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121 Frost Like Ashes

Frost like ashes is amazing! their sound is brutal and raw and they have a song on the album "A Brutal Christmas: The Season in Chaos"

122 Forgotten Tomb
123 Metalogy

Best Black metal Band

124 Diabolical Masquerade
125 The Ruins of Beverast

Ok to have this band / guy at a low level as this is almost breathtakingly stupid check out the album Rain Upon the Impure it's a work of a genius, also his vocals are almost inhuman and at times almost frightening.

126 Arckanum
127 Kvist

Kvist is highly underrated in my opinion. They are a very worthy symphonic Black Metal band from the mid nineties

Should at least be in the top 20s. Very great stuff!
One of the best album I've listened to in recent times.

128 Aaskereia
129 Morbid V 1 Comment
130 Morgul

Melodic underground black metal listen to the album all dead here so awesome they do their own style of black metal

All dead here sketch of supposed murder ballad of revolt the horror grandeur very unique

131 Impaled Nazarene
132 Hyems
133 Demonic Resurrection
134 Thyrfing
135 Forteresse
136 Tribulation V 1 Comment
137 Von Von
138 Portal Portal
139 Panopticon
140 Dead by April V 1 Comment
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