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21 Hanson

Hanson is one of the best boy bands in the world. They are very intelligent and talented. They composed all of their songs and hits, one of these is the monster hit Mmmbop. They play the instruments where they create really good melodies. They all have beautiful voices. They treasure their fans. They're role models. They all have good attitudes, very down to earth and funny! That's why they have loyal and many fans around the world!

They were famous back then, but their music today is what makes them one of the best "boy bands" of all time if you care to call them that.

They write their own music. ALL OF IT. And they perform instruments instead of dancing with as little talent as some of these other bands out there.

Everything that has been said here is very true. Every song in their album is undoubtedly OUTSTANDING, I mean not just their singles but EVERYTHING in EVERY ALBUM. I know exactly why, because they sing from their hearts and that's really something that HANSON brothers really want to do all their lives.

Hanson deserve to be reconised for their talent. Their writing skills and Taylor's voice is amazing. The older they get, the better they get. Yes, gimicky when they were younger but Hanson of the last several years and today seriously are phenomenal.

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22 a1

I vote a1 because they are my favorite boyband in the whole world they are talented of course they know how to play instruments, wrote their own songs, they can dance and perform very well in their concerts and they are all good looking... :-)

This was a tough fight! So many awesome bands here, but my love for a1 prevailed! Grew up with them and still growing old with them! Their current songs are so easy to relate to as it's practically my life story!

The best band of all!

Don't wanna lose you again!
We love you guys
Ben, heaven voice
Christian, wonderful voice
Mark, hot/cool voice
Paul, soft/rock perfect..

What the hell is A1 doing in the 23rd spot? Seriously? These guys deserve a higher ranking on this list.

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23 Il Volo Il Volo Il Volo is an Italian pop trio, consisting of singers: the baritone Gianluca Ginoble, and two tenors, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto.They describe their music as "popera".

These three young men have just been on the scene for a very few years and they are soaring like on eagles wings. The most incredible voices to ever appear that can sing anything and everything. They drew crowds of over 10, 000 in Mexico City and over 19, 000 in one venue in So America. They can only be described as "unbelievable"!

IL VOLO is in a class of their own as far as boy bands go. I even hate the thought of adding them to this list. It depends on whether your wanting sceaming, exhibitionism, pyrotectics, no real talent, banging on instruments, questionable words & gestures etc. This kind of stuff abounds. But, if you would like to hear real music, soaring voices, extreme talent, multilingual, 3 handsome gorgeous Italian young men, singing with famous singers, and having huge success both in USA and Latin America, listen to them just once, and you'll be hooked.I DARE YOU!

This boy band consists of 3 young, extremely talented Italian singers. Gianluca Ginoble - Baritone, Piero Barone - Spinto Tenor, & Ignazio Boschetto - Lyric Tenor. They sings Pop/Opera. Both Pop & Opera. Soaring voices, unbelieveable ranges. Popularity raising all over the world very fast. Only 18, 19, &20 yrs old. All ages love them.

The most talented young men music has ever known. They are a rare mix of talent, gifted voices and humble disposition, plus good looks. Il Volo pleases different audiences. When they sing in Italian, English, Spanish, French, etc. fans just love them from all over the world. - Trishadria

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24 The Vamps The Vamps The Vamps are a British pop rock band consisting of Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans.

I love the vamps! Besides 5SOS and 1D they are awesome! So talented! Catchy music, I bet they'll be recognized for it soon!

These boys may not be as popular but man if you listen to them you would understand why they've come so far. like really they are so sweet and great friends with awesome aussie and british bands (1D and 5SOS)

I agree that the vamps are superb... They should be in top 5... But please one direction is not bad influences... They are the best and will be... I should agree the vamps are really good

They are very talented

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25 Union J Union J Union J are an English boy band consisting of members Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley, Casey Johnson and previously George Shelley.

I KNOW that UNION J is the best boy band. They are actually #1 but they are a new boy band and they are just getting started! What I know is that there voices are VERY BEAUTIFUL and there music ALWAYS touches my heart! I know that 1D is really famous & I know why! They just had a good timing! But if you just listen to them live, only 2 of them can sing & 3 DON'T! I know 100% that one day Union J will stand in the top 10 boybands & even maybe the FIRST BOY BAND, and why? The answer is simple... ALL FOUR CAN ACTUALLY SING LIVE! They have funny & beautiful personalities. & for the Directioners this is my openion that not all of them can sing live, not only my openion but a lot of people think that too, so don't get me wrong. UNION J IS VERY TALENTED and if you don't believe me, go to YouTube and listen to one of there songs LIVE! Then you will see how wonderful they can actually sing!

