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Atif Aslam is amongst the finest performers and singers in the music industry today.
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1 Kuch iss tarah teri palkein

When I here this song I forget everything!
And go into my own world enjoying this song!
It is so beautiful
And of course ATIF ASLAM!
Salute to him!

This is the cutest song I've ever heard, whenever I hear this song in my bad mood, my good mood comes if I hear this song 100 times in a day I feel that I m in heaven. This song is sort but beautiful, rythmic, I wish that everyone in the world or universe hear this song. It deserves the first position. Lastly I thank to atif to make this song.

Best song ever
First time heard this song... Looking outside the window eyes were all wet... Quitely said to myself"COME TO ME"

Kuch is tarah is definitely the most awesome song... Filled with feeling and whenever I listen to this song I always find my self in a new world in a memory lane which is amazing
Atif you really have an amazing voice mashallah... Keep it up

2 Tu Jaane Na Tu Jaane Na Cover Art

This song is marvelous. It really depicts my feelings for someone. This song deserves rate 1. Atif is really god.

Atif Aslam proves his singing skills, he sings with good technique and melody is fine.

It's just awesome. I love this song more than anything. It just describes everything I have in my heart. I love Atif. I love all his songs. He is the very BEST!

According to me, this song is very special and tragical. It immediately touches the hearts of the listeners. A melodious song indeed.

3 Tere Bin Mein Kiasse Jiya

This is song that will surely wreck your nerves and once the song is finished you will put the reply button and will get lost in it melody.. Love you atif.. Indian fans like me are hungry for your soulful melodies and heart touching lyrics..

This is the song which my boyfriend was singing the day when he proposed me. I really love this song because Atif has an attractive voice and the song contains many beautiful and romantic events of my life. LOVE ATIF AND THIS SONG!

Its awesome... Touches the deepest core of mah heart..
His voice and this song juz gives the ultimate meaning of pain in love that's every other one faces in their lives...
A great work... Love you atif...


4 Pehli Nazar Mein Pehli Nazar Mein Cover Art

Atif your voice is very sweet. Mashaallah.. You are the finest singer.
& this is one of the best song
I love your voice and you.
This song should be number 1.
You should be number 1 singer

This song is marvelous... I really like this song... When I'll listen this song I'm feeling very relaxed I don't know why but atif your voice is touching too heart always may Allah bless you always... Stay happy...

Romantic and lovely song by atif aslam... I hope in future he will make such that type of romantic songa for us

Atif your voice is so lovely I love your voice and you also...

5 Tera Hone Laga Hun

I don't know much about music, singers etc etc... So I m not one of those who can classify that... This song is good or this song is bad... But I knew that... Those songs which touches my heart deeply... Is good... And this song is one of them.
And Hats off to atif aslam...

A song which trance mee., will make me to get lost in the nostalgic moments which I can never get over with. But the song makes me to get close to with those moments and get a smile on my face. Thanks for such a lovely song.! A bow to you Atif

If you hear this song you know the real meaning of love

ATif Whenever I hear yur any song I feel the true meaning of singing...

6 Le Ja Tu Mujhe

Well, I can just say atif is the king of melody songs...
I love his songss... I seriously solute him after listening this song! My all favourite songs belong to atif.. And this is one of them! Love you atif aslaam

This song is love. The sound of breaking a mirror made the song awesome

I love dis song like hell! Your voice is awesome

Wow... This song is just awesome... Love atif and his voice... Crazy about him...

7 Woh Lamhe

This Song Touch my heart, one of the greatest song I have ever heard
I hope atif aslam sings for Indian industry more cauz his every songs
Are just great.

This song was the icing on the top when Pakistani pop and band music was popular around the 90s. Everyone knows its Bollywood version unfortunately but this will always be one of (only a few) Atifs Pakistani gems!

This is the best song I have ever heard in my life. When I first heard this song atif become my best singer in the whole world

It's such a sad song. Many times, I listen this song and I'm really attracted to aatif

8 Kabhi Toh Paas Mere Aao

According 2 me this song is the best song in the world. All the favorite songs of mine belong 2 ATIF ASLAM. I am mad at ATIF ASLAM and I wish that all his songs be super hit. I love ATIF ASLAM the most in the world

Ist one of my favorite songs by atif aslam when I here atif aslam songs I go deep in to them and it is very heart touching song. Atif aslam song will be so meaning full. I love it.

Its really heart touching song

I love this song very much

9 Hona Tha Pyaar

Love happens only one and after that a man leaves for dreaming world

Kchh is tarah emotn bah0ut jjyada hai... I just love song kuch is tarah

Super performance of Atif Aslam I like him miss you Atif Aslam and your more good

Smooth and catchy one. Atif's voice high pitch had made it more than better.

10 Piya O Re Piya Piya O Re Piya Cover Art

DAMN... Y is this song on 14th... It should have been in top 3...!

One of the great songs in 2012. I can't see why this song is this much down from the top.

Atif you rocks man.
Love from Srilanka

This is one of the best song to me all the best and do your best only atif aslam Can do this

Piya o re piya... this songs speaks itself... I have nothing to say anything/ I have no words...

The Contenders
11 Doorie Doorie Cover Art

Atif I love this song... This song is related with my life

This song is really beautiful and its been more beautiful by the voice of atif aslam

Doorie song is my favorite, and your track is so much heart touching, aatif you are the real singer,

This is my one of the most favourite song of my favourite singer

12 Rona Chadita

Nice song I had hear at the most
Atif's voice is really awesome. Apart from that, it's different from his melodies. It has a great beat. Heart touching loveliest song for a broken heart and Atif your voice is absolutely speechless...

