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1 John Bender

I love John so much. Hearing about the abuse he receives from his character was what was so appealing. He doesn't have anything handed to him. He is an independent, rebellious teenager with cool hobbies and a good taste in music. He understood life more than any of the other characters because he witnessed the darker aspects of life. - maarilynmaanson

He is the best movie character of all time

Moliere really pumps my nads - LizardKing99

1. John
2. Allison
3. Brian
4. Claire
5. Andrew

2 Andrew Clark
3 Brain Johnson

Easily my favorite. - Disneylover

4 Claire Standish
5 Allison Reynolds Allison Reynolds

She’s hot

I love this character. She's quirky, funny, and passionate. And also a total liar plus thief.
Laugh out loud (My favorite lines from her:
I stole your wallet ~ Allison
... EEP! ~ Allison
Hey, I like that black s*** ~ Allison
EAT. S***. ~ Allison) - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

6 Carl Reed
7 Richard Vernon
8 Allie (Allison)
9 Mr. Johnson
10 Janitor Carol
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1. John Bender
2. Allie (Allison)
3. Andrew Clark
1. John Bender
2. Carl Reed
3. Andrew Clark
1. Allison Reynolds
2. John Bender
3. Andrew Clark


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