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201 Bulldozer
202 Gris
203 Infernum

The original Infernum. Not to be confused with the other Polish Infernum.

204 Dhishti
205 Kreator Kreator Kreator is a German thrash metal band from Essen. Their style of music is similar to that of their compatriots Destruction, Sodom and Tankard; along with those three bands, Kreator has been referred to as one of the "big four" of Teutonic thrash metal, and they are often credited with helping pioneer more.
206 Vallendusk
207 Slipknot Slipknot Slipknot is a Heavy Metal band formed in 1995 from Iowa. The band released their first album in 1999 and was well received by critics and fans. The group gained success after the release of their second studio album, "Iowa". more.

These nu-metal clowns don't belong to be in this list..

Good band, but nowhere near Black Metal - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This is a top tier bait - maverick88

They're too good for black metal, why are they here?

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208 Demoniac

Eventhough they evolved into the suck-ass Dragonforce, their music was epic.

209 Ezurate

This is a band with its own style unique rhythms continuous pounding

210 Thy Antichrist

Not the best Black Metal band out there, but definitely important when it comes to Metal from South America.

211 Nifelheim

Black. Speed. Metal.

212 Mutilation
213 Vengeance Rising Vengeance Rising
214 Ritual Combat
215 Velvet Cacoon
216 I V 1 Comment
217 Weakling
218 Cobalt
219 Dragonlord
220 Obsidian Tongue
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