Best CreepyPastas Ever

To people who don't know what a CreepyPasta is, let me explain. A CreepyPasta is a short story that is posted on the internet that is designed to unnerve and shock the reader. I looked high and low for the best of the best, and here they are. Let's begin.

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1 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

Jeff the Killer was the first creepypasta I'd ever read, and boy was that a mistake for the first time. When I read it my mom and brother were at the park, I am almost never home alone so I took this as a chance to read something scary. Well I didn't mean horrifying, when I first read it I stood there and thought this isn't scary and then turned to Jeff Returns, that's where I started to get freaked out. I imediatly shut off the computer and ran into my bed room (taking my three dogs, two of which were very large and guard dogs) Then I turned on childrens T.V. and read some romance novel, anything to get my mind off of it. Because the more you think of it, the more it haunts you.

By far the best creepypasta I've read, the picture is pretty creepy as well... GO TO SLEEP

Jeff is the best! His story almost made me poop my pants! The picture traumatized me! I haven't been able to sleep for more than 3 months! I'm always afraid that he's in a dark area waiting for me... He's in my nightmares. I even think I've seen him once! He cut a scar into my arm that made me pass out! He must have thought I died from it! He's tots the best!

I find that this is complete bull seeing how jeff isn't real no creepypastas are real they are all fakes now I feel you should turn off your device before you spit out even more bull nobody believes he is real so just stop

I haven't read the original story but I have read the fanmade story. I was terrified of being homealone for months. I knew he wasn't real but my brain kept telling me he was. The story is very good, therefor, Jeff is one of the best Creepypastas. I think Jeff should have more details though. Like, Why did his family move? What did he use to burn off his eyelids and how his eyes went from green to white? (I know, in the fanmade version, Jeff has blue eyes but the original creator said he has green eyes and Liu has the blue eyes.)

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2 BEN Drowned BEN Drowned

BEN is a figure who takes on the form of the Elegy of Emptiness statue of Link's human form in the title: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The writer is terrified by this entity because it seemingly haunts the game cartridge in a way that makes the victim of this pasta feel alone, hopeless and trapped. The reason this creepypasta belongs near the top is because it is a good read, it is very believable (contains videos), it is quite lengthy, and it goes into great detail with the characters, settings and events, allowing you to paint a vivid picture in your head. I highly recommend reading this one.

The first creepypasta I ever read, and might I say the best. This thing creeped me out for a long time due to the fact I am a big legend of zelda fan. Because of that fact (and the fact I had recently beat Majora's Mask when I read this thing) it scared me even more to know it could be haunted. It is also one of the most realistic ones I've seen. In my opinion it should be the top. All thanks to Mr. Alex Hall (aka Jadusable: aka the writer of this creepypasta)

BEN is for me the most awesome creepy pasta that ever existed. He has an exciting background. I read that he got his name by drowning/being drowned.

A very long but amazing story with a whole bunch of videos. - booklover1

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3 Slender Man

The ongoing series by the Marble Hornets creates an atmosphere of a documentary, making it seemingly more believable than many other creepypasta's I've seen. With well done filmwork, and a very interesting, mysterious, and unnerving story, this will leave you looking out the window, fearing something is watching you, overall, making me like Slender Man the best.

Really love this story, got me into creepypasta and is more believable than others

Really?! Jeff the killer is one of the few CreepyPastas that follow real life physics. Slenderman is not one of them.

Is the best creepypasta in my opinion, there are so many stories about it and seems to span over hundreds of years. Sure some of the things about it are fake, but I still believe it is one of the better ones out there, and is more believable than most.

Slender man is awesome I have 5 posters of him in my room

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4 The Russian Sleep Experiment

While reading The Russian Sleep Experiment I felt myself get physically unhealthy. I grew dizzier and my breathing seemed to grow difficult, possibly as and attempt to hold back vomiting. Repeatedly I said "Oh my god. " It's literally horrifying not only the gore described but for me more some of the things said through those undergoing the experiment. I don't know if I'd recommend reading it or never reading it but it's the best creepypasta.

