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1 The Diary of Jane

Absolutely perfect song... the vocals, the guitar chords, the drums absolutely everything is perfect...

this song deserves the first spot in the list,
just an amazing song by breaking benjamin that never gets poor...
i wonder what is the meaning of this song...
well never mind...
this song ROCKS!

The best song of the decade in my opinion, it definitely deserves the first spot, BREAKING BENJAMIN NEVER STOP ROCKING THIS WORLD

First ever BB song I listened to and still gets better and better ever time I hear it

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2 Breath

This song is powerful. The singing is awesome, the music beautiful, the introduction unforgettable (and quite possibly Breaking Benjamin's best) and it gives you the strength to go and do what you want and not worry what others will think. BB forever

The guitar, bass, vocals, lyrics and drum beat blend together so well in this song and the final product is a beautifully produced and edited single. Starts off with a hard intro, into a soft moody verse and then comes a punctual, loud chorus. Bragging sticky, yet meaningful lyrics about a broken relationship, this is one of the best hard rock songs of the decade by a band that deserves far more credibility than it has ever had. Go BB!

This song is one of the best hate-love song EVER, I just love it... Should be number one, no doubt about it! "You left a hole where my heart should be... "

Perfect lyrics, powerful. Unbelievable. Just catchy. My favorite song ever

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3 Give Me a Sign (Forever and Ever)

best lyrics... at almost the end of the song, the melody is very2 nice.. and it is awesome.. its a perfect song. and I love this song so much..

An awesome song with some awesome lyrics. This song has some very beautiful rhymes. I think this song is obviously one of the best song for a song lover.

Such a good words...
this song always makes me cry...
simply the best

It's a very emotional song I really love it. Not just because of the lyrics and the melody, I can feel Ben's feelings when He was in the situation losing his grandfather. There are many musicians today who sing for money and leave the importance behind. What is important is the inspiration and the message the musicians bring. Breaking Benjamin brings the message into my life. This song brings huge inspiration and emotions into my life every time I hear it. It can actually make me cry even though I never experience someone dying in my life. It is because this song is alive.

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4 So Cold

Best song of all time, who could ask for a song that gives off more dark resonance, yet tragic hope. It is a song for humanity.

Its Really The Best rocking song of Breaking Benjamin

really best rock song all the time.

Defiantly my fave

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5 I Will Not Bow

This is the BEST.
Definitely my favorite of all the Breaking Benjamin songs. I agree that this should be number one. Breath and Give Me a Sign are good, but not as good as I Will Not Bow.

This song should definitely be number 1! it gives me the feeling like they're going through pain and the lyrics express so much! they make you feel like you're actually experiencing what's going on, great job with this song Breaking Benjamin!

I think The Diary of Jane is the best Breaking Benjamin song, with I will not bow as a close second. It pans me to see this close to perfect song at fourth place. The scream at the beginning is chilling, and the guitar work on this song is just divine. I Will Not Bow deserves to be in the top two at all times.

This their best jammin tune, but man - this band so good, a tie could be between 4 or 5 for 1st, and another 4 or 5 for 2nd...

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6 Dear Agony

Just amazing! Caution! Listen to it and it will stuck in your head for quite a while. I've warned you

This is just an amazing song. Simple as that. My friend said to me one time "Everyone has problems, you don't have to write a song about it" Let's just say we're not friends anymore" I think this song really describes how you would feel on your deathbed "I will fight for last breath, I will fight until the end"

yeah, one of two songs that ever brought tears to my eyes. the other one being let it burn by red. but this song is so powerful, all my friends hate it and I don't understand why.

Emotionally driven and powerfully played, the only song that has ever brought a tear to my eye. If God were to make a song about pain and 'agony' then this is what it would be, timeless and flawless, amazing.

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7 Evil Angel

The second and the third chorus are amazing. The way Benjamin manages to switch between harsh and soft (yet sharp) voice is not everyone can do. This ability is very rare. Another person who can manipulate his voice in this fashion is Chester Bennington.

This song is awesome, 1st time I heard it I fell in love with it!
I put this song on a YouTube video of mine and it is now my most viewed video with thousands of views!
Breaking benjamin for the win!

