Best Covers of Madonna Songs

They covered up Maddy, from pop to alternative to dance, a list of 10 who put a different spin on a selected few from Maddy's music catalog.

The Top Ten

1 Like a Virgin - Lords of the New Church

Very much a alternative/post punk mix of this maddy classic... from their " killer lords " album

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2 Music - Out of Your Mouth

Very interesting spin on a Madonna song, very much a industrial hard rock idea, if your able to find the remixes, take a listen, their quite good, actually...

3 Oh Father - Sia

Interesting version from australias " Sia ", song is included on her album " We Are Born "

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4 Holiday - Madhouse

Not a favourite much prefer the original, this style more of a " club house version " directed towards the after hours club kids...

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5 Into the Groove (Y) - Ciccone Youth

A demo-ish/indie type side-order from a group of undergrads, very different if your able to tolerate it...

Amazing. Better than the rest. Just pure bliss.

6 Papa Don't Preach - Kelly Osbourne

Did well for kelly, a punk/pop take on a madonna classic... well done

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7 Each Time You Break My Heart - Nick Kamen

Classic, just as great or even better than the original... the 12 '' mix single, a little over done

8 Dear Jessie - Rollergirl

Another club kids favourite, very much a dance club version...

9 Borderline - Jody Watley

Actually very good with a different tempo,... RnBish from her " Makeover " album

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10 Why Is It So Hard - Dead or Alive

Like the music of "Dead Or Alive" but this doesn't even come close to what their truly capable of... seems forced, petes vocals have sounded much better...

The Contenders

11 4 Minutes - Glee UListen to Sample
12 Take a Bow - Dan Holguin

This is a reworked version. Not just straight off the album cover song. You can still hear the original melody pop out. Hope you enjoy!

13 Like a Virgin - Shock Treatment
14 La Isla Bonita - Twilight Guardians UListen to Sample
15 Like a Prayer - Silverpill
16 Frozen - Talisman UListen to Sample
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