Not the first creepypasta I've ever read and not the last, but certainly one of the best. The descriptions of the victims are wonderfully nauseating. This is certainly worth a read if you don't want to sleep at night (or should I say, DO want to sleep... )

This story is so terrifying, the writing is amazing and it makes you feel genuinely scared. I had trouble sleeping for a couple days

This was the best creepy pasta I have EVER read. It is hard to get me to love something that much but it's so intriguing I read it at 3 to 4 am and laughed all the way through. - inkyfether

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5 Squidward's Suicide

O. O Of all the mind-numbingly creepy material I have seen and read over the years, this creepypasta disturbed me the most. They describe the scenes in this story so well, putting brain-assaulting images in your head that are difficult to remove. One of them being the picture. And, having seen many episodes of Spongebob as a kid, all those memories of our good spongey friend and his aquaintences have been pooed all over. I will never look at Spongebob and Squidward especially the same way again, and after reading this creepypasta, neither will you.

This is the first one I've ever heard, and I never read a better one ever since. Scary, yet a good quality read. - booklover1

Still not as scary as most post movie sponge bob episodes

fake. - XtheXlmao

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6 Eyeless Jack Eyeless Jack

I LOVE Eyeless Jack :P I think he needs to be in the top ten :) I don't know why but I just love Creepypasta and all of these stories... You can thank my friend for getting me obsessed in these stories! Anyways, I really want this story to win but my choice came down to Slenderman, The Rake, and Eyeless Jack :) All of them need to be in the top ten!

He my favorite creepypasta character

Eyeless Jack is by far my favorite chatecter Eyeless Jack is the titular main antagonist of the Creepypasta

My favtive clloor is black and blue

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7 The Rake The Rake

I couldn't sleep for nights after reading this. I just kept looking at the end of my bed the hell out.

It is so not real

WHY IS THIS NOT NUMBER ONE? Hell I'm scarred... I mean they have proof... Video proof... News prove... That's just insane..

He has his own game in roblox, I like the chase music. it's SO GOOD

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8 Smile Dog Smile Dog

It's amazing how stories like these use the emotion of fear and use it against you. Even though it is most likely fake, I was traumatized for a few days. - Pokemonfan10

The most evil grin ever. - TriggerTrashKid

Smile dog is the CUTEST one

Really creepy and well written creepypasta. One of my favorites.

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9 Suicidemouse.avi

I saw this on youtube (most anmzing top ten) and so I was with a friend and I watched it with him on youtube witch if you look it up there is a animation 4 it and I all most peed my pants

Lost episode pastas have become so unoriginal and uncreative that we have forgotten the good original lost episode pastas like this one. - shiftaltkey

This is an amazing creation and a crazy video, because in all honesty, this story has a suicidal Mickey Mouse, and that's not new! Back when Walt Disney was still designing the comics, he had one artist make a sad and horrible comic of Mickey losing Minnie and making three attempts at his life which were all comically foiled. This comic strip surely inspired the idea of this creepypasta, and is slightly disturbing to realize Mickey WAS suicidal! The worst part of the true fact is the third time he tried he turned on the gas pipe in his house so he would run out of oxygen, which is exactly how Walt Disney's mother died, he had attempted to fix a gas problem and she asphyxiated a few weeks later, and this morbid death was incorporated in his comic! Walt Disney by himself with what he's done is almost just as disturbing as a fake story!

This one is one of the most famous and pretty creepy as well. There are tons of parodies as well. - booklover1

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10 Penpal

It's refreshing and would be the face of creepy pastas if not for the tumblr fans that wet themselves for Jeff the killer (in more ways than fear...). That's why he is so popular... fan girls.

Jeff the killer is trash this is good

There's a reason behind why this was made into a novel. It's a masterpiece, better than most creepypastas like Jeff the Killer and Ben Drowned.

Best pasta of ever

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11 Laughing Jack Laughing Jack

Amazing. Not much scary but it is extremely disturbing - TriggerTrashKid

One of my favourites, don't know why. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Laughing Jack is one of my favorite creepypastas of all time

Laughing jack is by far the scariest creepypasta I have read

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12 1999

What makes this creepypasta so good is not that it's scary, but just so convincing and creates a sense that this story may have happened. It really dives into the realms of disturbing and the sick, demented mind of a pedophile that creates a local channel for little kids, just so he can lure them into his house, torture them, and sacrifice them. There are a plot holes, especially when the parents of these kids that are lured into the house don't even bother that their kids are missing. But it's a well-written story with great suspense and goes into the mind of a kid watching the show, almost being lured into the house, and how his childhood was much darker than he remembered it years later.

