Best Boybands and Girlbands In Indonesia

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SM*SH is first Boyband in Indonesia. Bisma, Rafael, Morgan, Dicky, Rangga, Reza, and Ilham are the member. SmashBlast always support their. No Antis

SMASH is a boy band that I admire, because they are always compact, and often honored in the music arena.

SMASH you Boyband number one in World!

SM*SH is THE BEST BOYBAND in indonesia and have the award for the best fanbase they are is SMASHBLAST


4 girl that had a great voice, pretty face and their kind. They can play instrument ( Piano and Guitar ) and they can act :) Let's vote them

The best girlband in Indonesia, especially for vocal capabilities

They have a good voice, and many talent

BLINK you Special and Amazing


New rookies boyband... Very talented, each of them have their own charisma n character, hard worker, great discipline... But also have good attitude, polite, great voices and good looking... They are the first Indonesian boyband who go international... Proud of them... S4 Fighting...!

S4 boyband is the best...

I love s4 they are the best
They are very talented and attractive
They are handsome
They have great dancing skills
They are really the best
I am the biggest S4US
I'm also the biggest aliFantic
I love them but I'm not indonesian
I'm sudanese but I still love them
My indonesian best friend told me about them
Thanks for reading

The best the most! Very talented idol group. Have a good attitude, while no other artist have. The first indonesian artist who make me love indonesian song.


Cherrybelle is number one

#We Always support cherrybelle

CherryBelle Always Nine With Anisa

Chibi I Love You All!

JKT 48


This group is official sister group AKB48. They have a characteristic and also cute. They aren't plagiarism. If you visit their theater, you can see that they don't lipsync like other girlband. I think they are the best group in Indonesia because they have quality

I know right, I really hate when people says that they are a plagiarism of AKB48. But the truth is NOT - Sassy13crown

One of my all time favorite groups!

They have unique fans and concept in Indonesia


We are the icon

7Icons the best girlband forever

Keep calm and support 7icons

We love 7 icons


XO-IX always Xtra Ordirary ^^

XOIX nomor satu dan tak ada yang bisa meniru :) #SaLamSiLangTangan

In Canada/America:XO-IQ
in here:XO-IX
I don't know XO IX But I'm sure it's better than XO IQ because XO IQ is racistšŸ˜¬

Coboy Junior

I love coboy junior forever I love aldi, bastian kiki and also iqbaal my friend I will always support coboy junior go coboy junior you will always be the number one for me go go go ho go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go coboy junior coboy junior coboy junior coboy junior coboy junior go coboy junior! Coboy junior will alwaaytyys bbe in my heart I love you coboy junior

Good boyband with high quality perform in the young age of them. I think they become a legend in the next future.

Coboy junior is boyband the best in indonesia, coboy junior not boyband lipsync but boyband real and the best boyband in indonesia, we love coboy junior

I love coboy junior go go go go comate Timor Leste


Talented, and can sing.

I love Super 7! GO INTERNASIONAL! Super 7 is the Best

Super seven are consist of 7 handsome boys, multitalent, and smart. They're Karel, Raza, BD, Ajil, Bagas, Jose, and Bryant

Super seven are consist of 7handsome boy, smart and multitalent
Duper seven good luck
I lobe super seven forever

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The sister group of CherryBelle. The group consists of 8 persons; Irena, Inara, Okira, Senita, Xiana, Elena, Ayuna and Niara.



The best girlband in Indonesia is S.O. S because they have good quality

This is girlgroup from Indonesia, they're very amazing... Like their voice!

BEST GirlGroup in Indonesia, Amazing Voice, Beautiful, Good Dancing. TOP

No one girl grup in Indonesia like this high quality star you can compare whit other groups I give you warranty!


Winner Of The Next Boy/Girl Band Season 2

The Johits
Soul Sisters
B Force
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