Jeff the Killer

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Jeff the killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner . The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep" .


Jeff The Killer was also the first creepypasta I ever read. But there are quite a few flaws with it. Number one: It's not realistic. You wouldn't burn off your eyelids, and carve a smile into your face. And Randy (Whatever the bad kid's name was) had a GUN. Jeff wouldn't be that strong. Number two: Poorly written. Need I say more? My twelve year old sister could write better, and she's terrible at writing. Number three: The fans ruined everything about it. I used to like Jeff The Killer, and now I don't even find the story scary. The fandom needs to chill out. Most of the fans are 11 or 12 year old girls who get upset if you realm poorly about Jeff. a lot of fans portray him as "cute" and "nice". But come on, guys! He killed his family! I'm sorry to say it, but if Jeff was real, he wouldn't hesitate to kill you. There are too many flaws with the story, and overall, it's just not a very good Creepypasta. Hate to say it, but Jeff The Killer should be a lot lower on this list, if even on ...more

Jeff the Killer is poor-written, unrealistic, story that creeps me out even now two years later. I'm still afraid to sleep without my windows locked and whenever I hear a knock on it... well you get the idea.

I think it's a good pasta because it CREEPS OUT that is the point of creepypasta. Some grammar mistakes can be ignored if the story creeps out, and if you don't feel chills down your spine after reading one creepypasta story it means that story isn't creepy and it doesn't belong to the site. Jeff is creepy, not perfect but creepy!

I must say that Jeff was NOT my first creepypasta which also shows that it is creepy enough to be a number one.

Oh my god... This thing scared me so bad, it's been nearly a year and I can't sleep. THE PICTURE IS FRIGGING TERRIFYING!

The story... SPOILER ALERT!

Anyways, the story starts with a kid named Jeffery Woods. He gets bullied and burned and bleached. His eyelids are burned off and his nose gets beaten off. He later slits his mouth to smile forever, and goes psycho, killing all of his family and goes on a killing spree. If he finds you, he smiles at you with blood coming out of his mouth and whispers "Go to sleep" to you. He then kills you and carves a smile into your mouth...

*Shivers* Thank god this isn't real... And whatever you do, unless you have guts, DON'T READ THE STORY OR LOOK AT THE PICTURE!

I don't think Jeff the Killer should be so high up. The creepypasta was poorly written. The whole story seems impossible. A boy burning his eyelids off? The picture is the only thing I found creepy. The story is crap. Jeff is also too overrated, he mostly isn't shown as a creepy serial killer but more shown as a cute, attractive figure. I'm not saying that everyone draws him like this but seriously the hell. He is a serial killer who carved a smile into his face. He probably doesn't even feel love or empathy. He never did in the first place. When I first read the story, it didn't really scare me. But after searching up the character and researching that's when It scared me.

This isn't a very scary one compared to others in all honesty because people tend to think Jeff as some insanely powerful being and he's truly only a teenager and will probably be caught soon after killing his family and locked up, but other than that, it is a good creepypasta but it doesn't deserve to go first. In all honesty the scary parts probably weren't all about the deaths, but how easy a mind can break under emotional and physical pain, and how fast one can deteriorate, while also adding gore in to add to the horror of it, but it never truly scared me because being burned alive did not make him satan.

This was the first ever pasta I read, I got on the page and say Jeff The Killer...which was a buzz at school and a favorite in the minecraft creepypasta mod yes, I play minecraft and have that mod. I thought well that isn't real, but truly I was a little creeped. Then I read jeff is back HOLY SHIT then jeff returns AHH I ran down stairs with my 2 dobermens. The guard dogs of my house, I knew they would protect me. I went to bed and they guarded every window.. Nothing happened.

I have never got to a single nightmare, until I read this story. After I read it, I couldn't go to sleep! If I did Jeff would be there. It was like Freddy Kruger, but of you need to read something scary, this is it.

Jeff the killer is by far the best creepypasta I have read not only can something like that happen in real life but just the idea of a man with burnt eyelids and a smile cut into his face coming to kill you in the middle of the night scares me to death. at the same time he whispers something that was originally said for you to fall asleep but now is something tat scares you GO TO SLEEP...

This is the story that got me into creepypastas the first time I read it I freaked out completely because I was alone at home and my parents had just gone out. The pictures are awesome. After I read Jeff Returns I was pretty much traumatized :) I just turned on some really loud music and put the T.V. on and played on my computer, I just had to forget about it. Definitely should be in top ten.

