Best Bull Riders of All Time

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1 Lane Frost

Greatest bull rider of all time

Lane frost that's all you half to say

My opinion is Lane Frost that is the best bull rider I've ever seen in my life which there's some ty Murray some of the other ones but nothing compares to Lane Frost love that guy

I think he was very brave to ride Red Rock.! It must've been scary

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2 Don Gay

A truly great rider and commentator.


PRCA was full of politics when Donnie Gay was winning. Judges always loaded his scores. I saw it many times and so did plenty others.

Lol so many haters.

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3 Chris Shivers

Dressed up every bull he got on

Best ever bar none!

Chris is my favorite. Lane being the best. Then my uncle Ronnie Roach rode circles around Don Gay back in the day. Just didn’t have the money or political backing that Don had.

More 90+ Point bull rides then any other man that tells the story there. Flawless and really new how to make Bulls look good

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4 Jim Shoulders

The best!

Hard to compare eras of competitors, but shoulders was right up there with the best for more than a decade.

Jim. Sholders. Was great but I wonder what the greats thought of gean lyda never saw a bull rider spur a bull like he did

I competed against Jim in 1957 and bulls were every bit as rank :back then: He was the very best of his time

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5 J.B. Mauney

With all that he has done and the bull his is my pick but was a hard with frost

Picked and rode the rankest bulls all the time

He's rode the rankest bulls!

As far as ridin the rankest bulls. Hands down the best ever!

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6 Mike Lee

Mike is as tuff as rawhide but still gets the money at his advanced age. If not in the top ten in talent anymore he's surely the best in the world for his age.

Mike has always been a fan favorite for what he does in and outside of rodeo. He's a great guy all around

At one time he was the best he rode better as a teenager then he does now

NO--wouldn't have never made the prca in its' glory!

7 Ty Murray

He rode Jewell. Enough said.

Best rough stock rider ever. Had he only ridden Bulls he could have been the best ever. Bareback horses an Broncs took a toll Ty.

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Doubt the top ten!

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8 Jim Sharp

My favorite rider ever

The greatest rookie year ever

He will always be #1

All any professional bull rider about Jim Sharp... enough said

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9 Tuff Hedeman

Best in my book by far

He was a frend to lane frost

In the comment below calling Tuff a puss is not fair. Bo was killing everybody off and a promise is a promise. Wise move to turn him out.

He is good

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10 Terry Don West

So amazing

Enjoyed watching him in the IPRA, NFR & PBR

Terry Don West is a great bull rider I go to his school

Best ever in my opinion he would get hurt in the chute and still ride for 90

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The Contenders

11 Adriano Moraes

Best Bull Rider of All Time by Far. He set the mark for all riders in the sport. He was 3 time world champion that helped mold Alves, Marchi and all other Brazilian Riders, to be as good or better than most riders in the world.

Way over rated, his titles were giving to him he sure didn't win them!

The greatest

A 1 rider and the reason I got so interested in bull riding. Miss seeing him and glad he got out before he got permanently injured. A good Christian family man and ambassador for Bull Riding

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12 J.W. Harris

J.W. Harris, lots of heart, lots of try, rode lots of great bulls. A great person to top it off. Yea, he is top 10 in any arena!


I have watched J.W numerous times and he definitely deserves the top ten. But, everyone has to work to get where they need to be! I am a true and lifelong supporter of J.W. -Sylissa Leeane, Red Elm, SD

My boy J.W.

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13 Troy Dunn

Best rider in that period

Probably best rider from 95 to 99

Troy was too ten consistent rider plagued with injury, even though the Aussies seem to be naturally tougher than the yanks

Top ten

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14 Jess Lockwood

He is a racist pig

Look up to him

Even after injury...comes back strong.


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15 Larry Mahan

The best ever was and a great person has keep his nose clean...the legend!

16 Justin McBride

Your kidding right?! Form, Most Agro Bulls, Great Attitude, Wins, Score, Syle. Had it ALL!

He should be in the top 5

NO! Good but not good enough for the top ten!

Best form, best attitude, best results on most difficult bulls, quiet precision, modest, not a camera hog, overall most admirable.

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17 Guilherme Marchi

Best of all time!

Guillaume finished on the top 10 for eight years straight including a 2008 championship. Has the most qualified rides ever and way ahead of 2nd place (JB). He should rank much higher, maybe even #1

How can you be in the top 2 for 4 years running and retire with the most qualified rides and not be in the top 5

Should be in the top ten as no one will ever beat 634 qualified rides at the PBR level.

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18 Silvano Alves

Are you kidding me Silvano should be in the top 5 easy.

I don't like the fact that he rarely take a re-ride. He rarely cowboys up, Just seems like he skates through.

Silvano should be top 5

Silvano alves by riding percentages and titles at still young age. Producers say toughest bulls on earth then complain silvano don't take rerides. he rode what they gave him, that is their job to have tougher bulls. Just don't think they like the brazilians kicking our butts

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19 Dale Brisby

Dale Brisby the bull rider

He is amazing! And is probably the most hilarious bull rider out there. He also just has talent

He doesn't suck.