The most well writen creepypasta.

As a kid, this gave me nightmares. Well-written, but messed up. Why do people write about children, though? Stop. But it is realistic and less cheesy than most ones I've read like the RSE and BEN drowned and Jeff the Killer, Mothers call, etc.

Top 10 best creepypastas(My opinion):
10.Russian sleep experiment
8.Jeff the killer
7.The Rake
6.Username 666
5.Ticci toby
4.Ben drowned
1.11 miles

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13 Abandoned by Disney

That Mickey Mouse though, scared the crap out of me. - SackofCheese

Pretty creepy. Not going to lie though, I liked it better up until the very end when they went overkill on the blood.

Oh so scary at first then it wasn't scarry, " "Hey, " it said in a hushed, perverted, but perfectly executed Mickey Mouse voice, "Wanna see my head come off? "

It started to pull at its own head, working its clumsy, glove-clad fingers around its neck with clawing, impatient movements similar to a wounded man trying to pull himself free of a predator's jaws...

As it worked its digits into its neck... So much blood...

So much thick, chunky, yellow blood... " THAT was my favorite part when I first read it.

The feeling of foreboding left me unprepared for the ending. A recommended read for anyone who wants to read quintessential creepy pasta.

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14 Psychosis

It's long but its worth a read. This is a great story to show a journey to insanity. It reminds us how fragile the human mind is. You keep on thinking again and again if he was insane or if some kind of entity was after him and that if the whole human race was really all dead... Or worse. What makes this story so amazing was the twist of the ending but you have to think a little more to realize that twist. The thought of something after him, the fear and who to trust, the story really let me experience that. Not sure with everyone else. I'm not scared of it much thanks to reading it about more than 5 times. I recommend this story. It blew me away when I read the ending. I discovered this story while going through YouTube and I'm happy I did. When I first read it... At night by the way... Around midnight. I was scared. It was written with a talented use of grammar and words too.

*spoiler? *
*spoiler :P*
*last spoiler alert*

It's funny though...
How his insanity ...more

Stuff like slender man and Jeff the killer are just bad like poorly written trash but this is some really good psychological horror that works well.

It's so creepy! The ending is insane! Why isn't this in the top 10?

The doctor read the paper the patient had scribbled on. It was barely readable, written in the shaky script of one who could not see. He wanted to smile at the man's steadfast resolve, a reminder of the human will to survive, but he knew that the patien was delusional.
After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago.
The doctor wanted to smile. He wanted to wisper words of encouragement to the delusional man. He wanted to scream, but the nerve filaments wrapped around his head and into his eyes made him do otherwise.
His body walked into the cell like a puppet, and told the patient, once more, that he was wrong, that there was nobody trying to deceive him. - RegularCrapMan

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15 Ticci Toby

His story is very sad, he deserves to be in the top 10

Ticci toby should ein

But he is a killer and that's even better - nicoleking

I love ticci toby!

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16 Lavender Town Syndrome

Lavender town maybe a littlebit creepy like the ghost and others but the worst part is the song. They say it cause suicides. CREEPY! And this song has been stuck in my head for days until it stops every time I listen to it it will never get out of my head until I ethier wait until its gone or listen to some other music or watch some T.V. to get it out of my mind. Oh yea one more thing I know this is not a real creepypasta but its called creepypastaphoebia. Its where if you read a certain creepypasta you will be scared. The common ones are you can't sleep, nightmares, look everywhere, and other ones. Some are exclusive like for an example say if you read a squidwards suicide creepypasta and if you look at the photo and you ethier can't look at squidward or if you see a toy of him you use something to destroy it. And that's why I like the pokemon lavender town creepypasta.