I'm not a hater but to be honest this story is a complete ripoff of the Joker's story. I suppose it has a slightly more horror tone but everything about Jeff - the trauma, insanity, even the face was already done with the Joker (the huge smile). That's not to say he's not frightening, but everything Jeff's done, the Joker had topped long ago.

Jeff the killer definitely deserves to be at number 1. His picture really unnerved me. Every time I see it I have to look away otherwise I'd be having nightmares for another year. Whoever wrote his story should be very very very proud of it. It was the first creepy pasta I ever read and it's an amazing story. Until I read this I wasn't really scared of anything but Jeff the killer has showed me what a REALLY good horror story is.

Jeff the killer definitely deserves to be number one. It was the first creepy pasta I read and by far the scariest. His picture really unnerved me. Every time I look at it I have to look away otherwise I'll be having nightmares about him for another year. Its an amazing story you really should read it. His catchphrase (GO TO SLEEEP! ) made me paranoid to sleep for weeks. Until I read this I wasn't really scared of anything but Jeff's story showed me what a real horror story is... Awesome CREEPYPASTA!

Jeff the Killer may not be the scariest Creepypasta, but it's not the worst either. And it's hard not to feel sorry for Jeff after what happened to him, so it does deserve some credit. It seems to me that some people are just haters. I think it's a great story even if it's not super scary. One of my favorites. He only became a deformed psycho killer because of 3 bullies who beat him up and set him on fire.

The first creepypasta I ever read and still my favorite. The reason being is it's more relatable and this stuff could actually happen. Jeff is just the best creepypasta ever. The first time I heard it I felt bad for jeff because it wasn't his fault. I also love his catch phrase and I even had a night mare about him once. I didn't die though I just got gashes all over my arms.

Jeff the killer was the fist creepypasta I've read. I first got into it when I saw a picture that said creepypasta on it. I was interested and looked up pictures. I become very interested in Jeff the Killer. I thought he was the coolest and if you really think about it, his story absolutely could be true. I now have read all of his stories and he is the coolest!

Hell yeah! Honestly, a majority of us can sympathize with him after hearing his story. After what he's been through, one had to imagine what the poor guy has gone through. Getting bullied was pretty awful; no wonder why he went crazy. Kinda like Carrie. His picture reminds me of Orochimaru from Naruto.

You do realize this was taken off the main Creepypasta site for not meeting quality standards, correct?

I'm not sure it should be this high on the list when the main site deemed it to be of poor quality.

This is actually one of the most poorly written, predictable, and cliche filled creepypasta I had ever read. The main character is an unlikable jerk and the "bullies" are just one dimensional characters and plot devices.

GO... TO... SLEEP! Jeff is a serial killer with a kinda scary background story too. As a kid he gets in a fight where he gets bleached and burned, goes crazy, and carves a smile in his face and burns out his eyelids. He murders his family and on from there.

This is THE best creepypasta ever, in my opinion. I love the tale of an outcast pushed to the edge, and finally gets revenge on those who were mean. If anyone were to make a real movie (Professionals) I would watch it, buy it, illegally download it, everything because it is that good. It even has that one line, what was it? UGH! I can't remember, but I'm just going to "Go To Sleep"...

Jeff is my favorite creepypasta next to Laughing Jack. He's a bad ass and he has a sad background so you have to feel sorry for him. He started out as a normal 13 year old boy who was turned into a psycho killer by 3 bullies who beat him up, covered him with bleach and alcohol, and set him on fire. It's only because of them that he snapped.

Scariest creepypasta ever. It caused me to have no sleep for two days! Two days I tell you!

Jeff the Killer was my first creepypasta. Something that unnerves me about the creepypasta is that Jeff is real. They said the he was dead, but after that there's another part of the creepypasta that says he's back. I guess that that part is hidden somewhere in the creepypasta wiki.

I do not like this one, personally. I feel that it was unbelievable and poorly created. The so-called "character development" was shallow and unrealistic.

Jeff the killer was the first creepypasta to ever catch my eye and has been my favorite ever since. It just makes you think. Is Jeff real? Where's Jeff now? He could be anywhere, even in your house watching you right this very second. Definitely an amazing creepypasta. Worth the read, trust me! GO TO SLEEP!

Jeff was the first REAL creepypasta; Slenderman was just a picture, NOT a full story. While he may not be the best story-wise, he's the best overall because he started something that, for all we know, may last until the end of time. And god bless that little psychopath for that :, )