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101 Malevolentia
102 Beherit

A very good finnish black metal band that would blow your mind!

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103 Permafrost
104 Striborg

I have met Striborg, interesting guy. Very underrated and definitely a better Composer than Varg Vikernes. His bleak, distorted, twisted Black Metal is just sex.


105 Master's Hammer

Best lyrics and occult atmosphere ever. Just listen to their epic Ritual Album.

106 Behexen Behexen
107 Anaal Nathrakh

85? What? At least in the top ten list..

Good band at wrong category.

Top 30 at least

108 Myrd

Awesome danish black metal band!

109 Septicflesh Septicflesh

I really like their new ideas in music. Their song writting is always complex with many chords, and they are using melodic guitar links. I miss though, the female vocals they used in "The Ophidian Wheel".

Not exactly 'black metal' sth like blackened death but still pioneers of this black art

110 Tormentor

Why did I have to add tormentor to this list? Shame on you internet metalheads!

111 Mütiilation

Great raw black metal. Really under appreciated

112 Nagelfar
113 Yamatu

Black Metal form USA dealing with sumerian mythology, also with some sumerian chants and lyrics.

114 Opera IX

Wow these guys are better than 98â„… of these wannabe black metal bands lol! Listen to From the Grave!

115 Abruptum
116 Extol Extol Extol are a progressive extreme Christian metal band from Bekkestua, Norway that was formed in 1993. The band is known for playing a variety of different styles of metal which include progressive metal, death metal, black metal and thrash metal. V 1 Comment
117 Frost Like Ashes

Frost like ashes is amazing! their sound is brutal and raw and they have a song on the album "A Brutal Christmas: The Season in Chaos"

118 Forgotten Tomb
119 Metalogy

Best Black metal Band

120 Diabolical Masquerade
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