Amazing. Just amazing

Amazing Song, honestly under rated and most people havnt heard of it, In my opinion, keep it that way, the less people that hear it the better. A song this great shouldn't be ruined by over play through radio and the like, as so many songs today are!

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8 Blow Me Away

I listen this song even when I'm playing games! IN fact I'm listening it right now! IT ROCKS SO MUCH! Its genius the lyrics, everything. Anybody who loves heavy metal should listen this song... I can't imagine a day without an hour of listening to Blow me away!

I went a very very long time listening to this song on repeat. It's so catchy and I'm convinced Ben Burnley is the only person who could sing it and make it sound THAT. GOOD. It's amazing live, by the way :)

Blow Me Away is my favorite BB song ever. It's guitar part is amazing, and so is the vocals. I started liking it so much when I first started playing Halo 2 and I haven't liked it even a little bit less since then. I honestly think this should be their number 1 song. In my opinion Diary Of Jane is good but not as good as Blow Me Away

This song got me into hard rock and eventually into metal. Actually is a pretty big influence on my life and it’s still as badass as it always was when I played halo back in the day.

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9 Without You

Best song ever! The lyrics are just so great, they blend in with the music perfectly. Everything about this song is just perfect. This song deserves to be higher up!

The orchestral section is the best part about this song. Absolutely Breaking Benjamin at their best.

This song is amazing. The music, the singing, the atmosphere... It's perfect. It shouldn't be this low on this list. Nope.

This song is Really good, awesome lyrics
it should be on the top...
and the music is so great very awesome guitar it really feel everything on this song

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10 Crawl

Okay, while I may agree with half the list up there, this songs definitely deserves the spot in the top 5 people!

Awesome song, perfect balance of hard hitting, aggressive rock and more melodic rock in the chorus. My favorite song by them

Man this song got me through some tough and bad days in my life, and I'm in high school. This song made me feel like I'm not alone who feels like their a shadow of a man and nothing less, because you're always stepped on and told that you don't belong or that you won't accomplish anything in the world, this song is just so emotional and that is what music should always be.

Not to mention the part where Benjamin Burnley sings A shadow of a man I am nothing lwss I am holding on still, holding on.

I always feel like I'm holding on and can never get back tito the surface to live a true happy life.

And that was the message Benjamin Burnley was trying to adress I think.

This album was actually the first album I bought by Breaking Benjamin

When I heard they broke up I was so depressed, I'm still have not got over it though.

This chorus is awesome. The grunting is perfect

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The Contenders

11 Until the End

This song was the first breaking Benjamin song I ever heard. I love it! Only number 8?! Why so fail commissioner?!? My friend said Linkin park was awesome... I agreed
He also said Slipknot was awesome... I agreed
Hue also said Korn was awesome... I agreed
My friend said breaking Benjamin sucked... I punched him in the face

This song represents me!
This was the first song I heard from these guys and the sound of their voices was just remarkable.

WTF! this song is legendary
it should be in the top three not at the bottom of the ranking...

THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER! It was the first song I ever heard from Breaking Benjamin. When I listened to this song, it made me realize that life doesn't give up on you, you give up on it. You have to keep going, it's not worth it to end your pain and cause others pain. This song gave me an optimistic perspective on life. It's so incredible how just a few words can make a difference in someone's life, which is why I love Breaking Benjamin and I will support them until the end (no pun intended)

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12 Had Enough

This is their heaviest song to date and most aggressive. I love how epic the intro is and the chorus is just amazing.

Amazing song. It's so aggressive! I absolutely love how angry it is. This song is BEAST!

I was so confused because I love bb... all the songs... can I vote for all?
but had enough is special for me... :X

Why only 12?!?! This is a awesome song that I think at least should be in the top 5

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13 Dance with the Devil

I love this song! It's one of my favorites. Love the lyrics, the beat, the tone, the EVERYTHING!

Really amazing song with superb lyrics. Listen to this song before you decide not to vote for it.

