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41 Shantae V 1 Comment
42 Jon Talbain
43 Oni
44 Bass
45 George Hamilton
46 Jake Muller
47 Batsu

When I read this I thought what Natsu that's not capcom

48 Colonel
49 Rush

Best robot dog ever. He's really is useful.

50 Seth

He's the dragon ball z answer to cell as seth has a similar ability to cell as he steals others moves

He's street fighters answer to dragon ball zs cell as he has a similar style and he steals others move

V 1 Comment
51 Doctor Thomas Light
52 Guy

The Metro City Ninja

53 Hsien-Ko
54 God Hand

Maybe You Cannot Play God hand He Has The Power of God And We All Know That The Power of God is Incredible So What Wrong With You all He Is The Most Strongest Character Ever Created He Should be number 1

What's Wrong I Play God hand This is the best game in my history Great Story Line Funny Bad Guys I Love This Game God hand Is Should Be number 1 or 2 But Maybe He Matched With Him

Maybe You can not play God hand We All Know That The Power of God is incredible He Is Strongest Capcom Character Ever made He Should be number 1

55 Elec Man
56 Servbot
57 Regina
58 Trish
59 Zangief
60 Ibuki
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