Top 10 Best Bull Riders of All Time

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1 Lane Frost

Out of 309 Cowboys Lane was the first and only bull rider to ever ride Red Rock. In fact he rode him 4 out of 7 times. Lane won the Challenge of the Champions against Red Rock 4-3. The best bull rider vs the best bull.

Lane frost was the best cowboy to ever ride nobody will ever match what that man was to the sport.I gladly named my first born after the man..Rest in peace cowboy

So sad that his time here was short. But a true inspiration and great bull rider. Saw him ride and win. Our son is named after him.

I think that lane was the best bacause he did everything for other people and seeing him ride that bull was so sad but inspiring to me he is my hero.

2 J.B. Mauney

Best I’ve seen. JB always goes for it. He wants to ride the best bulls even it could cost him a win. He will re-ride and he definitely entertains. What I like best is that he is not afraid to lose.

He is the best in the world history he has a lot 90 point rides.(And Chris Shivers has a lit of 90 point ride tooo! )He is the only bull rider to ride Buswacker(95.25 points). He rode Sweetpros Bruiser and Pearl Harbor. He has rode with both hands left and right.(Because he hurt riding hand.) He is a 2 time PBR World Champion. And if were not for Silvano and Guilherme. He would probably 4 or 5 PBR World champion..

J.B. Mauney is by far my favorite. I love watching his ride on Bushwacker where he made history for being the first cowboy to ride Bushwacker for the full 8 seconds! That had to have been a pretty scary 8 seconds and an awesome celebration afterwards!

J.B because he has rode all the great bulls there is to ride yuh can’t possibly ask for more Lane Frost is number one because red rock was 309 until he met lane but if yuh look at job on the other hand he is the under dog right now and is doing what everyone including ty Murray says is “dang near impossible to do” with his hurt shoulder and oh yeah let’s not forget the fact that this guy rode on the highest level of bullriding riding with his opposite hand and gained over 550 points doing so covering a top caliber bull in gun powder and lead the guy steps up when it matters and is one of the greatest if not the greatest bull riders to ever live.

3 Tuff Hedeman

Everybody calling tuff a puss, I’ve had a lot of rides, and until you’re on the back of an animal trying to buck you off and stomp you to a pulp you have no room to call anyone a puss or a coward, so if anyone who rides bulls wants to reply and call him a coward feel free but I guarantee not a single bull rider will bash his reputation, when you have a bull smash your face and nearly kill you and it scares your family and they make you promise to not ride that particular bull again, it is love and being a true man to honor that promise. But lee in mind he was one of the few to ride him.

One of Lanes bestfriends I appreciate that after Lane died Tuff Rode 8 seconds for him than he rode for Lane Tuff is one of the greatest even though Lane showed him up a lot

Tuff is no puss. A promise is a promise. I believe that tuff should be shoulder to shoulder with lane in number one! By the way, you don't get nicknamed "tuff" by being a puss. All bullriders are tuff but to have that nickname, you had to be the tuffest!

In the comment below calling Tuff a puss is not fair. Bo was killing everybody off and a promise is a promise. Wise move to turn him out.

4 Chris Shivers

I think he is the most rank bull rider there has ever been I think he is first in my opinion then lane but lane is a rank bull rider to.

More 90+ Point bull rides then any other man that tells the story there. Flawless and really new how to make Bulls look good

Chris is my favorite. Lane being the best. Then my uncle Ronnie Roach rode circles around Don Gay back in the day. Just didn’t have the money or political backing that Don had.

Certainly a top 10... Not sure about best of all time.

5 Ty Murray

Just a thought about the comment of calling someone an “autistic jew” to point out you think that person knows nothing is both insensitive to those with disabilities and anti-Semitic. Autism is growing, and sadly you may soon have a friend or family member impacted by this yourself.
Just as important, even though I am not Jewish, I will bless the Jewish people, especially for giving us the Messiah. I can see you feel strongly about your opinion, but respectfully ask you give your opinion without name calling.

Best rough stock rider ever. Had he only ridden Bulls he could have been the best ever. Bareback horses an Broncs took a toll Ty.

Who ever said doubt the top ten is an autistic jew who knows nothing about bull riding

Doubt the top ten!

6 Don Gay

Donnie always said his brother Pete was better than he was but obviously Pete tired of the travel, but Donnie had the desire to top Jim Shoulders record.

