Cold Chisel

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Dude! Cold chisel should be way higher! They should be in the top 5! So many classics, Khe Sanh, Cheap Wine, Ita, Flame Trees, Star Hotel, Choir Girl, Forever Now, Shipping Steel, Standing on the outside, My Baby, Saturday Night, there's so many more too

How an earth can this be down here!
Smashes AC/DC when it comes to definitive Australian songs. The majority of the bands above have at tops 3 good songs. I could write 10 Chisel songs that the majority of you have heard.
My other criticism is - where's Redgum?
Never even heard of some of the other

Khe Sanh, Cheap Wine, Ita, Flame Trees, Star Hotel, Choir Girl, Forever Now, Shipping Steel, Standing on the outside, My Baby, Saturday Night, and that's just side one of a great compilation I would put together. How many other bands here can comfortably put out a DOUBLE CD of best hits.

LMFAO! honestly people, how can chisel be down here? What a croc. How about we have a under 25's and over 25's voting system. AC/DC are a great band sure, but would TNT or dirty deeds really beat khe sanh in a pub on friday night? highly doubt it. - jacksdaddy

I was very surprised to see Cold Chisel listed as number 8. As a musician perhaps I judge bands and groups differently than some other people do, but in my own personal ranking, Cold Chisel belongs up there at number 2.

Needs to be inside the top 5 at least. Iconic Aussie rock band that gets played through every pub in every town in Australia. Can't make a top 5 Aussie rock band list without including the guys who created the masterpieces such as "Flame Trees", "Choir Girl", "Bow River", "Cheap Wine", "Khe Sanh", "Standing On The Outside", and "When The War Is Over"!

The greatest aussie band ever hands down, a true aussie knows no other band can compare to cold chisel. Too many classic hits not to be the best

Should be higher. Along with Powderfinger two really great Aussie bands that didn't have the overseas success they really deserved.

Better than everyone on this list. Try and do one of there songs and watch someone else do one then you realise what talent they have

Cold chisel should definitely be top ten! It's probably my 7th favorite band out of all of the bands in the world.


R you 4 real! Cold Chisel not even in top 10 if deserves top 3! Jimmy Barnes you legend your great even solo

It's sad to see Chisel below Silverchair. Chisel gives me so many nice memories and flashbacks as a kid. The substance in their music is every bit
AustraliaN. If your moving to Australia to for the first time make sure
Buy a copy of their greatest hits.

Way too low for this phenomenal band. Too many classic songs to be disrespected like this.

1% of voters this chisels are number one? That is unaustralian. Putting a total of number one hits as the scale and I am confident they would be number 1! 1

not just the best Aussie band but the best band ever to grace the stage.

Recently introduced to this band and fell in love with their music!

Just keep coming still performing and releasing there best stuff

The best and most significant Australian rock band of all time.

Man I am a Brit and even I know these guys should be in the top five

Cold Chisel so deserves higher than it's current position (NO.8)

They are definitely the best australian pub rock band

Chisel should be in the top three. So Aussie, so cool.

Cold Chisel is sound of the real Australian rock - Beards2017

Without question the best of Aussie rock