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21 Lone Sal Bug
22 Squid Ink
23 In the Hollow Hills
24 We Are One

This song has Serj Tankian from System of a Down. and there one of the best modern heavy metal bands ever. and is the best song with vocals on it

25 Scraps
26 Baptism of Solitude
27 Tide
28 Telescape 1
29 Inward Journey
30 I Love My Parents

This piece is so emotional. I cry when I hear it. While I didn't expect this to be number one, I am glad Guitar Hero fan boys haven't managed to push Jordan to number one.

To be fair, the man himself has said that he believes Jordan to be his magnum opus.

The first time I heard this song, I actually had to stop listening because I almost started crying. The very beginning of it with the single guitar can cause any one to feel emotional. But when the violins start up, you may want to have some tissues ready. Beautiful piece of music.

I cried. This song was just that emotional. For a shredder, Buckethead can really tug at your heartstrings. Which is why he's been my favourite guitarist for a long time. - imnotdead

Needs to be higher, this songs is way to good.

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31 Lotus Island

Deserves an higher position! So sick and beautiful!

One of his best songs.

Well there is my vote...P - espyorkshireman

15 seriously...come on I thought Bucket fans would be real gutar fans? - espyorkshireman

32 The Patrolman
33 Destroyer: Speed Flux Quadrant / Inclusion / Exhaust Release V 1 Comment
34 Walk On the Moon

Walk on the Moon from album - Shadows Between the Sky

35 Sea of Expanding Shapes
36 Big D's Touch

It deserves to be in the top... Melodious composition... KUDOS! BRIAN PATRICK CAROLL

37 Electric Tears

#41?! Are you kidding me?! This is probably one of his BEST songs!

38 Washed Away
39 Home Run Derby
40 Splatters 1
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