Donnie has the the mind and heart of a champion. He has always been kind to the men working the chutes as well as the riders. He is still a sweet guy who cheers on the sport and helps whenever he can. He worked his butt off to get to where he is.

PRCA was full of politics when Donnie Gay was winning. Judges always loaded his scores. I saw it many times and so did plenty others.

Yes Donnie was very good but we all knew he got treated special. That's why he had so few friends.

7 Adriano Moraes

Best Bull Rider of All Time by Far. He set the mark for all riders in the sport. He was 3 time world champion that helped mold Alves, Marchi and all other Brazilian Riders, to be as good or better than most riders in the world.

Adriano made tough bulls look easy and he is by far a better bull rider than most of the riders on the top 10 list! I noticed there are no Brazilian riders on the list...but there have only been 2 ruders who have won 3 World titles and they are both Brazillian!

A 1 rider and the reason I got so interested in bull riding. Miss seeing him and glad he got out before he got permanently injured. A good Christian family man and ambassador for Bull Riding

Bias exists towards Brazilian riders but jb mauney has had his ass handed to him. Moraes is better so is alves and Pacheco will be better than all them. Lane frost is #1 though

8 Jess Lockwood

Great bull rider! And whoever called him a racist pig is a cowardly jealous nobody.

He is a racist pig

He is a really good bull rider and can do anything he puts his mind too

Two time world champion at the age of 22...

9 Justin McBride

Best form, best attitude, best results on most difficult bulls, quiet precision, modest, not a camera hog, overall most admirable.

NO! Good but not good enough for the top ten!

He should be in the top 5

Made it look easy!

10 Terry Don West

Best of the Best he don't get the credit he deserves because he didn't rodeo in the PRCA hard until later in his career. Dominated match bullridings from coast to coast. Finished 2 in the PBR World standings 3 years in a row and rode every rank bull alive during his career.

Best bullrider of all time! TDW rode more rank bulls than anyone. His time in BRO/PRCA were incredible. He had to qualify for the PBR in 1998 through 4 touring pro events and rode his 15/15 when he hit the PBR. He was already 33 years old then and won his 2nd PRCA title at 38 years old. TDW rode eliminators like no one before or since.

Think 5 world chap buckles an holds lots of records. Like riding Bodacious for the first time for 8 Seconds. He also wrote most of the top name bulls and then get thrown off he also Road 55 Bulls before he was thrown off the world record Terry Don West is one of the best bull riders ever give Tuff Hedeman and Lane Frost a run for their money or beat them

When Terry Don was at his best, no body else could touch him. I guess you could say that about a lot of the cowboys listed here, but comparing him to all others in their prime... I would vote for Terry Don as number one.

The Contenders
11 Guilherme Marchi

I know this guy and I can tell you he is the best every. Just watch the 2008 PBR finals and compare his ride to Justin McBrides. Just wins but he did so hanging on to dear life off the side of the bull. Marchi's ride was spot on. Further more I don't see very many 35 year old men riding bulls at any level. PRCA bulls...second rate compared to PBR. The person with the previous comment is incorrect!

Guillaume finished on the top 10 for eight years straight including a 2008 championship. Has the most qualified rides ever and way ahead of 2nd place (JB). He should rank much higher, maybe even #1

GOOD LORD NO! Could have never made the PRCA! Or, any organization that would not let him choose his own bulls in the draw! Couldn't have stood up to the daily grind of the PRCA!

He is wonderful he has been an inspiration to many! He is awesome person! He has been a family friend for a long time!

12 Silvano Alves

Silvano alves by riding percentages and titles at still young age. Producers say toughest bulls on earth then complain silvano don't take rerides. he rode what they gave him, that is their job to have tougher bulls. Just don't think they like the brazilians kicking our butts

Silvano Alves is the youngest bull rider to win 3 world titles and is the only bull rider to win back to back titles.

I don't like the fact that he rarely take a re-ride. He rarely cowboys up, Just seems like he skates through.

Silvano is amazing to watch on the bull. You think he's going off, only to right himself, and go 8 seconds. JB Mauney #1, Silvano #2! Lane Frost #3 would've been 1, Ty Murray #4.

13 Larry Mahan

God wanted to make a bull rider
Balance hands of steel
Tough as leather
No fear
Heart as bg as Texas

The best ever was and a great person has keep his nose clean...the legend!

