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To people who don't know what a CreepyPasta is, let me explain. A CreepyPasta is a short story that is posted on the internet that is designed to unnerve and shock the reader. I looked high and low for the best of the best, and here they are. Let's begin.

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61 Slenderman vs The Rake

Another good one with a battle between the Slenderman and another popular creepypasta, it's in two parts and gives very good explanation with the slenderman mythos, might seem strange at the begining but will all lead up the a very good ending, love the story.

These two are the best because the Internet has caused idiots to believe in them.

Anything that is a horror character vs a horror character is pretty funny to me. 2 killers battling it out. Hilarious. - username34

62 Rap Rat

This pasta is creepiest I've read. I couldn't sleep for nights due to this story. I kept waking up at 3:00 in the morning and couldn't sleep until 4:30 due to the ending. But all in all it was pretty good. :D

Imagine is operation did the same thing!

Stupid, plagiarized of other pastas, and over all cheesy. (No pun intended)

Don't worry. It's fake. I said the word aparat before, and I saw no rap rat

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63 Mr. Widemouth

It gives you chills, which is what you would expect from a creepypasta

What is the origin of Mr. Widemouth? Because I have read the story that Mr. Widemouth tells the boy to kill himself, but I want to know the ORIGIN! (Though the one where Mr. Widemouth tells the boy to kill himself isn't to bad)

My most favorite creepypasta ever! So creative, yet so realistic and plausible, and creepy. Maybe one day you'll have a very creepy imaginary figure of yours that will try to get you to do dangerous stuff.

I loved it! Made me terrified of my feerbies bit then again they were creepy.. And way love its up there with tailypo!

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64 The Seedeater

Creepypasta deserves more over rated and don't dare put this creepypasta with fan made stuff like Jeff the killer nor slenderman because, Jeff the killer isn't creepy anymore it could be for some people think it is he just a serial killer that is a human this Seedeater isn't human it's like a Karasu. Also, why isn't the strider is at the top list it deserves more than Seedeater this creepypasta still scare me.

The seedeater eats kids! Need I say more.

It's a good creepypasta but very underappreciated

The Seedeater is almost as scary as ABD e-e

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65 Kingdom Hearts: Cathedral Glitch
66 The Story of Her Holding an Orange

Not that good but probably the scariest.

67 Spongebob Bootleg Episode

Screw that picture! Don't look at it unless you plan on not sleeping!

The only thing creepy about this is the picture. The ending of the story said if you stare into it long enough, you'll see SpongeBob blink. I never want to see that picture again. - booklover1

Damn that picture! Ugh, couldn't sleep for NIGHTS after looking at this picture!

Lmao guys chill the picture is a gif - TheEvilAlpaca

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68 Emma

This one is slightly different to your average Creepy pasta.

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69 SCP-173 aka The Sculptor

Even though he isn't my favorite, I am terrified of him. every time you blink he gets closer and closer until he is close enough to snap your neck. He has short limbs and his eyes are just two holes in his head.

This creature should be in the top 10. This is actually more creepy.

70 Gateway of the Mind

This creepypasta is one of the few ones that send shivers down my spine. Maybe it's the reason I am born in religious household? Maybe is the fact that this could actually be something? Anyways, I am not religious anymore but this story is one of the most creepiest I know. It got me thinking and disturbed by the image of getting all the senses away from you... You cannot hear, see, smell, feel or taste anything. That's horrifying. And the last line made the Gateway of the mind.
Please read it if you haven't, it's a lovely short story.

This Creepypasta Could Exist! And It's Terrifying, A Man Hears The Devils Telling Him About Hell and The End Of The World

Really creepy and one of the first and most disturbing I've read. It deseves to be in the top 10

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71 Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Lost Episode

"Shudder" I could barely get to sleep after reading this. The scariest part is were Johnny (with his eyes missing) crawls out from Sarah's sofa and begins to devour her head.