Union J is such a true boy band. They are honest in their music and you can actually feel what message they try to get across. Even if they didn't win in XFactor 2012 I know that they will be big. They have already released 2 singles called Carry You and Beautiful Life.

To me union j are 1st, yeah I am a huge jcat, and when directioners and other fan bases call them union j it makes me so angry that I think of one direction and other bands as a dot! I know other fan bases will disagree with me on this and to be honest I don't really care! The first time I saw triple j and just monkey loving George, I I instantly fell in love. So I have been there from the start along with a billion other jcats. I know union j aren't the next Beatles for all you, they are to us jcats. Union j don't copy one direction for all you liars out there thinking it! They did say they are the next one direction. But they didn't mean personality and crap they meant in the charts hitting number one! Get union j to the top!

Yeah.. Union J is also a good boy band... They sing good songs but not more then one direction and 5sos... But they are very.V. V cute and handsome boys

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26 McFly

They are amazing and I never thought that a band could help you get through things by just singing. They are all great guys and they will forever be my favorite band, so mcfly all the way!

They're not a boyband, not in the sense of the other 'bands' in this category. They're so much better than that, they still have haters 8 years on but they are just ignorant of McFly's most recent work. The days of writing songs like Obviously and All about you are long gone. Check them out now people and live, you're sure to be a fan soon if you do.

They are an amazing band. Their songs are amazing. Their songs cheer me up whenever I'm feeling low I just listen to mcfly and I'm happy again. Even their old songs are still so popular with fans. They appeal to all ages. I've loved them since the begining and they have only gotten better

This is love! Go go go goo! FIGHTING

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27 Emblem3

They are the best band ever. Even though they might only have 2 people now, they do EVERYTHING in their power to make their fans happy and to produce good music. Their lyrics are heartfelt, tearjerking, and make you want to dance all at the same time. They have amazing voices, even better personalities and are all around good people who just want to produce good music. They don't care about fame or money, just the music and making others happy. And isn't that what its all about?

With only the power of two, they've come so far in the history. I don't know if you're reading this Wes but I am a great fan of the Emblem 3. I am a great singer and hope to join the Emblem 3 one day (As long as it exists)

They are amazing. The lyrics to all the songs are perfect and the good looks certainly help top!

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28 Boyzone

I have been listening their songs since I was seven years old. They are the greatest boy band ever in the history according to my point of view. 'PLEASE GUYS NEVER SPLIT UP AGAIN. 'May Stephen's soul rest in peace.

The only reason these five lads haven't made it higher up the list is because only Stephan and Ronan sing. But they're true superstars!

As a 90's kid I would have put boyzone on a higher rank... They have d heart in singing

Best boy band in my opinion.

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29 SM*SH

They are my inspiration. I Really Love SMASH :) "SENYUM SEMANGAT"

Keep support smash (seven man as seven heroes)

SM*SH is the best boybands in the world. For people that dislike SM*SH "Remember SM*SH not always alone because, SM*SHBLAST always behind the SM*SH". I as a SM*SHBLAST will always support, proudly, help, care, love, and affection for SM*SH although many obstacle such as many people dislike SM*SH.

SM*SH always for SM*SHBLAST and SM*SHBLAST always for SM*SH

Look at those typical Asians who always keep voting for an anonymous pathetic bands/singers, I'm really sick of them. - malamJONES

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30 IM5

IM5 are amazing! They are hot, and amazing singers. I've been a 5er for about 3 or 4 years now and I don't regret one minute of it. All I have to say is THANK YOU. I don't know what I would do if my best friend and I had ever found these boys. One day they will be more recognized like One Direction and 5SOS, and the other 5ers will be with them every step of the way.

I love them and miss dalton but they're still great with David

A really nice up and coming band - BTRluver

Best boy band ever

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31 Jodeci V 1 Comment
32 SS501

SS501 is the best band, Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, and Kim Hyung Jun are the best

I love them I think you all don't know their songs and them properly

SS501 is top boyband to korea top is top motivition... Plus personil that's cute and handsome

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33 Big Bang

They ARE the best. YG has the best bands and real singers and even though other Kpop bands like Shinee and 2am are good they don't even compare to GD's charisma and style and T.O.P. sexiness. Who dances better than Taeyang and who Sings better than Daesung. No one. And we can never forget the very cute adorable Senguri. Big Bang is amazing times Ten.

