each. However, Altair counters this by being the original, the first assassin, that split up the assassin order around the wor ld to make them survive, and started off the series of games and books. We learn a lot about Ezio in the game, but we learn a hell of a lot more about Altair in the book The Secret Crusade than we do the game, so I highly recommend that book.

Not only are these the top two in legacy, but I believe they'd be really close in a battle. I would say Altair is deadlier, but Ezio has a better arsenal due to him living a few centuries later in the 14 and 15 hundreds. Though I love Ezio the most and he's one of my all time favourite characters, I fear he has a tough battle here against the Grand Master.

The first playable assassin, he started the order in the way that we know it, dispersed around the world for protection. He was trained by the grand Master Al Mualim, and relied less on equipment than later assassins.
Ability: 10
Arsenal: 5
Experience: 10
Eagle vision: 10

The most loved Assassin ever. In his adulthood he shows such respect and teaches us so many lessons, as well as being a formidable opponent and destroying the Italian Templar order, ran by the Borgias at the time. Ezio is a legend, and also has smoke bombs and stun bombs at his disposal, though to make this battle fair I am taking stun bombs out of the question.
Ability: 9
Arsenal: 8
Experience: 10
Eagle vision : 8

This cannot simply be decided by adding the totals. Things to bear in mind: who would spot the other first? This is set in a fifteenth century deserted city. Stealth is as important, if not more important than strength. Who would be alerted to the presence of the other first? Would the surprise be enough? Who is stronger, will ezios extra size topple the smaller Altair?

Drop them both in fifteenth century city, fight to the death.


Strength: Ezio.
Favourite : Ezio.
Stealth: Altair.
Assassin's abilities : both are top, but Altair.
Speed: Altair.

In this I believe Altair would win, using his smaller stature to his advantage and driving the hidden blade in. In a fist fight or arm wrestle, Ezio wins. - EvilAngel

Altair, definitely Altair! If this would be a stealth battle, it could go out on who has better luck, but Altair has better chances to spot him and do a surprise attack!
If this would go out in a 1on1 physical fight, Ezio would win this however, but I'll go with Altair! - visitor

I'd say Ezio as Altair can be cocky and underestimate his opponents. Also Ezio has invented countless assassination techniques to surprise Altair with - bobbythebrony

Ezio wins overall. But Altair for speed. Depends which Ezio, at the end of AC2 he's the deadliest and also slim and tall, but puts weight on for brotherhood - Forsaken

He just gets heavier armor. - Therandom

Ezio wins because he is so fast and more advanced weaponry and Ezio's eagle vision is much better. - 2storm

I dunno. Don't play Assassins Creed. - RiverClanRocks

Wait change mine to Altair but In terms of plain out fight Enzo and in Eagle Vision Enzio - 2storm

Change mine back to Ezio - 2storm

Where's mine go?! Anyway, ezio - Therandom