Lavender Town is a true Creepypasta about a song in a Pokemon game. The creators of the ghost-like town wished to make the music creepier and different for said area. Little did they know that it contained low tones. Because children's/teenager's ears are less-developed than adult's, they can hear them. It took a while for people to realize, unfortunately. Realize the connection between player's suicide when they reached that part of the game, if they wore headphones or ear buds. Not every child killed themselves, though. Some developed mental health problems. As in Schizophrenia, or similar. When the connection was made, they called all the games back in and changed the music. Yet copies are all over the internet or YouTube. If you are stupid enough to listen, then try Missing Frequencies. This is an edited version, and is 10 times worse. As the song progresses, they add different layers. This is known to cause headaches within 10 seconds, so be very careful.

I'm listening to the Missing Frequencies edition right now and it's creeping me out a lot. - IceFoxPlayz

My favorite creepypasta of all time. - IceFoxPlayz

It is the most creepy one. Really!

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17 Normal Porn for Normal People

No no never a gain - nicoleking

This one was really good. One of my favorites. - shiftaltkey

I like porn

Incredibly creepy and underrated... The thought of a psychotic killer posting porn to the internet sends chills up my spine. Also incredibly convincing.

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18 Cupcakes

Worst creepypasta of all time. - XtheXlmao

This is too gory - ElSherlock

The ACTUAL reason I hate MLP. - XtheXlmao

The first creepypasta I've ever seen. - IceFoxPlayz

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19 NES Godzilla Creepypasta

It's not just a creepypasta to me, it's a novel. A story about a boy who got a shoddy copy of Godzilla: Monster of Monsters that directly involved a demon and his dead girlfriend is excellent! The images are well made and very convincing, Red is a genuinely creepy antagonist and the story was constructed superbly! Massive props to the writer for creating this masterpiece of a story! - Noah_Infinity


Still the best
1973 - RegularCrapMan

I'd read creepypastas before, but this is the creepypasta that got me into creepypastas! I find it odd that so many people didn't like the ending, because the story did such a good job of building your hatred and anger for the villain that it was really, REALLY great to see the little bastard get his comeuppance at the end! I wish I could have viewed the sequel, but either it isn't posted yet or I just can't find it anywhere.

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20 Masky

I like him as a creepy pasta and I could just say ever girl out
There that likes masky always wonders what he looks like
Underneath that mask. One thing I don't like is that he is one of slenders
Goon. ( fact ) his real name is Tim

Honestly people should stop spouting the 'he isn't a creepypasta', shut up and do your research. Creepypasta is defined as horror stories on the internet, and oh wow guess what, videos are visually telling a story! Who knew? Saying that he isn't a creepypasta and Marble Hornets isn't because it's not a original and based off the slenderman, newsflash: a hell of a lot of creepypastas are based off another, like Jane the Killer! They took the authors original Slenderman work and made videos for it, and added characters to it, and is widely accepted as having the best representation of the slenderman, and if you research the slenderman most sites, Slenders' official wikia for example, will include the authors original idea and that of Marble Hornets, and since they just used all the true information on the Slenderman, it's adding onto that of the original creepypasta. Masky, and his Partner Hoodie, need to be more recognized as actual creepypastas!

Masky is a brilliant character from the channel MarbleHornets. I am actually quite scared of his character as he is shown to appear out of no where and is very aggressive. MarbleHornets was presented amazingly, seemed so real. I don't know how many times I have been jumped scared by Masky appearing around the corner in the videos. Masky also scares me as where ever he is, slenderman is sure to be close by. As well as he can easily tackle you and even kill you. The whole concept of him being anywhere anytime by him being teleported around by slenderman actually makes me paranoid and creeps me out.

Okay. I died a little from listening to his voice thing... It made me love him and not be scared of him... The funny thing is most of the voice things make me love them more than be scared of them.

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21 Borrasca

This creepypasta is the best one ever by the best person ever, it should be number one

Deserves number one without a question. EXTREMELY underrated.

Best creepypasta by far. Written by a talented writer. If you wanna read this one, it'll take up to 4 hours to read but it's totally worth it.

The best part about this creepypasta in my opinion is somewhat the fact that the end isn't like most cliche "happy endings" that are in most stories. This ending is honestly really dark but it kind of resembles real life. how real life isn't all about happy endings.

