Top Ten Best Candies That Arent Candy Bars


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41 Pascall Milk Shakes
42 Jersey Caramels
43 Pink Smokers
44 Licorice Allsorts
45 Sour Gummi Worms
46 Everlasting Gobstoper
47 Warheads

Love them they good but they are not that sour to me because I eat almost a lot of sour candy

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48 Wonder Ball
49 Milk Duds

They're Ok, but I just wanted to add something, so here it is.

Love these, boxes of happiness!

50 York Peppermint Patty

Surprised this is not a lower number

51 Baby Bottle Pop

I like the flavored sugar

52 Peanut Butter M&M's

Never tried them but they sound really good so I might try them soon I like broccoli

Whoever put these at number 64 is confirmed as a BAD person

53 Fruit-tella
54 Morositas
55 Haribo Berries
56 Gobstoppers
57 Fundip

Kids love fundip and I agree with the kids

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58 Sugar Daddies

My favorite of all time!

I must have one!

59 Angel Mints

These are soso good! Perfect after too much dinner. The taste is better than any after dinner mints, you can eat these anytime

60 Sour Skittles

There the best combo there sour skittels

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