Best Ben 10 Aliens of 2013

The Top Ten

1 Feedback

If someone attacks feedback he can absorb the energy attacked by the alien an can reduce the attack 5 times an attack the same energy to the alien

Feedback is stylish and cool!

Top alien is feedback

Feedback is so good.

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2 Rath

Rath is super cool he has spikes deploying from his hand and can seriosly mess someone up as you recall in the episode that ben first got rath kevin explained that appoplexians are extremely aggressive, argumentive, and believe any problem can be solved by hitting it, and it also said they aren't to bright which just just makes rath super cooler, but when kevin explained at the end episode that he knew what caused interference with the omnitrix ben quickly turned into rath and soon beat the snot out of him he is just super cool

3 Kickin Hawk
4 Bloxx

Bloxx is one of my favorites ever

You know, with his building skills, he can actually beat diamondhead, I know that diamondhead can be harde than bloxx, but blox can regenerate a lot faster than him. He can aslo grow large. If he can just build a huge-ass hammer and smash diamondhead's HEAD.

5 Humungousaur

He can squash his opponents

6 Shocksquatch
7 Heatblast
8 Diamondhead

This is the best alien of bem 10
é o melhor alien do bem 10

He is SO the best.
•Super strength
•Heat/Laser Resistance
•High Jump
•Mega Punch
•Shoots crystals

9 Four Arms
10 XLR8

He can just zoom by and multiply hit his opponent and good for tricking opponents

The Contenders

11 Big Chill
12 Articguana

Looks as great as xlr8

13 Goop

I know that this alien isn't in the show that much, but he can beat a variety of aliens, just not NRG, atomix, or alien x

14 Gravattack

He is a living planet. He can lift any object and spin then around

15 Toepick
16 Armodrillo
17 Ball Weevil
18 Clockwork
19 Upchuck
20 Ditto

He can moer everyone

21 Spidermonkey
22 Crashhopper
23 NRG
24 Wildmutt
25 Wildvine
26 Fasttrack

He's more than cool and faster than xlr8

27 Echo Echo

There's strength in numbers

28 Alien X

He can make his thoughts into reality. He can pretty much do anything

29 Ghostfreak

He is so good he escaped the omnithix

30 Atomix

He destroy any of these guys easy of pie! Eat that suckers eat it up suckers in your face!

31 Astrodactyl

Love his debut. - Lucasw14

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