22 Candle Cove

It's creepy as hell I did not sleep in sunday

This story kept me up for nights after reading it! So creepy and eerie!

This one was pretty good. - shiftaltkey

I read this before I realized that it was fictional creepypasta. When you read of it that way everything just gets loads more creepy. Oh, and when accompanied by that candle cove video on YouTube? Made it even more awesome.

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23 The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen

How is he able to warp time? - RegularCrapMan

It's actually so creepy but very interesting

I was so curious as to what the picture in the security camera looked like that I looked it up on msn. It's freaky!

I've seen and read and listened to someone read it and man. Was I spooked by how realistic it seemed to be. God please don't tell me this is actually real!

It's a little creepy but mostly really weird and interesting. Time loops...

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24 Herobrine

Herobrine should be added as the final boss mob, and use a gun as its weapon.

Ruined minecraft. - TriggerTrashKid



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25 Come Follow Me

There is no words to describe this pasta. But, lets just say I very do think this pasta should be in the top ten. I don't think I have read anything more horrifying then this story. So I think you should totally read this story, but I warn you it may give you nightmares.

A very thrilling Pokemon creepypasta. Was fun to read.

So freaky... I couldn't sleep...

I literally feel sick after reading this. I swear ill never touch a Pokemon game in my life EVER

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26 The Tunnel

It's a little cheesy, but it's pretty scary, especially what happens during and after the encounter of the tunnel. - booklover1

Holy crap, that was surprisingly good...

I read it, and I didn't want to go into any more abandoned tunnels. - username34

I have never heard of it.

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27 Hoodie

Personally my favorite Creepypasta/Marble Hornets character. - MikeandZoey

I didn't know hoodies story but just by reading "He stalks you, then bashes your head in with a brick." I couldn't stop laughing. SO NOW HE ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CREEPYPASTAS!

I love hoodie! Even though he's just a proxy, he's awesome! He stalks you, then bashes your head in with a brick. And all you see of him is glowing red eyes and a stitched closed mouth. He is epic!

You mean HoodoHoodlumsRevenge? - RegularCrapMan

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28 NoEndHouse


That was so good! But still really creepy @ the same time. Its really well written and it is something you can really call creepy! It was disturbing @ some points but that is what you should expect from a good creepypasta! The best creepypasta I have read by far! I love it!

This was an -amazing- pasta, especially compared to some of the horribly written ones ranked above it. Some typos and stilted suspense part of the way through, but really? Why the hell is this #30?!? AWESOME PASTAS ARE AWESOME.

This is something we can call as creepy. Its excellently written. Something that really gives you creeps. Plus, the subject is somewhat different. No video games or lost episodes stuff. My opinion? I ♥ it

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29 Jane the Killer Jane the Killer Jane the killer is the main character of the creepypasta story Jane the Killer: The real Story. She is know to be a rival to the creepypasta Jeff the Killer.

Should be number 1 because of her sexiness - awesomeguy101

Like most creepypastas jane is good not evil but she wants revenge

Jane The Killer is the best of the best and deserves to be number one because in almost every story she kills jeff and her story creeped me out but she is the best go jane if you don't agree remember this is just my opinion

She deserts more credit. She nearly kills Jeff the killer and gave birth to his child!

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30 Luna Game

I feel like the Luna game has a good concept. But it's more hilarious than it is scary. The fact that it traps your computer and forces you to keep playing is pretty good though. But the pictures that pop up several times aren't creepy until you stare at them for a while.

I hate My Little Pony but I have to say...
This story is more hilarious than it is scary

Not scary at all! Suck it, bronies!

As much hate as this comment is getting, this is not scary at all. There are so many cliches, it is unbearable! - GREATEST


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31 The Harbinger Experiment

Long but worth it.

"Things that bother you
Never bother me
I feel happy and fine
Living in the sunlight
Loving in the moonlight
Having a wonderful time"

¡¡¡LARA, TURN OFF THE MUSIC! - RegularCrapMan Look it up it's amazing, a bit long but definitely the best creepypasta I ever read. Brilliantly written, extremely underrated, definitely worth your time.

