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21 Set It Off

Is anyone actually listening to the songs? This is a must in the top 10!
It is very sad this band isn't together anymore

22 Shape of Things to Come

Dark, mysterious, desperate, beautiful

23 Wide Awake

This is one of their best songs in my opinion. It starts off slow but the eventual climax is great epic and Chris Cornell's voice is really good at the end. This deserves to be so much higher

I can't believe this isn't higher up the list, no matter what new music you're discovering this track trumps it all, number one song since I was twelve love it!

This song is bad ass and really epic and deserves to be among the top ten at least.

This is definitely my favorite song by them. I love what this song is talking about.

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24 Broken City

Deres no way dis song should at frkin #20... Its pure awesomeness.. !

25 Sound of a Gun

Great riff. One of my favorite songs by Audioslave

26 Yesterday to Tomorrow

#18? Why so low, this is a really damn good track. That melody where the guitar and Chris Cornell's voice blends together so well around the first bit when he does that sing-a-long is just awe-inspiring.

I love how it starts out with a great baseline, and then the lyrics just make me feel something. Of course, Morello also had an amazing solo. Rock On!

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27 Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye
28 The Curse
29 Dandelion

Why isn't this song higher up? The chords are brilliant this song is as good as Doesn't Remind Me, for that.

Oh come on! This song is pretty awesome, not to mention those jagged vocals at the end. Rate it up!

Very underrated song from audioslave, love the humming part in the chorus

Great song... Get it up in the top ten

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30 The Worm

I feel that this is one of their most underrated songs. It's got such a powerful chorus, mixed with a groovy verse.

My absolute favorite Audioslave song! I don't understand why it's so underrated!

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31 Man or Animal

EPIC solo. All guitarists like me should recognize this as an amazing song. This is probably there most hard rock song ever!

You give an heart attack
I will give you more than that

32 Light My Way

Heaviest riff off the first album, cannot believe this isn't in the top 10 let alone the list alone.

Audioslave's first recorded song, heavy bass riff and Cornello's trademark vocals. Amazing song.

Good song acctually suprised it wasnt #1 I herd all the others infront of it and relized it

33 One and the Same

This song is incredibly good, and very underrated. This song should be a lot further up there!

34 Jewel of the Summertime
35 Heavens Dead

Have you even listened to Audioslave and not heard this song?

This song needs to be remembered by all you guys

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36 We Got the Whip V 1 Comment
37 Hypnotize

This song is really different from the rest of the album, but it is very good! The guitar sound, the hypnotizing bass line, the fast Wilk's drumming and the low Cornell's vocals make this a very good song!

Cool song, nowhere near the worst! - mtndewlord

38 Somedays
39 Turn to Gold

This song was actually never released but if you YouTube it you will find it. Personally, I love it. Great riffs and RATM like!

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