Champions champion

14 Troy Dunn

Easily the best ever from the land down under

Not given enough credit, great rider

Best ever from the land down under

Probably best rider from 95 to 99

15 Jim Sharp

Even Tuff Hedeman said in front of Donny Gay that Jim Sharp was the best bull rider that he's ever seen. Bob Tallman said it right when he said that Jim Sharp rides the rank ones so well that he makes them look easy and should get scored higher. First man to ride 10 out of 10 at the NFR, then 9 out of 10 at the next NFR (that's 19 consecutive) against the best bulls in the business.
Best bull rider ever = Jim Sharp.

All any professional bull rider about Jim Sharp... enough said

When your peers call you the best ever, you should listen.

The greatest rookie year ever

16 Dale Brisby

He is amazing! And is probably the most hilarious bull rider out there. He also just has talent

Rodeo time o'l son he is one of the funniest bull riders ever I love watching his youtube video

Dale Brisby the bull rider

The best there is ol'son and it is always rodeo time

17 Mike Lee

Mike is as tuff as rawhide but still gets the money at his advanced age. If not in the top ten in talent anymore he's surely the best in the world for his age.

Mike has always been a fan favorite for what he does in and outside of rodeo. He's a great guy all around

At one time he was the best he rode better as a teenager then he does now

Up there with Lane Frost and Larry Mayan!

18 Jim Shoulders

Hard to compare eras of competitors, but shoulders was right up there with the best for more than a decade.

Jim. Sholders. Was great but I wonder what the greats thought of gean lyda never saw a bull rider spur a bull like he did

Sure enuff cowboy but bulls wasnt near as rank when he rode

The best!

19 Chase Outlaw

Mr Outlaw I pray for your safety and that you will win the world title and championship love to watch you ride and look forward to see more be safe god bless.

Best all around especially when you consider his inspiring comments after each ride. The most fun to watch

Guess you could say the true Outlaw of Professional Bull Riding

He's an inspiration for people who bull ride

20 J W Hart

J w Hart, is one of the toughest and one of the best bull riders, by far, to never win the world, but to many of us, he was a world champion.

Tuffest bull rider to date. He didn't miss a ride that's why he got the name a Ironman

Best. And best attitude.

Anybody that learned how to ride under lanes ring gotta b top 5 remember when he kicked erkel in the neck from the time he nodded his head awesome

21 Denny Flynn

The man, the myth, the legend! Hailing from Arkansas, he could ride anything, no what the bull threw at him. He rode a perfect score of 50 points, and the bull he was riding scored a 48, for a combined score of 98! I know that it's not a technically impossible score to beat, but good luck beating a score of 98! Hats off to you brother, one the best ever. You completely deserve the hall of fame, along with a few others as well. I will say that there are a couple that don't deserve that honor, but everyone knows who is truly great, versus who doesn't belong in the ranks of these great men.

Denny was the best ever. He wasn’t able to make as many events as some because he lacked $$ to fly. Look him up! When he was gored so badly, he got up out of the dirt holding his guts inside with his hands! I thank God that there was a doctor very close. The horn missed his heart, liver, &spine each by a fraction of an inch! He was back on a bull 3-4 weeks after the accident. He was my husband’s roommate at Uof A. He is good as gold. He’d do all he could to help anyone. He gets my vote. He meets all of the criteria X 10. God bless him always.

Denny could ride the eliminators, the spinners, I didn't matter. He was a great athlete who happened to choose bull riding. Top 5 for sure.

The best ever

22 Cody Lambert

Rode with lane frost

23 Kaique Pacheco

Kaique Pacheco was fun to watch him win in 2018 and come in second in 2015 and 2016. he is my favorite!
He makes it look so easy!

Great bull rider. Fun to watch. Calm, poised. Hope he has a long successful career.

Rides like he knows what the bull will do before the bull knows!

He is a wholesome personable really shows what he has

24 Freckles Brown

Those who never saw Freckles ride shouldn't be voting for these other Bull riders . . No one rode with more authority and control than Freckles . . .

He was an amazing athlete, rode a bull, then just step off!

He was a great one from when I was young. Saw him in NM. He and Lane Frost were tight.

For years the best

25 Sage Kimzey

The best technical bull rider, Sage makes really rank bulls look like a day off. His body position and free arm allow him to make huge moves look easy.

If sage keeps doing his thing he will be better than lane frost

He keeps moving on up

Good bull rider

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