Best Music Video by Britney Spears

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1 Everytime

Every time is perhaps Spears' best song. Her songwriting abilities met critical acclaim after its release in 2004. The music video is simple, yet powerful.

The only downside is the mute swearing.

2 ...Baby One More Time

Baby One More Time was Britney's first single and one of the biggest in her career. After nearly 15 years it is still watched by millions each year. Spears' catholic school girl outfit and stunning midriff have become pop music legend.

This music video is ICONIC it never looks old or dated even now in 2017.

3 Overprotected

Yes I agree, but the video of the darkchild remix; is very SEXY!

4 Oops!...I Did It Again

Oops!... I Did It Again proved that Britney wasn't a one hit wonder. The video is one her most iconic. It is set on Mars and still draws attention today.

Mars is amazing. But there's a bit too much red.

5 I'm a Slave 4 U

By far Britney's most iconic video, Slave 4 you was her transitional single from her squeaky clean teen pop image to her racier adult image. The video consist of her dancing around in a club. Although the song itself did poorly on the charts, the video still drew Spears a lot of attention.

It's very urban and secretive. It's like they kidnapped Britney and then used her to get water. Weird, huh?

6 Toxic

Toxic is by far one of Britney's biggest songs, becoming a worldwide Grammy Award winning hit. The video is no exception. Her goofy, entertaining personality takes over to produce one of the most iconic and legendary videos of all time.

It's mainly about a red-head stealing poison so that she can dress up and poison her boyfriend. Wouldn't breaking up be easier?

Britney's most expensive and best video!

7 Piece of Me

Due to lack of promotion, Piece of Me didn't make progress on the charts, however the catchy song drew great attention and acclaim from its music video. The video went on to win three MTV video music awards.

8 Womanizer

Womanizer was Britney's comeback single after 4 years of a career hiatus, and highly publicized personal issues. The song broke the world record for biggest jump to number 1 and became Spears' first number 1 hit in the U.S. since... Baby One More Time, exactly ten years earlier. The music video became a huge success as well becoming one of the most watched videos on YouTube at the time.

9 Stronger

Stronger was one of Spears biggest hits from her teen pop days. The video was met with critical acclaim for its spunk and creative attitude.

Not inappropriate, and totally like a theme song

10 Me Against the Music

The Contenders

11 I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman
12 Gimme More
13 Born To Make You Happy

Love the concept of a dream, kind of like Baby One More Time………

14 Lucky
15 I Love Rock 'N' Roll
16 I Wanna Go

I Wanna Go is Spears latest hit. The video shows a raunchier more rebellious side to her then seen in previous videos. It also proved that Britney's creative style was back.

17 If U Seek Amy

If you Seek Amy gained much controversy after its release due to its double entendre. However, the music video was well received by critics who called it a combination of her career up to that point.

This video in a way dosen't make sense

18 Criminal
19 From the Bottom of My Broken Heart
20 Circus
21 Someday (I Will Understand)
22 Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)

This is better than the original.

23 Boys

I think she used Pharrell Williams or something like that. It's cool and so exciting.

24 Sometimes

The pier is a perfect place for this song.

25 Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know

Why did she kiss that guy on the lips? Again, weird.

26 (You Drive Me) Crazy
27 Work Bitch
28 Radar
29 Break the Ice
30 Inside Out
31 Till the World Ends
32 Hold It Against Me
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