The goat

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20 Denny Flynn

The man, the myth, the legend! Hailing from Arkansas, he could ride anything, no what the bull threw at him. He rode a perfect score of 50 points, and the bull he was riding scored a 48, for a combined score of 98! I know that it's not a technically impossible score to beat, but good luck beating a score of 98! Hats off to you brother, one the best ever. You completely deserve the hall of fame, along with a few others as well. I will say that there are a couple that don't deserve that honor, but everyone knows who is truly great, versus who doesn't belong in the ranks of these great men.

Denny could ride the eliminators, the spinners, I didn't matter. He was a great athlete who happened to choose bull riding. Top 5 for sure.

The best! hands down

The best ever

21 George Paul

When you ask the great bull riders, who is the greatest there ever was, they all say George Paul.
He was Gary Leffews' (Guru Leffews') role model and when I Ask Gary he said George Paul was the greatest there ever was.

George was the world champion in 1968. He set this accomplishment as a goal to achieve as a young man. After he achieved this goal he cut back his travel schedule a considerable amount.

Those who knew George will tell you he was the best ever. No one has ever come close to riding 79 PRCA bulls as George did.


The best to ever ride!

79 bulls in a row, come on best ever been best there will ever be, no comparison from anyone.

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22 Sage Kimzey

The best technical bull rider, Sage makes really rank bulls look like a day off. His body position and free arm allow him to make huge moves look easy.

If sage keeps doing his thing he will be better than lane frost

Hands down

He keeps moving on up

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23 Freckles Brown

For years the best

He was a great one from when I was young. Saw him in NM. He and Lane Frost were tight.

He was the best

He was an amazing athlete, rode a bull, then just step off!

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24 Cody Lambert

97 champ

25 Kaique Pacheco

Kaique Pacheco was fun to watch him win in 2018 and come in second in 2015 and 2016. he is my favorite!
He makes it look so easy!

Great bull rider. Fun to watch. Calm, poised. Hope he has a long successful career.

best ever

Rides like he knows what the bull will do before the bull knows!

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26 J W Hart

Best. And best attitude.

Anybody that learned how to ride under lanes ring gotta b top 5 remember when he kicked erkel in the neck from the time he nodded his head awesome

Tuffest bull rider to date. He didn't miss a ride that's why he got the name a Ironman

27 Chris Ledoux

"One of the greatest Country singers and horse riders of all time."

He is hooked on an 8 second ride r.i.p Chris r.i.p

28 Mason Lowe

He inspired so many!

So sorry this young man was taken so soon. He was one of the best. May he Rest In Peace.

29 Chase Outlaw

Mr Outlaw I pray for your safety and that you will win the world title and championship love to watch you ride and look forward to see more be safe god bless.

Most fun to watch for sure

Best all around especially when you consider his inspiring comments after each ride. The most fun to watch

Guess you could say the true Outlaw of Professional Bull Riding

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30 Trey Holston
31 Charlie Sampson

Awesome Bull rider

That hardly makes Charley special since nobody from his generation did. If he was competing today he would at the very least be using a vest. That's a no brainier.

Charlie was one tough cowboy he didn't wear all the safety stuff that they have nowadays

32 Cooper Davis

As a rugby playing, relatively new British (Welsh) fan of PBR, Cooper Davis' toughness and bravery are so impressive. What a great sport.

"Never underestimate the heart of a champion." -Rudy T.

33 Ricky Lindsey

Totally agree with that Ricci Lindsey was a force to be reckoned with he was just a wild child

Best to never win the world in my opinion. He did win the NFR in 83 though.

Could ride anything you run under him! Most unrated bull rider of his era!

34 Jerome Davis

First cowboy to win a PRCA Bullriding Champion from east of the Mississippi River. It's a shame his career was cut short from an injury.

One of the greatest bull riders and overall an awesome man

35 Derek Kolbaba

Best bull rider in 2018 so far.

36 David Dixon

I went to college at Sul Ross in Alpine with David Dixon. Hell of a bullrider and an even better cowboy!

Texas bull rider relocated to New Mexico, rode all the rank ones consistantly. just didn't hit the big scene that often but definitely rode with the best of them

37 Clint Branger

Not only an awesome bull rider but an amazing person.

This man was the uncrowned world champion in my opinion he also rode bodacious

I just thought someone should recognize Clint as definitely one of the all time best. He should d be way closer to the top of this list in my opinion.

38 Brian Herman

Brian is still alive

Brian didn't get to stay around long enough to show what he really had. God rest his soul.

39 Trevor Brazile

I believe he is a roper

He's not a bull rider.

Not sure how old this is, but this guy has to be number one surely?

40 Cody Jesus

True inspiration to the whole Navajo Nation.

Young man will go far if he continues riding as well as he is now

Bullriding Sensation of the Navajo Nation

41 Cody Teel

One of the best. Tough competitor. Makes bull riding look easy. And a great young man also.

One of the best

42 Harry Tompkins

Harry Thompkins, not on this list "Beam me up Scotty"

43 Joao Ricardo Vieira

! There's no words to describe the way Joao rides.

44 Kasey Hayes
45 David Fournier
46 Owen Washburn
47 Luke Snyder

Luke is a super bull rangler. Deserves so much credit.

A good rider that now how to do it.

He is a good rider for bass pro shops and he can easily make it to #1

48 David Elms
49 Mertus Diekman

Myrtis Dightman is an unsung hero. He broke the color barrier I professional rodeo. He was an outstanding bull rider.

50 Myrtis Dightman

Known as the Jackie Robinson of Rodeo.

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