Best Bull Riders of All Time

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1 Lane Frost

I think he was the best bull rider its sad that he died ): I hate the bull that killed him

Lane was the greatest bull rider I have ever seen also a great inspiration for up coming rider's.

Its to bad he died so young but if the Lord wanted him, then there was no keeping him.

I thought he couldn’t get thrown

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2 Don Gay

PRCA was full of politics when Donnie Gay was winning. Judges always loaded his scores. I saw it many times and so did plenty others.

Yes Donnie was very good but we all knew he got treated special. That's why he had so few friends.

By far the best in history


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3 Chris Shivers

More 90+ Point bull rides then any other man that tells the story there. Flawless and really new how to make Bulls look good

I think he is the most rank bull rider there has ever been I think he is first in my opinion then lane but lane is a rank bull rider to.

Certainly a top 10... Not sure about best of all time.

Best I ever seen when he was at his prime the mj of bull riders

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4 Jim Shoulders

Hard to compare eras of competitors, but shoulders was right up there with the best for more than a decade.

Sure enuff cowboy but bulls wasnt near as rank when he rode

You'll get no argument from me but Freckles Brown has to be in the mix also.👍

5 Ty Murray

Best rough stock rider ever. Had he only ridden Bulls he could have been the best ever. Bareback horses an Broncs took a toll Ty.

Doubt the top ten!

The best

Doubht the top 10 huh are u an idiot have u ever been own a bull & done it for a living he one of the top 4 just cause he done BB &SB BEFOREHE GOT OWN HIS BULL 2WORLD TITLES& P.B.R FINALS WINNER SO NOT THE TOP 10. REALLY IDIOT

6 Mike Lee

Mike is as tuff as rawhide but still gets the money at his advanced age. If not in the top ten in talent anymore he's surely the best in the world for his age.

Mike has always been a fan favorite for what he does in and outside of rodeo. He's a great guy all around

At one time he was the best he rode better as a teenager then he does now

NO--wouldn't have never made the prca in its' glory!

7 Tuff Hedeman

In the comment below calling Tuff a puss is not fair. Bo was killing everybody off and a promise is a promise. Wise move to turn him out.

I think Tuff Hedeman was the 2nd. Best bull rider of all time

Outstanding to ride for 1st enemy lane frost. Deserves more respect.

I saw them all,Tuff was the best,saw it when he go hurt so bad,on bodacious.Bull out of the area was a friendly fellow.he was on tour for awhile.

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8 Jim Sharp

The greatest rookie year ever

He will always be #1

All any professional bull rider about Jim Sharp... enough said

Even Tuff Hedeman said in front of Donny Gay that Jim Sharp was the best bull rider that he's ever seen. Bob Tallman said it right when he said that Jim Sharp rides the rank ones so well that he makes them look easy and should get scored higher. First man to ride 10 out of 10 at the NFR, then 9 out of 10 at the next NFR (that's 19 consecutive) against the best bulls in the business.
Best bull rider ever = Jim Sharp.

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9 J.B. Mauney

Really in the race for number 1. He rode Bushwacker, Asteroid, Long John World Champion Bulls) etc.. 2 world titles, 2 world finals event titles, 2 touring pro division titles, Rookie of the year...

J.B definitely deserves to be higher on this list. There are few people who can do what he did. I can't put him above Lane, but he for sure has my #2 spot. His composure while riding is unbelievable.

Over all best cowboy of this decade

JB Mauney is,indeed,hands down,the best bull rider I’ve ever seen in all my years watching Bull Riding. My favorite part is when JB Mauney becomes the PBR World Champion! I just hope JB Mauney will be fine doing what he loves to do best.

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10 Terry Don West

Think 5 world chap buckles an holds lots of records. Like riding Bodacious for the first time for 8 Seconds. He also wrote most of the top name bulls and then get thrown off he also Road 55 Bulls before he was thrown off the world record Terry Don West is one of the best bull riders ever give Tuff Hedeman and Lane Frost a run for their money or beat them

Terry Don West spent his best years in the IPRA but he was every bit as good as Don Gay

Rode with talent and ease

Best ever rode bulls with ease

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11 Adriano Moraes

Best ever

He was in the PRCA and never won any titles! Would have been a entry fee donater after a few years!

If there would not have been the PBR, he would have won many PRCA bull riding titles.

Bias exists towards Brazilian riders but jb mauney has had his ass handed to him. Moraes is better so is alves and Pacheco will be better than all them. Lane frost is #1 though

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12 J.W. Harris

Yes he is the "Best"!

4Titles easy top 5

He is the best and great guy too! Love him

Love JW Harris.

13 Justin McBride

NO! Good but not good enough for the top ten!

Best form, best attitude, best results on most difficult bulls, quiet precision, modest, not a camera hog, overall most admirable.

Made it look easy!


14 Jess Lockwood

Number 3 after tuff and lane

Really good bull rider and won PBR

He is a model

Dirty tough

15 Silvano Alves

Silvano Alves is the youngest bull rider to win 3 world titles and is the only bull rider to win back to back titles.

Silvano is amazing to watch on the bull. You think he's going off, only to right himself, and go 8 seconds. JB Mauney #1, Silvano #2! Lane Frost #3 would've been 1, Ty Murray #4.

Silvano rides mostly easier bulls. Whoopi!
Put him on a hard one...oops

16 George Paul

It's a long way to the top

The greatest ever in my opinion, combination of the strength of a Brazilian, and the finesse of Denny Flynn, or Clint Bronger!

George left us to soon he rode eighty some pr ca bulls in a row just imagine how many more championships this bullman could have won cause when he nodded he rode them with style and class I believe he's the greatest of all time 😊

17 Guilherme Marchi

He is one fun to watch riding that bull.

Covered 600 pbr bulls, no one ever close. Most consistent and strength.

GOOD LORD NO! Could have never made the PRCA! Or, any organization that would not let him choose his own bulls in the draw! Couldn't have stood up to the daily grind of the PRCA!

My favorite!

18 Troy Dunn

Best ever from the land down under

Easily the best ever from the land down under

Best aussie cowboy

his deadly

19 Denny Flynn

The man, the myth, the legend! Hailing from Arkansas, he could ride anything, no what the bull threw at him. He rode a perfect score of 50 points, and the bull he was riding scored a 48, for a combined score of 98! I know that it's not a technically impossible score to beat, but good luck beating a score of 98! Hats off to you brother, one the best ever. You completely deserve the hall of fame, along with a few others as well. I will say that there are a couple that don't deserve that honor, but everyone knows who is truly great, versus who doesn't belong in the ranks of these great men.

Denny could ride the eliminators, the spinners, I didn't matter. He was a great athlete who happened to choose bull riding. Top 5 for sure.

20 Freckles Brown

He was an amazing athlete, rode a bull, then just step off!

I hate u

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