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201 Mask Girl

The masks change when you not looking. Don't look to long or she atacks you when you blink so don't look

202 Shel Silverstein's Ghost

I love "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and "A Light in the Attic"

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203 Hands
204 I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
205 Jeff the Killer vs Slenderman

One of the best stories I think as it is two of the best creepypastas (in my Opinion) fightng each other, great one to listen to at night as well, might not get to sleep, just watch out...

If you think about it Jeff can't be full human if he survived being burned cut and stabbed so many times. Slenderman isn't human so what is he?! So I think it's a draw.

Come its slenderman vs jeff the killer its going to be a draw

Very well written, if I do say so myself. I loved it.

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206 The Truth About Ed, Edd, N Eddy

A very creepy (yet convincing) look at the truth behind one of Cartoon Network's best shows. The creepy thing, it makes so much sense!

Another well made childhood destroying theory. The thought that the cul-de-sac is a cursed plane of existence makes this a thought provoking and horrific story.

Of course. The way each character dies is also befitting of their personality. But you clearly just want to argue so get a life.

It is a creepypasta so deal with it.

207 Nurse Joy

Wow. My mind is blown. I looked for this online, but the one that I read is called, "Jessica" and I think that that's the same one as this. This is not a scary story, but a heartwarming story about a Pokemon game. You have to read this and you will instantly be touched. I was.

208 The Couch

Great story with an amazing twist ending! It is a five to ten minute read, and a seven minute listen. Due to the ending, it has earned the spot as my favorite Creepypasta story of all time.

Short, and not nightmare fuel but definitely worth the read.

209 Hetalia Theory
210 The Portraits

Shocking ending, scared the hell out of me

This one's really short, and not so very scary but a pretty shocking ending. I recommend it.

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211 The Rat King
212 You're Not Scared, Right?

It makes you scared when your air conditioner turns off at night. If you think you're the brave thinker in bed at night this will change that.

213 Blosssom's Lullaby
214 Darkness

Well written, and will leave you in shivers. Makes me wish I never have to deal with the dark.

215 Out With a Bang

This pasta needs love. Why is it at 170 Again?

216 Dead Mung

Its a chowder lost episode and its CREEPY I know it because I seen the story and its just plain scary I mean so scary that no one can handle it.

This is a chowder lost episode so yea its creepy

Why do people have to mess with Chowder?

217 Sonic CD Hidden Message

It's not really signed by the devil. Mejin or whatever is just a shortened version of the producer's name. - Pikachulover1

The message reads fun is infinate with SEGA Enterprises signed The Devil.

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218 Sweet Revenge

Its a fairly odd parents episode that is lost and creepy.

219 Hitman: Contracts Ghost
220 Goldshire Children
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