Best BMX Street Riders

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41 Devon Smillie V 3 Comments
42 Trey Jones

He makes everything he does look stylish and does whatever he wants and not what others would ever think of ( skid 180 ) GAM

V 1 Comment
43 David Budko
44 Terry Adams

Your Flatlands are the greatest!

45 Sean Ricany

One of the top 2 best young bmx riders its just that he can't flair

46 Jay Miron

Wicked sick vert. Watch his old X games

Jay was the first do double backflip, no-handed flair, 540 tailwhip... He started Macneil bike's, ten pack distribution, chase bmx magazine. He pretty much put the canadian bmx scene on the map!

47 Kriss Kyle

A great great rider. He feels as if the bike is a part of him. He sees things differently as he constantly shows. He makes crazy unique line and should be in at least the top 15.

This dude is home town and is just unreal. He describes his bike as another limb, he sees things differently and is just unreal honestly go watch his edits.
I was at the local skatepark when he came back with his first sponsor since then he's picked up redbull, Nike, BSD etc he lives in unit 23 he's just the best and should be uo in at least the top 25.

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48 Ty Morrow

This man is for bmx like Jamie Thomas for skateboarding. A legend.

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49 Alex Donnachie

Alex Donnachie isn't the best but no way he should be 74
He's the best in my opinion

50 Ryan Williams V 3 Comments
51 Sean Sexton

Sean sexton probably my favorite rider he has moves it is another world for me when I see him BMX

52 Stefan Lantschner

The best street rider of Europe

53 John Purse
54 Alex Valentino
55 Dave Osato
56 Justin Hill

Great rider that's undiscovered

V 1 Comment
57 TJ Ellis

Best BMX Street Riders!

V 1 Comment
58 Shaun Mcintosh
59 Lahsaan Kobza
60 Mikey Tyra V 1 Comment
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