I really have to say...Breaking Benjamin is a very open band, branching to different sounds, beats, songs, and sub-genres. But...Breaking benjamin has found their sound! This song is excellent and will reach out to any lover of rock.

This is probably my favourite BB song, I can't believe it's only in 10th place. I really love the lyrics, and the music itself rocks.

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14 Unknown Soldier

Well written song. It has a lot of meaning and seems exactly how a soldier fells. This is one of my favorite breaking benjamin songs. It is well written and has a lot of meaning to it

One of the best anti war songs of all tine.

I agree with you I like this song also and I was surprised it was not in top ten

I like this song it talks about being a soldier and how they would defend us I'm grateful for the soldiers that defend us so we could sleep sound in our bed without regret - BreakingBenjamin♥1

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15 Away

such a good song, made we are not alone one of the best albums ever. - Giusti97

Should be in top 10 such an addictive song

This song has the best chorus from BB.

Should be on the top 5

Amazing song from start to finish! The drums change after each section and it's masterfully done!

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16 Anthem of the Angels

Epic lyrics. Check it out. It will make you cry... Seriously... Just listen before you vote

Now this is a song that should have had an acoustic version. It is so emotional, the whole juxtaposition of someone being alive in your memory and being dead in reality and heart breaking. I though that the song should have been the slow but the electric guitar actually conveys the angst and the epic and complex journey people go through when somebody dies. I like the dark, cold, dormant and morbid imagery in the song. This song should easily be in the top 5. I love it when the bridge becomes softer and slower which really makes the words in the chorus stand out. Both the lyrics and the music fully convey and add more meaning to emotions and philosophy of life and death

I've never heard a Breaking Benjamin song that I didn't like, but out of all of them this is my favorite. Its soft but it still has their hard rock side too. Great Song!

The begining to this song is a great sound. And the sound and the lyrics colide to make a great song. Breaking benjamin is a band I greatly like. I also like better days by them.

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17 Failure

I was happy when I first heard this song and was glad to know breaking benjamin didn't fall off after those 4 years

Top played song in my library

"The lead single from their new album 'Dark Before Dawn' is absolutely amazing. The sound of this band has matured without radically departing from the original one"

Their newest song, rocks my brain out! I hope the new album will be good like this.

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18 Hopeless

O come on, just listen to those grunts...
Also, the quality of the drums is just mind-boggling. I just love this one

THIS IS A MUST LISTEN. Not a very popular song, but trust me. If you love Diary of Jane, you will LOVE this song. Go to Youtube, and listen. Also, I have no clue why Crawl isn't on this top ten. It is just as good.

I agree with this last comment. Give me a sign and I will not Bow is overrated. But Breath is good.


This is so cool

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19 Firefly

Awesome song... very different - sumanrocksu

Out of this world chorus! One of the best choruses ever made; so damn intense! Seriously, 19th for this insanely epic song is an insult to breaking benjamin. Need to get it higher, and get it fast!

Simply amazing. I love how Ben's anger shows through towards the end of the lyrics.

You act like you know the band members?

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20 What Lies Beneath

NUMBER 32?! This is my favorite BB song, the chorus is simply amazing with the blend of instruments.

This is one of bb best song in my opinion, totally underrated

It's my favorite, sometimes it makes me cry. Other times it gives me strength. It really can be applied to my life. I guess its just sad that it is 20.

This song is so sad and deep the first time I heard it I cried. I think this song is about some person who messed or wanted to fight Benjamin Burnley and he expresses they way he feels about this ass.

This song should not be this low, you know a lot of songs are underrated and this song is one of them.

Thanks breaking benjamin for bringing a deep song that I think needed to be adressed to metal.

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21 Polyamorous

I love this song. Its one of my favorites. I love like 11 of their songs, so its hard to choose just one.

Such raw lyrics, and good music and vocals. Beats any other hate song by this band. - bbiah

Awesome song, this was my first Breaking Bnejamin Song I ever listen, EPIC!

Only top 20? should at least be in the top 15.

