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What is your favorite card game?
(applies to games using the standard 52-card deck of cards A-K in four suits-does not include UNO, for example)

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81 Hawaiian Speed

Two people slit the deck then lay down four cards and play just like speed but a little more hard

82 Wizard


83 40

Same as 28 if no of players are 6 instead of 4 as in 28

84 Royal Five
85 Shampoo
86 13

This game is really challenging and has to be first place

87 Knuckles

It is the best game but when I play it I don't make people bleed so please play it and have fun

88 Phase 10
89 Bull Crap

Same as B.S. but still fun

Bad name

90 Big Two

Uses some strategy but still is really fun. Easy to play.

91 Russian Rummy
92 Rummy

Good. Addicting

That’s an interesting question and I feel rummy card game is quite an interesting game. You need to make sets of any three cards having the same rank or number. There are series of rummy games which you can either play for free or for money. This can be played with your friends, family members and even with rummy players. I play Rummy at

93 Indian Poker

This can get way out of hand, but its hilarious!

94 28

Very popular game in Bengal

95 Palace
96 Shang Hi
97 Pitty Pat

This game is old but its fun.

98 Smear

High low jack and game.

99 James Bond
100 Mau
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