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121 Faber Drive V 1 Comment
122 Wildroot Orchestra

Followed and surpassed the Powder Blues Band. Powder Blues went rock, but Wildroot stayed with the big band sound. Best rendition of Subterranean Homesick Blues and In the Mood. Big on the west coast in the early 80's many of the members of Powder Blues would drop in and jam or play with tese guys in concert.

123 Wide Mouth Mason

Wide Mouth Mason is a Canadian blues-based rock band, consisting of Shaun Verreault (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Safwan Javed (Percussion, Backing Vocals), and Gordie Johnson (Bass, Backing Vocals). Former bassist Earl Pereira was also co-founder of Wide Mouth Mason. The band hails from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and has been active since 1995.

124 Woods of Ypres
125 The Watchmen

May not be that well known but my god are they good.

Leave it to the CBC to exclude Watchmen from their list for about 50 bands I've never heard of.

V 1 Comment
126 CANO
127 Mahogany Rush

Gotta love Frank Marino.

128 One Bad Son

If you haven't heard of them, look them up. They're incredible but also extremely underrated!

129 Courage My Love Courage My Love
130 Looking Glass

Brandy was a fabulous song. True one hit wonder, but a great wonder.

131 Spirit Of The West
132 Magic!
133 Silverstein V 1 Comment
134 Killer Dwarfs
135 A Faint Memory
136 Mashmakhan

As the years go by is an amazing song.

137 Downchild Blues Band

Best Canadian blues band ever.

138 Mobile

Liked them ever since their first album. Shame they broke up.

139 The Northern Pikes

"She Ain't Pretty" is a Canadian classic.

I'm an adult now, things I do for money...

140 Reuben and the Dark
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