32 My Little Pony Theory

This really is a wonderfully creepy idea of what could be the basis behind an awesome show. Although it's a little heart wrenching for me to think that some of my favorite characters were based of these poor girls.

When I first saw this as a creepypasta I thought it was going to be bad but when I read it made absolutely sad because they all died in terrible ways definitely deserves to be higher it's my favorite creepypasta and I've read a ton of them

So sad, I cried. My eyes were bloodshot I cried so much. I've read a lot of creepypastas, but this wins the award for saddest.

I cried so much when I read this it is just absolutely heartbreaking how they all died and another piece of advice don't read this while listening to (Don't Fear) The Reaper it makes it worse

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33 Spongebob Bootleg Episode

Me: *Stares into Picture*
Picture: *Blinks*
Me: OH MY GOD! - SackofCheese

Screw that picture! Don't look at it unless you plan on not sleeping!

The only thing creepy about this is the picture. The ending of the story said if you stare into it long enough, you'll see SpongeBob blink. I never want to see that picture again. - booklover1

Damn that picture! Ugh, couldn't sleep for NIGHTS after looking at this picture!

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34 Hope is Lost

Hope is lost creepy pasta is where spongekiller kill everyone by death by 74

This most scariest SpongeBob SquarePants lost episode I did seen because it's under rated this well written and well spoken creepypasta lost episode this episode is scarier than Squidward's suicide. Also, Plankton got served was another scary lost episode creepypasta

The only truly creepy SpongeBob pasta.

That one creeped me out a lot

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35 Lost Silver

An amazing creepypasta about the inevadibility of death. It truly raises questions, not to mention has several alternate endings.

He a good creepypasta and has a ineresting story

I like this one. It raises questions, and has good buildup. Also, it has lots of great symbolism. Gold dying in the ends symbolizes the death of the Gameboy Pokemon games. The number of badges increases like the number of pixels 8 first, as 8 bit. Then, it goes to 16, then 24, and so on... Those are all other multiples of eight. The increasing number also acts as a grim reminder that everything you do... Doesn't matter because someone will surpass you, and you will die. Your accomplishments don't change that, - GREATEST

I love this story so much! It deserves to be first on tip ten. It is creepy, exciting and when it ends it leaves thoughts and questions bouncing around in your head.

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36 Tails Doll

It's not so much of the creepy-pasta, but more of the fan art. We know the basic looks from Sonic R. But the fan art is just adding blood, teeth, and claws. Boom. All of the Tails Doll fan art in a nutshell.
So I think it's very creepy.

Great creepy pasta needs to be in the top ten. - htfan792

My personal favorite creepypasta it may not be scary but the tails doll have a really awesome design and curse

This Creepypasta SUCKS! I can't believe someone thought of a hilariously stupid villain like this! It's a plushy! At all should it be on this list than it should be in the honourable mentions.

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37 Burgrr Entries
38 Zalgo Zalgo

Zalgo is Powerful interesting in hell
Zalgo island is here in Hell
Zalgo is Unstoppable in hell
Zalgo food is Bloody Death
Zalgo can't be Kill
Zalgo is Here he Here to stay

HE COMES - RegularCrapMan

I think he should be top 10

Zalgo is underdeveloped and thus under appreciated. Once he gets a few good pastas going for him, instead of just the short comics, he should pick up in popularity, especially since he already has a clear and menacing description, even if it doesn't explain much about him as a being.

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39 Smile.jpeg

Smile. Dog is a chain email/picture that is over the net. The description of the picture is said to be a dog, possibly a husky, with a human-like grin. In the background is a hand described as "beckoning", with a shadowy figure in the corner. It has been said that this figure is the notorious Jeff the Killer, though that still is unknown. Anyone who receives the picture will be plagued with nightmares telling them to "spread the word". Essentially, you have to pass the picture on to someone else for the dreams to stop. Whether you send it as soon as you get it, or keep it locked up inside you, the dreams can drive you crazy. The question for you is, could you bring this on someone else? Could you really do that to someone? Could you spread the word?