This is a creepypasta its about the characters killing each other

I wasn't impressed at all by this creepypasta it wasn't that good in my opinion

72 The Truth About Giygas

Please tell me that ist not the thing about the babies

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73 Username 666

Well, I heard that person went to youtube to refresh the page, the youtube page went hellish and the video were being very creepy, So I begin to watch video. While I'm watching the video, I see the women were drowning into the bloody pool and its nasty so I pause but its doesn't work so decide to go back page but its still doesn't work. So I tried Close page but its doesn't close. So I should shut down but it can't shut down, The shut down is always work! So I did several times but its doesn't work. All hope was lost. I couldn't get out of Explorer, and the video kept going on and on. And there was nothing to stop me. The girl in the video starring at me, looking at me with random sounds and beatings playing. So women hand pop up out the video and kill me!

This number is too dangerous to dial.Legend has it that if you call this number, you will die in 7 days.i have read about this online dozens of times.I even found information about it in a book.I don't remember what it's called but it says that if you dial this number, no one will answer.After you have already called this number, you will have strange nightmares about the so called "death" meeting you.But the book says that its not "death" that will be meeting you, it will be A...I'm sorry I can't describe it but it will be like something blck that's for sure.In the 7 days when your waiting, your nightmares will get worst and worst every night.So dial it at your own risk.(P.S. I don't actually know if this is real, or just a myth, but I have yet to known so remember my advice)

666 is one of my favorites. As a regular YouTube user, it's great to see a pasta about a banned YouTube channel. There's even a video about it! Honestly, I love it. Read it! You'll love it too.


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74 Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer

It is a very well written story and I don't totally blame Jane for wanting to get even with Jeff. I would want revenge too if someone killed my family. However, everyone, including Jeff's family, forget what Jeff went through. They never even considered what Randy, Keith, and Troy did to him, which is what made him what he is today. And Jeff does eventually regret killing his family, especially Liu, whom he once fought to protect, so he can't be all bad.

I love this one. I always like when there is a girl version of something and they go against each other. I love how you can feel the anger of jane when you read her story. Well at least I did.

I love the story but jane do you really think that killing people jeff will get mad but still a good story its awesome

JEFF LOSES because HE SUCK - Andyman234

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75 The Midnight Man
76 Max And Ruby 0004

This is by far the creepiest thing I have ever read in my whole life. I didn't sleep that night. I had to watch funny cats because I'm soiling myself at the thought of it. Do NOT read it alone in the house at night... Ever...

Ok, I watch the max and ruby 004 video. And I had to with my closet lights on and if it didn't work I had to sleep with my mom. I'm warning you, don't read or watch this at night alone in your house. help me please



77 The Showers

The Showers is so good because it is so creative and well-written. It manages to make you uncomfortable without excessive gore. It is rather long, but it is worth a read.

It should be number one. People only know the mainstream creepypastas, but this has the best story ever. - Gruunge

The teacher is a certain critics Favorite character.

I loved it

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It puts a pretty sadistic, unsettling spin on this pasta. It has a good sense of plot and symbolism inside of the possessed game, which is always good, as video game pastas have a tendency to disregard storyline and simply put creepy things in an innocent game.

Love it. One of my first creepypastas ever.

I'm surprised this one wasn't in the top ten... It isn't really terrifying, but it is a bit creepy. There's even a game based on the Creepypasta.

The game isn't exactly what the pasta describes, but let me tell you, that's pure nightmare fuel...

This deserves a higher spot. The whole thing from start to finish is creepy. One of the best in my opinion.

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79 Hetalia 23.5

I love hetalia and I love italy so it very heartbreaking but its still one of the best creepypastas I've read

I couldn't watch Hetalia for MONTHS after I read this. I couldn't belive the rest of Axis turned on Italy like that... :(

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ALL the BLEED IS BEDDER then the generic that you all are reading? Jeff, Jane, Hoodie, Masky, Slendy, Ravioli ravioli they killed my famiouli, come on dude its generic as hell look at like even more lets see nice kid gets bullied once fights back they get angry and then fight back he turns into a psychotic killer blood, blood, blood. Then lost episodes, found it, got it for free, ohhh cheep, well next period.

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