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261 Berzerk, The Curse of Evil Otto

Ok, this creepypasta is so scary, like, that smile on ottos face, although a 8-bit game. So let me explain what this creepypasta is about, it can lead to many questions.

OK, in the 70s, this teenager played this game called berzerk, when it started, the main character was a happy smile face called, otto. He played through many different levels, oh, and a fact that Otto got his name from one of the bosses, otto. In the levels, otto bounces around, killing enemies and bosses, every time with that smile still sticking on his face. In the end, the teenager got a high score, and that's when it happend. The teenager then suffered a heart attack and died, and the same thing happend to another one! So just like polypus, the game was removed.

Creepy story, right. Man, otto is so creepy when it comes to that smile, and in evil form, , that red color and that smile are even more creepy.

I have no idea why this wasent added to the list, but I ...more

What people don't understand is that this ISN'T a creepypasta, this was REAL. This was a game that the boss "Otto" gave people a heart attack. Play the game on the internet, you'll understand why it's it causes stress. (And it's not "real like the lavender town syndrome is real, this actually happened. )

262 Unknown Format

This creepypasta only works if you switch your computer to a Japanese language, it is said to badly glitch your games

263 The Hall of Tortured Souls

You can only find this on Microsoft excel 95, as one of there Easter eggs, the hall of tortured souls is a creepy maze game, and when you reach the end, you can see images on the wall of the staff that made this

264 Kill Switch

It's a creepypasta game, but all I heard is that it's creepy

Sonic. Exe is much better

265 Blind Maiden

A mysterious website full of disturbing pictures which can be only be seen by in a moonless midnight, alone in the dark.

266 The Monkey Doll

A very disturbing pasta, should be on the top 50, so I'll describe the story right now

So some guy got this pink monkey doll with long arms and legs, along with a smile on his face, one night, the guys mother was killed with her stomach open, guts were gushing out of her. And on top of the guys mother, was the monkey doll with a bloody knife, so the guy realized that the doll killed his mother, so he quickly tried to get his brother, but he is nowhere in the house, so he tried to call the police (I think) but instead, there was a voice saying "your next", and the guy turned around, the monkey doll was there with the bloody knife, and so the guy ran away and hided.

The next day, he got his doll and burned it, and when he got back to his room, there was something written in blood saying "I'll be back", now the guy lived with his new family.

267 Rabbits In The Creek

This was the first creepy pasta I ever read. Not too scary but pretty disturbing.

Really good one! Not many people know about it.

268 You've Done It This Time, Charlie Brown

Not really scary, but good - CommentandList

269 Lost Toys - Toy Story's Forgotten Prequel

Very random, but still good - CommentandList

270 Chain the Insane Killers Madness

A girl went insane and ended people's lives.

271 The Cell Phone Game

It was an amazing Creepypasta that sent a few chills down my spine, and was quite surprising.

I can't believe this is at 219. This is amazing and it will definitely blow you away just as much as it did to me.

Why must creepypastas happen to good people? The protagonist didn't deserve this!

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272 Creeper.avi
273 Herobrine Terror
274 Scorpions Kill

Scorpions kill is a story based of the character from mortal kombat
And he kills sub zerro in it
Wheel now its show khan and scorpion died
And came back as a zombie and comes powerfully to us
And when you see him don't look at him he'll kill you
With a rampage of wrath...

275 The "Aliso" Tape

By far one of my favorite stories! I can't even tell if it's true or not! Very well written and Spooky!

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276 The Pastel Man
277 Clockwork

This story is awesome! It should be top ten! I highly recomend it. Its just not very popular though... but is my personal favorite! Its just a girl with a messed up life that goes insane! What is there not to love

333, Dang why is she so low on this list?

May be on here but did not see
This was my 2nd creepypasta I ever read and it was awesome even though it's a jeff the killer knock off

I'm glad shes at the bottom shes a poor character just poorly made and the story, please nina the killer is a better story than this and I HATE her the writer took on the strong subject of rape and exacuted it very poorly I can't say eny more than to sum it up that...SHE SUCKS WITH ALL OF THE WORLDS PEOPLE AS MY WHITNESE SHES THE WORST CREEPYPASTA IN THE UNIVERSE! I hope Iv made myself clear.

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278 The Girl In The Photo

Not too scary, but still one of my favorites. Whenever someone mention the fangirl invention "Creepypasta Mansion", I imagine her photo on a table. Think about it.

If you wanna know the story it goes like this (short version):
So this boy finds a picture of a girl (forget where.. ) holding up two fingers, like a piece sign. He keeps the picture, and then hears something scratching at his window at night. He checks, but doesn't see anything. Later he decides to go outside (at night) and gets hit by a car. He dies, and somebody finds the picture of the girl holding up three fingers. Creepy ^o^

279 Nina the Killer

Another one of jeff the killers lovers

280 Yoku the Killer
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