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41 Slumber Party

Very catchy and a very good hi.. Don't like the foul language.

This song is the "Breathe on Me" on this era.

Good song!


42 Oops!... I Did It Again

How it's not on the list yet? - DaisyandRosalina

This is absolutely ridiculous. This should be 2nd after toxic and no one can deny its one of the most iconic songs of the 2000s. VOTE

I heard this on the radio an hour ago. This song is so dope and iconic. - waraypiso

Number 2 under toxic

V 1 Comment
43 Up N' Down
44 Anticipating

This song is a pure drug. It's fantastic!

45 Amnesia V 1 Comment
46 Selfish
47 Why Should I Be Sad
48 Lonely
49 Unusual You

I absolutely adore this song. The tune is basically perfect. Her voice is like an angel's and its lyrics are just killing. This song deserves to be at least two numbers higher on this list. I mean, come on! Telephone? It doesn't even compare with Unusual You. None of Gaga songs are at least a little close to Britney's perfect songs. There is no song I don't like of Britney's. I adore this woman.

This song is so good I almost cried! I mean, britney might not write her own songs but she sings them pretty good, and they say that she lip-sings, I don't agree with that but just imagine yourself trying to dance the way that she does and trying to sing perfectly, it's hard! Love you brit!

I love the song a lot because it's Britney,
And she is the best singer. Love you so much

So haunting yet beautiful unique lyrics

50 Let Me Be
51 Get Back

Should have been the first single to the Blackout, one of the sexiest numbers from Britney. COME ON GUYS. This track is really perfect and a real pop track that could have be massive. What would have been an iconic Britney number, now a missed opportunity but still, some of the best that Britney has had to offer. - jfcallari

It's a shame this was only on the Japanese edition of Blackout, otherwise I think it would be much higher on the list

52 What You Need
53 Toy Soldier
54 Man on the Moon
55 I Run Away
56 (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun
57 Freakshow
58 Big Fat Bass
59 Perfect Lover

So catchy, cool and free. The song is crying out "sex".! I am afraid that we won't see a song like this in New Britney albums.

The song is hot, sexy, sexual, and so damn catch. Its seductive and everything that makes a amazing brit song...amazing!

60 Out from Under

This has to be Britney's best song! It's the most beautiful and deeply meaningful song I've ever heard :) Should be in the top ten!

Everyone should at least take a listen to this song... its magical

This should really been a single I think it's the second every time from spears

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