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1 Everything I Own Everything I Own Cover Art

I used this song to express the love I have for my dads memory at his funeral, he was my everything and without him I would not be the person I am today. Love you dad

This song means a lot to me! I just got back in touch with someone after 31 years. I'm giving up everything and moving to Arizona to be with her!

I'm 56. This song has been an anthem for me. Breaking up with someone, and getting back together 7 years later, getting married. This song is it

Totally love this song it makes you realize that love and people in our lives are the most important things in our lives.

2 Make It with You Make It with You Cover Art

This is the song that we call "Our Song"...Still makes me cry whenever I hear it...We just celebrated our 40th Anniversary...& We're still making' it together...<3 It Thanks David Gates & Bread...

"Make it with You" is very love pop song.

One of the best late night songs

Love love love this song

3 If If Cover Art

The most beautiful songs I've heard, it is suitable heard in any situation. Thank you for creating this song, my late father's favorite songs

Fantastic song that draws the listener in by allowing you to imagine that you are singing it to the lady you love.

One of the greatest rock ballads of all time.

The best song ever, still makes me cry!

4 Diary Diary Cover Art

This absolutely one of the best songs ever written.

Often the simplest songs are the most magnificent...

Such a bad surprise...

5 It Don't Matter to Me It Don't Matter to Me Cover Art

Just reminds me of a certain time period w a certain boyfriend

A very good song about a man trying to find a second chance.

Great tune and great lyrics

The best song ever

6 Lost Without Your Love Lost Without Your Love Cover Art

I have been lost without this special person that I was with and ignorantly let go. Now, decades later I still wonder and wish "what if" and I wish.
This is one of the best songs to describe my feelings.
To: Bob Edwards in il.

This should be #2, behind Everything I Own. It's just such an amazingly intense Melody.

I really like that song, it can relay based on a true story in your life.

I just loved this song.. The melody & lyrics

7 Guitar Man Guitar Man Cover Art

Some of the songs on The Best of Bread, They hit my heart and soul back in 1973 when I went to their concert for the first and last time in my life. I was really touched by it and always will be. This is my first lovelife and my last of 45 years. BEST of BREAD and POP ROCK STAR ELVIS FOREVER AND EVER. I rate it a 5 + star.

I love the melody, the lyrics and it has a great intro. Brings back a lot of nostalgia as well. The guitar solos are amazing and the song is just plain catchy!

This song is probably the best of all Bread songs. It has a awesome intro and outro, and every guitar player can really relate to the song.

I think this is an awesome song. But have to tell the truth there isn't a Bread sing that I don't think is awesome.

8 Baby I'm-A Want You Baby I'm-A Want You Cover Art

Very very solem I love it

Bestselling song ever

very good song and also peaked high on the boards.

9 Aubrey Aubrey Cover Art

I think the song can make the listeners melting even though they don't understand the meaning of the song. It's because the music especially guitar is very strong..

Have ALWAYS loved this song. Promised myself when I was a kid that if I ever had a daughter, I'd name her AUBREY. That dream came true!

My favorite song every, I play this every night before going to bed

Named one of my characters after this song. Love her

10 Mother Freedom Mother Freedom Cover Art

I like to see this song make the list, because even though it got a bit of airplay, it was one of the many 'unknowns'. They had a lot of these on their albums; they were much deeper than folks gave them credit for.

At 60yrs, I still love all of your songs. Simpler days, when most everyone Loved Jesus & the Golden Rule. Thank all of you & God bless you! Mrs. Mitchell

Not too many hard songs like this from Bread, but a great riff nonetheless.

this is what we call the " bad side" of bread. Bread, though a "mellow" as many say, can also rock hard, and this song proves it all.

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? London Bridge London Bridge Cover Art
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11 I Can't Find the Words to Say Goodbye

One of the best songs ever written.

12 Look What You've Done Look What You've Done Cover Art

Wonderful lyrics. My favorite song of all

That Griffin voice was the best..

A very underrated song and not writen by Gates

My favorite song

13 Sweet Surrender Sweet Surrender Cover Art

This just sums up Real Love, not sure at first but it is what it means to be ready for love!

I shared this song with someone I truly loved in my past life! it says it all!

The best Bread song.

14 Let Your Love Go Let Your Love Go Cover Art

I've been tasting the love you been wasting! Every woman should know - all men know - that's what women do!

Ahead of it's time,sounds like it could have been a hit in disco era

who says that bread can't play hard rock?

15 Daughter Daughter Cover Art
16 Too Much Love Too Much Love Cover Art

A great Griffin-Royer song, one of the best on the album "Manna". True bread fans love the songs that weren't on the radio...very partial to this one in particular.

Cannot be left out please

Great music to relax with

17 Down On My Knees Down On My Knees Cover Art

Just love this shows Breads more harder sound. Great drums on this.

Another great rocker...

Excellent song

18 Dismal Day Dismal Day Cover Art

The most impressive song by them in my opinion, vocally and instrumentally.

19 Make It by Yourself Make It by Yourself Cover Art

Each and everyone of us - alone or with someone have to " make it by yourself "! If you don't, you can't be truly happy or bring happiness to the ones you love!

A great song that never gets airtime. The only joint Gates/Griffin effort and it really deserved better. Easily my favourite non-hit.

20 Truckin' Truckin' Cover Art
21 Just Like Yesterday Just Like Yesterday Cover Art

Just like Yesterday, You come upon my mind and take it away.

22 Belonging Belonging Cover Art
23 Our Lady of Sorrow Our Lady of Sorrow Cover Art
24 Fancy Dancer Fancy Dancer Cover Art
25 Lay Your Money Down Lay Your Money Down Cover Art
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