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21 Pretty Pretty
22 Cordell Cordell

Death could not be told as beautiful as this ever in the history of music... Cordell deserves a better place in this ranking.

The Cranberries is an underrated band. And this is it's the most underrated song. Far better than most of all...

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23 Daffodil Lament Daffodil Lament
24 Dying In the Sun Dying In the Sun
25 Sunday Sunday

Her voice is so powerful. Was much more powerful when she was young. This song is amazing. Trance.

26 This Is the Day
27 New New York New New York
28 Conduct Conduct
29 Not Sorry Not Sorry
30 Uncertain

01-Uncertain - 1991 Perfect Song.

31 Roses Roses

The song released in 2012... The music mesmerizes a lot and takes us somewhere..

32 Shattered Shattered
33 So Cold In Ireland So Cold In Ireland
34 Sorry Son Sorry Son
35 Waltzing Back Waltzing Back
36 I'm Still Remembering I'm Still Remembering

"They say that good people are always first to drop.
What of Kurt Cobain, will his presence still remain?
Remember JFK, ever saintly in a way." Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

37 Delilah Delilah V 1 Comment
38 I Will Always I Will Always
39 Icicle Melts Icicle Melts V 1 Comment
40 Still Can't... Still Can't...

10/10 It relates to the way a lot people feel

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