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22 Hollow

Absolutely the best. Solo, chorus, double guitars. Vocals and the put together gives it an amazing song quality

The best song of the new album

This song is the definition of perfection. The creepiest, most beautiful piece of work they've ever done besides "Forget it" but that is a much slower song. The chorus and guitar solo are especially mesmerizing. Best song on Dark before Dawn and I can't wait for Ember! - A7X3DGBB

This is the best song they have ever made,I guarantee you that within a year this will be number 1 song on this list!

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23 Fade Away

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! Should be #1 not #5. The chorus is unmatchable and it just touches you in an amazing way! And it is so catchy! And the singer really put his all into this song to make it even better to listen to. Trust me, you'll be listening to this one day in and day out. Just download it and see for yourself. - bbiah

What the hell this song must have really faded to end up all the way down here. This song Blows the roof!

Lmao, what the heck! How is this not in the top 10!? This is the first track from the brilliant Dear Agony and what a way to begin an album! This song frickin ROCKS! The riff is awesome!

I can't stop listening to this song! The guitar riffs are amazing!

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24 You Fight Me

what!.31?. you have got to be kidding me. is there any song better than this. I don't think so.

This song really gets me amped up. Its easily one of their top ten songs.

This song should be in top 10. My top 10 is 1. So cold 2. Give me a sign 3. Dance with the devil 4. I will not bow 5. Breath 6. You fight me 7. Crawl 8. Had enough 9. In to the nothing 10. Evil angel

This is a very underrated song. And it's the best Breaking Benjamin song. Come on! Put this at #1!

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25 Break My Fall

This should really be at least in the top 20, if not the top 10. The lyrics are meaningful, emotional, the riffs are great, the melodies are beautiful, and frankly, it sends shivers down my spine. Listen to this before you vote.

How is this song rated so low? It's obvious a lot of people have never heard it... Give it a chance people!

A Breaking Benjamin song that conveys an almost positive message however it is still awesome and super melodic. It's not my favorite but it's definitely in my top10

This song should be next to "the diary of jane". It goes in so well with the music, I love listening to it all the time.. Never gets old.

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26 Angels Fall

This is my 3rd favorite - scienceLover10

One of their new comeback songs. I feel that it is like the Give me a Sign song of this album whereas Failure is like I Will Not Bow.

This song best of 4.greatest hits 2015

Cool, better than Failure.

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27 Follow

Are you crazy? this should be in the list of forever top 5 rock songs of all time - sumanrocksu

That's awesome...! I've heard this once and I just wanted to get to know what's the title. Just then I've looked for their albums and they're really good.

How the flip is this song #20?!?! The guitar + bass riff is legendary! Any song that has a great start and great chorus is a great song, no matter what.

This should be in the top 10

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28 Forget It

This song is such a wonderful melody. The acoustic guitar perfectly plays in with the lyrics he's singing, and is definitely a big contender with the rest.

U r the part of me I don't wanna see... what a beautiful lyrics

Sings like a normal person.

This is a very slow song of theirs but its absolutely amazing I really feel this should be much higher up and the way Ben's vocals are in this song changing scales it deserves a LOT more. Come on Vote guys. I bet you'll haven't heard it yet.

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29 You

Are you serious?! This should definitely be in the top 10. The vocals are amazing and there are no words to describe the lyrics. The ending of this song will just take your breath away! - bbiah

Should be in the top 20. Very underrated along with Unknown Soldier.

The lyrics, the vocals, and the music is spot on. You don't know Breaking Benjamin if you haven't listened to this song. - bbiah

This world has no music taste this is the best put this at #1

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30 Ashes of Eden

Just got into this band and this is my favorite. I'm shocked how low it is. The other aongs must be bloody good

Should be in top 10

An easy and simple, but an amazing song. Touching, and one of my favorites as of right now. Best song.

Should be way lower... #5 at least

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31 Lights Out

Breaking Benjamin have heaps of great songs, but this is the best. Great riff, lyrics, and Ben's voice is just amazing! He can sing like an angel but then shout like a demon. Excellent stuff!


Dedicated to all of the people who treat you bad. Awesome song! Great heavy rifts and awesome vocals! Perfect for when working out!

Badass song, great when you're pissed and just want to punch somebody

It's a great song. And 14th is very disappointing come on guys! Really!?