Iam his fan from my 3 stndrd till now not a single singer can cover up atif and his voice and the way of singing is awesome I love his songs.

This is a really sad song. I love it. It is really sad.

I like every songs of atif and am I big fan of atif his voice touched my heart.

13 Jab Rulana Hi Tha

This song is beautiful and heart touching I really love that song

Don't change so pepole will like U. Be yourself and the right people will love the real U... Wow atif this song was really heart touching song

Ths is so beautiful & touching song.. I really love to listen that song all tym...

This song is most popular songs ever. I love romantic songs. Every couples like this songs

14 Tere Liye Tere Liye Cover Art

Man! This ain't' right. This song should be at least in top 10. What is it doing in 22nd position. Atif's voice is really awesome. Apart from that, it's different from his melodies. It has a great beat. Yoy

Tere liye from PRINCE movie is a lovely song and best song of Atif Aslam.

This is really nice song. I am big fan of Atif. This song touches my heart.

Great song, Wanna listen everyday. He is agreat singer, his voice is so good. He is awesome.

15 Gulabi Aankhen

Its totlay the best. His whole sole is there in the song. Feelings transfer from the song to our body. Its amazing. Just wow.

Its one of best song which really reflects the beauty

Atif is the best singer and I love him

I like this songs and I love this song

16 Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki

Awesome song...
Atif's is just too good...
Love is in the air...
Lovely track...

I m big fan of atif sir.. And... I love.. All song... Its is.. Really... Good

I love all songs of Atif sir & there is a fact that he never sings shirk

This is my favourite song and I like atif aslam so much

17 Teri Yaadein

Best composition executed by Atif till now. I suggest all atif fans to listen to this song for one more atif HIT. To the non fans, listen to this and you will become a fan guaranteed!

Killer lyrics, heart touching, cheaters must listen, loveliest song for a broken heart and Aatif your voice is absolutely speechless...

This is one of the most romantic songs ever..the person whom I rili admired sent this song to me n when I listened it reminded me of the best moments ever

This song is very best song of atif aslam and I love you atif aslam

18 Hum kis gali jaa rahe hain

You are the best singer this song is awesome I love you atif and all songs love you very much

Who the hell is voting for atif's other hits, when this song is here?

Too awesome! This One Is a Fast one! But Oh My God! What a Song it Is! Really Love It!

Oh my god! I just fell in love with atif after listening to this song! He is super duper hot, cool, confident, amazing and wonderful! The synonym for Atif is PERFECT! And I also love his attitude in sur kshetra... Love you love you love you love you atif! You are the best! Number 1! Keep it up... Dream boy!

19 Yakeen Yakeen Cover Art

Awesome song... Atif aslam is the best bollywood singer I've ever heard... Lovely song... With touchy lyrics...

It is very good song that touch my heart every time listen it. Thanks atif for this wonderful song.

I love the voice of Atif Aslam when ever he sings. I am fan of him. Thanks Atif Aslma for this wonderful song... You are awesome

I love this song very much and I want to atif please sing this type of song more. This is my love...

20 Be Intehaan Be Intehaan Cover Art

I am very big fan of atif aslam.
I always listen to his songs. Mashallah I love his voice. I am so happy and proud that atif aslam is a rockstar singer.
(I love your songs example... Be intehaan, o mera khuda, tere hona laga hoon, tere liys and etc. ) your songs are rocking and mashallah they are beautiful sand. And may allah bless you. Good luck for your future. Love you the rockstar atif aslam.

Atif your songs are awesome and marvelous like U...
I love you and your songs, when we listen this song we understand love and its feelings... I request you to make like this songs in future...
I love you for your kindness, love, and songs...

It's the best song ever and ever I love your voice atif... You are the best singer ever... Be inteehaan wow... Nice superb song... Make my world amazing

Hello atif aslam
Atif you are the best pop singer in the world. Mashallah I love your voice.
I love your songs because they always rocking. You are so good. Love you arif aslam.

21 Bakhuda Tumhi Ho Bakhuda Tumhi Ho Cover Art

The lyrics of this song are just awesome. This song should be in top no doubt.

My favourite song I love your voice atif what dout sung with alka yagnik just like god gift person

Atif v lv you a lot, you r such a rock star... Your singing style is very unique n specilly your voice is awesome

I like your voice and this song is too good

22 Abb to Aadat Si

Wow! Its like saying nothing else matters is the 24th most popular song of Metallica! Aadat, woh lamhe and tere bin made people fall in love with a voice, liking all other songs that followed was just a consequence of it!

This is the song from which atif aslam came into existence, it must be the top 1 song...

Why aadat is not in top ten, this song made atif, what he is right now.

This song is my best because it has happened with me

23 I Love You

I like atifaslam and I am singer by atif songs

I love atif aslam

I would say to ATIF that I LOVE YOU TOO your songs are supperb I love them. This song is too good.


24 Mujhe Pyar Pyar Kyun Hua

I love you atif and your songs. They are awesome like uu.

I love your voice... Atif and I love you

I really like at if..

So so so sweet song

25 Gulaabi Aankhen

This song one of the best songs you sing all the very best

Atif I like your voice and I like you so much forever

I love you Atif This is one of the best song

Its good feel love song...

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