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21 I'm Gay I'm Gay

This song makes me feel happy and I can sing along to it all the time and if I'm singing it in public people look and go "what the hell? " but I don't give a crap and that is why it should be number one.

This is just the perfect song anyone to hear when they're having a bad day. Its awesome. Tis song makes all my problems disappear on a rainy day and it really gives people the courage to say "it's perrfectly fine to be a happy individual. "

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22 Melt With You

Come On, this should be in the top 10, this song is awesome. Yes, it's a cover, but what the hell with that

Awesome song it even made it to a move as the main song and has emotion and filing to it

23 Me With No You Me With No You

Very awesome love song!

24 Val Kilmer Val Kilmer
25 Epiphany Epiphany
26 99 Biker Friends 99 Biker Friends
27 Everything to Me Everything to Me

Its even included in their greatest hits album. Definitely one of their best songs. You GOTTA listen to it.

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28 A Friendly Goodbye A Friendly Goodbye
29 S-S-S-Saturday S-S-S-Saturday
30 Life After Lisa Life After Lisa

This probably sneaks into my top 5. It really gets me hyped from the beginning

31 Let's Pretend We're Not In Love Let's Pretend We're Not In Love
32 My Girlfriend's An Alcoholic
33 Girls In America Girls In America
34 I've Never Done Anything Like This I've Never Done Anything Like This
35 If You Come Back to Me If You Come Back to Me
36 BFS Birthday Song
37 No Opinion

I love this song. It is my favorite bowling For Soup song out there. I am a huge fan of the simple lyrics and guitar and the simplicity of the lyrics is undeniable and in my opinion it should be in the the top 5 at least and is easily one of the best songs that they ever wrote.

I love this song, it's really underestimated.

38 Only Young Only Young
39 Sandwich Sandwich
40 Cody Cody
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