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32 Simple Design

My favorite breaking benjamin song to play on guitar. So much variety in this song, from the head banging pre chorus to the beautiful breakdown/bridge, this song has it all. My second favorite breaking benjamin song, only behind "until the end".


First half of the song is fantastic

The entire song is just a jam and could have easily been a single. The lyrics are very well written, the guitar parts feel inspired, and the drum beat is probably the best drum beat on any Breaking Benjamin song before Chad Szeliga joined the band.

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33 Here We Are

love this song. The solo is amazing and the whole song is a perfect mix of "fast-paced" rock and slow, calm bits in the middle. And the solo, again. I love it. Maybe not number 1, but number 37 is just ridiculous.

No words...
Absolutely amazing and totally underrated

This song being at number 33 is a joke, the guitar solo and the meaning of the song is brilliant and I can't believe how underrated it is.
That solo sounds absolutely beautiful.

It's one of my favorite songs!

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34 Sugarcoat

Great song by BB... almost as good as polyamorous when it comes to saturate, on the heavier side :D surprised its not higher, love the chorus


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35 Defeated

Awesome song, epic chorus.

This song best of top 2. This greatest hits 2015.i like this song.

"As I fight for one last prayer" from this, the song goes for a big blast... Truly amazing... @zilkad

This is best 4

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36 Topless

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Not sure why it's so low down!

Alright, sure it isn't top 5 great, but Topless is such a good song, and the lyrics show how much the alcohol was affecting Ben. This should be at least somewhere close to the top ten, not number 22

I don't understand. This song cannot be on no.28. Because have so so many other songs that are better than this one. This song only exist because of Ben's alcoholism.

Not a fan of this song, but it's there if you want to check it out. It's jut not nearly as catchy as other tunes they have, such as "I Will Not Bow", "Diary of Jane", and etc.

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37 Rain

One of the best with thought provoking child rhyme

I didn't felt before that breaking benjamin can sing a calm song.. Without any loud guitar.. I heard this one.. And I was like WOW.. EPIC

Love the song! It has an awesome meaning! This is one of my favorite songs from them, along with I will not bow and Diary of Jane.

Awesome song. Shows the peaceful side of Breaking Benjamin with very emotional lyrics. This song deserves to be at least in the top ten and is very underrated.

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38 Breakdown

Number 39! WHAT THE HELL! It should be at top 20, it's so good that I can't stop listening to it!

You gotta be kidding me. 39? Wow. I figured this song would at least be 15-20

What?! Breakdown the 29th Oh my god it can't be real! It's still not an excellent one like the diary of jane but it's one of my favorites! Just try it! And especially in it's beginning

Are you KIDDING ME?! This is one of their, if not, their GREATEST SONGS EVER!

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39 Sooner or Later

This song definitely deserves a higher spot than 30. This was one of the best songs on We Are Not Alone.

This is easily my favorite song by them. Suprised it isn't more popular. Easily gets me going. Very well written.

If you were ever in this situation, what this song describes, you will love it.

"Sooner or later
You're gonna hate it
Go ahead and throw your life away
Driving me under
Leaving me out there
Go ahead and throw your life away"

I think this song is about to live with a person who is an alcoholic or a drug - addicted. Many people say that this song might be about a unhappy realationship, but

#27? Wow... Surprised its rated so low because its a guaranteed top 5 song by Breaking Benjamin.
My top 5:
5. Dear Agony
4. Sooner or Later
3. I Will Not Bow
2. The Diary of Jane
1. Anthem of the Angels

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40 Forever

This deserves to be in the top 10. My personal favorite

Can I live forever!
These words shake me...

Your stupid... It even days forever. Beautiful song, really emotional and mellow with an awesome and powerful outro with guitar solo... A must listen for breaking benjamin fans

What The.. ? Who added this to the list? There's not such song named Saturate, it's the name of their first album... Oh God

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41 Who Wants to Live Forever

I live this song! It was first written by queen, another one of my favorite bands, which makes this song sound so much better!