#18? No! Bigbang deserves higher ranks! All of them are talented and make great music! They have awesome vocal and rapper lines. Each of them have their own charisma and charms! VIP let's show our power!

A most wonderful band I've ever met in my life! A really band style and talent, I like looking at them as they sing songs. They expressed all tracks by heart and all their emotions. BigBang I love you so much!

best band

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34 JLS

I love them and they are amazing! They have had so many number 1's and awards. I can't believe people don't like them, they might not like their music but they are so nice and the most down to earth celebs I know! They do so much charity work including their own foundation for cancer. They are splitting up after only 6 years and lots of people are saying they only done it for music but if you look right back their audition you know how badly they wanted this dream and they are still going to carry on but doing their own things. Its just another chapter for the jls boys!


They can sing, dance, and have the best characters and are great role model! They give back to the public and really appreciate their fans. Fame have definitely not change them!

Aston, JB, Marvin oristse are amazing!

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35 New Edition

They are a cool group and they have really great music!

Should be number one 30 plus years strong

I partirticularly don't vote I'm sandra bethune's daughter ex-member 110 who had the god sister melissa fortenberry go by way of tina turner 2 years ago married to a crimmnal

36 Mindless Behavior Mindless Behavior Mindless Behavior was an American boy band, best known for the singles "My Girl" and "Mrs. Right", produced by Walter Millsap.

Mindless Behavior should be in the top 10 because not only they can sing they can also dance. They are inspired by many artist like Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. They are also some of the cutest boys on earth to tell the truth. STP

They should be in the top 10 because of their unique voices and not like most of the boy groups listed they can dance like some of the best dances in the world from Michael jackson to chris brown


I think mindless behavior should be in the top 10 because all girls love them and they are confdent in other people they make people confdent in their self

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TVXQ as five was the best but I still love homin! They're sexy and amazingly talented. They deserve to be number 1. Never has there been a band that has comforted me, made me cry, and made me feel so happy until TVXQ. I love you so much. TVXQ FIGHTING! AKTF!

As a member of the biggest fanclub in the world, Cassie's can't help but say TVXQ is the best boy band. Not only are our boys talented, and good looking, but their personalities are what make us love them more! Their songs are wonderful, and while three stars are currently gone, Cassie's will Always Keep The Faith. No one can beat the Rising Gods of The East

... UMM, How can I describe the five gods of east!
They are a legend, and even though they separated to be JYJ and TVXQ, I still love them and I will always support them. Their music is mesmerizing, their voices are enchanting and unique, even their soul is magical. And Their solos are beyond description. If you haven't listened to any of their songs, then you're missing a lot. You gotta hear them

TVXQ should be in the top 10

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38 Marianas Trench Marianas Trench Marianas Trench is a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, formed in 2001. The band consists of members Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley, and Ian Casselman.

Marianas Trench are by far my favorite boy band of all time not only do they have good looks (their cute) but they also all have terrific music and voices especially the lead signer Josh Ramsay and they also play all the instruments themselves so if you like rock and pop music then I suggest searching up one of their songs! (my favorite song is celebrity status)

YES! They should be number 1 for so many reasons! Everyone in the band is so talented, especially the lead singer, Josh Ramsay, who's an amazing singer, songwriter, guitarist, and he's really hot. He also plays the piano and a few other instruments! I saw them in concert and it was the best night of my life!

I saw these guys in concert and that was one of the best concerts ever, josh is hot ;-)

How are they not #1? I just saw them in concert and it was the best night of my life! Plus, they're Canadian and Josh is extremely hot! ;) Josh has an amazing voice and is so multi-talented! He can sing high notes better than me and I'm 12 years old!

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39 Forever In Your Mind
40 Bay City Rollers

BCR's STILL have a massive WORLD WIDE fan base that have been loyal since the 1970's. They conquered America which most bands today fail to do and if a band today does manage it they have had A LOT of management input and influence. Their music is still played and there is a Radio station that every Wednesday afternoon plays Bay City Rollers songs for 2 hours. I have ALWAYS been a fan and ALWAYS will be. They were our first lovecand will always hold a special place in ALL fans hearts.

I think they are the best band, I have always loved their music. The best 100% now and forever.

The best ever now & forever!

Loved them then and now...40 years later... Lets see how many bands have that kind of fan base. They were highly underrated and overlooked

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