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21 You and Me

Her accent her voice. The magic.

22 Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Like her special pronouncing of "coffee")

So hard to narrow it down to just one song!

23 Hollywood

How is this not at least in the top 5? Love this song!

24 Daffodil Lament

This song is a masterpiece of a composition, starting from a slow, lamenting tone as the title suggests before completely switching the tone in order to signal a great change in perspective. It's just so wonderfully deep, yet simple and deserves a higher spot. It sits perfectly amongst the tracks in what I think is their greatest album!

25 How

Heard this song first in the movie empire records... It's a great song!... It doesn't have that many viewson YouTube nor does it have a video, but I recommend this song to all those who havnt heard it... It's my favourite song from this band along with zombie

26 Roses

The song released in 2012... The music mesmerizes a lot and takes us somewhere..

Absolutely shattering...

27 Fee Fi Fo

Just don't understand how this one couldn't be here yet. So pretty, so sad. "Who protects the ones who can't protect themselves? "

28 Pretty
29 Cordell

Death could not be told as beautiful as this ever in the history of music... Cordell deserves a better place in this ranking.

The Cranberries is an underrated band. And this is it's the most underrated song. Far better than most of all...

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30 I Will Always
31 This Is the Day
32 Dying In the Sun
33 Shattered
34 Will You Remember?

It's a nic song actually. The more you listen the more you'll lie it. The words "will you remember" takes you down a memory lane. Ho god I'm iss 90's

35 I'm Still Remembering

"They say that good people are always first to drop.
What of Kurt Cobain, will his presence still remain?
Remember JFK, ever saintly in a way." Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

36 New New York
37 Conduct
38 I Still Do
39 Not Sorry
40 Uncertain

01-Uncertain - 1991 Perfect Song.

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