Originally created by Queen, Breaking Benjamin perfects it! Very passionate lyrics and melody that just gives you the chills and a mix of sorrow, hope, and peace! It isn't as moved as other BB songs but nevertheless, awesome!

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42 Into the Nothing

This one is way too low on the list... But then of course, ALL Breaking Benjamin songs deserve to be in the top ten. - michealjosephkennard

One of the best songs ever made. You have to listen to it to understand how good it is. You'll find yourself listening to it over ad over again. - bbiah

Are you serious? This song MUST be on top 10. One of the best with Diary of Jane, Breath, Give Me a Sign and I Will Not Bow.

It rivals I will not bow and diary of jane. Listen to it once and you will hit the replay button at least 100 times.

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43 Phase

To be honest this is probably my favorite song off of the Saturate album! This should at least be in the top 25 instead of the top 60

Awesome song, the beginning is epic and so is the end. Very under-appreciated album in general, Saturate was their best album in my opinion.

This is my absolute favorite off of Saturate. The drum solo in the beginning is LEGENDARY! Very empowering song and deserves to be in the top 10, then again all Breaking Benjamin songs deserve a high title.

Who the hell votes here? Where are the people with taste? At least give this song a shot, it's worth it!

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44 Home

I'm sorry but the first 2 albums really need a lot more recognition than what they're getting. I hate to sound like the old school guy, but I honestly think the first 2 albums are by far the best!

I second that! The first album is the defining one. Every song is awesome. The top ten on here is really not a good representation. Yeah some of them are good, but nothing like the first album. And this song, is just my favorite off of the album, but it's a difficult choice. - jMag220

Home represents everything that growing up is: half the time wanting to be allowed more freedom ("Can you let me go"), the other half just wanting to return to when things were easy and stories like the Wizard of Oz were believable ("There's no place like home"). Unforgettable.

This is easily my favorite Breaking Benjamin song EVER. I don't know what you freaks are talking about. If I could chose a song for someone to sing to me on my last day of my life than this would probably be it

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45 Next to Nothing

This song really should be higher on the list

Its amazing and way too UNDERRATED

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46 Skin

This song is great! It should be way higher in the list.

I listen to breaking Benjamin a lot. So much that I've listenes and learned the name of each and every song they have released. Many favourites have been changed but this song is what I wouldn't change when ever it comes on in my play list. An amazing song and totally overrated. It shouldn't be this below in the list. It must be around top 10.

Extremely underrated, awesome beat. How did the likes of Without You & Anthem Of Angels get ahead of this?

Idon't believe this guys please listen to this song...
Underrated but iconic song!

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47 Water

Best chorus ever. Why the is this song so low in this list, you people obviously didn't listen too all their songs, only the popular ones, you should listen to all their albums, then you are qualified to vote

If you don't like this song, I'll shove your head under water!

Wow people this is the best song by breaking benjamin it is way better than the dairy of jane (to me) listen to it more than once and tell me it is not good. Really underrated and what about

I've heard every song and love them all but this is my favorite by far

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48 Torn in Two Torn in Two

I'm speechless. I literally fell out of my chair when I first listened to this, this might be the best or at least my favorite BB song ever.

This is the best song off the new album! It's one of the best Breaking Benjamin songs of all time. It sounds like it's a hybrid of Phobia, Dark Before Dawn, and Dear Agony songs and a little bit of We Are Not Alone sprinkled in there.

49 Medicate

This is one of the best song, it is so catchy.

Are you kidding me? This is one of their best songs, it's as good as Polyamorous if not better. The lyrics are awesome too:
Run away, make hate and get laid, get laid. You tie me up, I've had enough so medicate, medicate.

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50 Red Cold River

How is this not their best song? Extremely underrated. This song portrays such a powerful message and It's my favorite song of all time

Most heavy and melodic song from the band...just love the hook - Taran2607

I have to be honest, I think this song could've been awesome without the screaming. I know people say that adds to the track, and I do think it's pretty cool sounding, but I vastly prefer his singing ability. Not a bad song by any means, I just think that it could've been incredible. - MasonOcker

Despite being a later entry in their history this is in my opinion their best song to date.

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