Personly my fave creepypasta scary yet awesome I scared someone loads with this story easily should be in top ten

Very creepy picture and creepy story it deserves to be here.


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40 Robert the Doll

Screw Annabelle, this doll is actually horrifying.

The best one - ElSherlock

I wanna go see it at the museum - blackflower

This is real, you can actually view the doll in a museum in Florida. I recommend watching the video about him by scare theater on YouTube also.

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41 Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer

It is a very well written story and I don't totally blame Jane for wanting to get even with Jeff. I would want revenge too if someone killed my family. However, everyone, including Jeff's family, forget what Jeff went through. They never even considered what Randy, Keith, and Troy did to him, which is what made him what he is today. And Jeff does eventually regret killing his family, especially Liu, whom he once fought to protect, so he can't be all bad.

I love this one. I always like when there is a girl version of something and they go against each other. I love how you can feel the anger of jane when you read her story. Well at least I did.

I love the story but jane do you really think that killing people jeff will get mad but still a good story its awesome

I read both there storys. I see why jane hates him. Both storys are actily around the same story in some parts. I love the story line.

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42 Jeff is Back

What the hell? Why is it right down at 114? It's a good Creepypasta In fact, I daresay it's better than the original. It makes a lot more sense, and is a lot creepier. But it's easier to get creeped out by the video, rather than by just reading it.

Fangirls are annoying... but what can I say?

This was one of the best what I don't get thought is the Jeff the killer fan girls who have crushes on him? Personaly I love the story its self so horrifying almost as good as the first

Another Jeff the killer. Yay?

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43 Phineas' Suicide

Why did you put this in here. - SackofCheese


I probably just put this here because I'm a huge fan of the show, but this one is one of the few that still haunts my nightmares. - booklover1

All of these these [Character] Suicide's are Squidward's Suicide rip offs - ElSherlock

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44 The Rugrats Theory

This has too many plot holes - ElSherlock

Falls into theory but makes you think twice about watching kid cartoons. They can make even adults scream in fright

This theory is so fake, one hole in the theory's logic is that there have been Rugrats episodes WITHOUT Angelica. - CommentandList

I wasn't impressed at all by this theory it had to many holes in it

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45 Where bad kids go

He went back to find his scarring childhood memories and found horror. This one is quite terrifying with its implications

When the Creepypasta said that's were the bad kids go, I started laughing so hard.

Love this one! It's very underrated. It's also very very short. One of my favorites.

I love this oneand its one that I have always rememberd

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46 How To Play Hide And Seek Alone

Scary as hell!

This sounds like a lonly boi story

I’d never try it - blackflower

47 Anasi's Goatman Story

There are a ton of underrated creepypasta on this list, but this really surprised me to see it down so low on the list. Especially behind the tons of Jeff the Killers and Slenderman stories. This story is so well written, and feels realistic! Read it, it's worth it even though it's long.

WHAT IS GOATMAN DOING DOWN HERE! I know it's not as well known as some of the others, but I've never been scared more by a creepypasta than goatman. Plus, there isn't even gore, and it's still scary.

Almost as good as my top 3 (1999, Rap Rat and Dating Game) and pretty damn awesome. Deserves to be top 10!

I would rather stay at a Hilton with Slenderman than this thing... I am literally crying after listening to it

48 Jvk1166z.esp

It caused a buzz because it was a virus, or seemed to be. If you tried to load the game with the mod active, it would hang at the initial load screen for a full hour and then crash to the desktop. If you let it get that far, your install of Morrowind, along with any save files you had, would become completely corrupted. Nobody could figure out what the mod was trying to do, since it couldn't be opened in the Construction Set. Eventually, warnings were distributed not to use it if you found it, and things died down.

About a year later, in a mod board I used to frequent, someone popped up with the mod again. He said he was PMed by a lurker who deleted his account immediately after sending. He also said that the person advised him to try playing the mod through DOSbox. For some reason, this worked... sort of. The game was a bit laggy, and you couldn't get into Options, Load Game, the console, or really anything else, other than the game itself. The QuickSave and QuickLoad ...more

49 Fallout 3: Numbers Station
50 Ghost

Seriously? everyone knows this lol - XtheXlmao

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