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101 Borrasca

This creepypasta is the best one ever by the best person ever, it should be number one

Deserves number one without a question. EXTREMELY underrated.

Best creepypasta by far. Written by a talented writer. If you wanna read this one, it'll take up to 4 hours to read but it's totally worth it.

The best part about this creepypasta in my opinion is somewhat the fact that the end isn't like most cliche "happy endings" that are in most stories. This ending is honestly really dark but it kind of resembles real life. how real life isn't all about happy endings.

102 The Statue

This one mostly haunts me whenever I think creepypasta I think this and just thinking about it gets me scared, I mean imagine if one day you closed your eyes because you were about to sleep and saw a Angel Statue. - chocodilesforlife

This one terrifies me in a way I can't explain...

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103 God's Mouth

After I heard this Creepypasta I couldn't take being in small rooms for fear of being claughsterphobic.

104 Bloody Painter

He will paint with your blood while Eyeless Jack eats your kidneys and Jeff will carve a smile in your face. Looks like they are all happy.

He's pretty cool

105 Cubone's Revenge

This one is a pretty interesting creepypasta. A really good one if you're into Pokemon and lavender town stories.

106 Psychologist (Starving Dogs)

This is my favorite pasta. It deserves more fame.

This one is actually good.

107 Pokemon Creepy Black

I read it it cool for your average creepypasta read it four your first one

This one is really well written for two reasons:
It uses your nostalgia against you,
And it makes you feel guilt, when you get cursed you feel like you deserve it, or at least I did

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108 The Pocket

The title picture alone is enough to make the nightmares visit for weeks. It was very gory but kept within the proper bounds. And as if the initial tale didn't make one feel uneasy enough, MrCreepypasta's video version of it kicked the horror into full throttle.

Seriously, The Pocket deserves AT LEAST as much attention as The Rake, Jeff, and Slenderman!

Love this one! Short but very unsettling. If you like it, I recommend "The NoEnd House" which is similar, and has a great twist. It's also much longer than this one.

109 Midnight Train
110 The .GIF

Very good Creepypasta, it's like, just awesome, and that's the Creeypasta that made me like MrCreepypasta, also the pic it's not the scariest, but it give me chills

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111 Smiley

Friend showed me this during class. No, just, no.

Saw the pic. Didn't sleep for a week almost

Can't find it 😢 Please tell me where is it!

112 My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me On Facebook
113 Unbranded Laptop

This story freaked me out a little. I keep on thinking about It the whole night trust me you should read it

I read this right after Dating Game and I couldn't sleep for weeks o_o
Not smart and not a BRILLIANT plot, but very very creepy and scary, and it is called CREEPYpasta...
I think that lovers of Cupcakes, Dating Game, The Grifter and Squidward's Suicide ("gorier pastas") would love this.

Not svårt, bit creepy as hell! I hated but on the same time loved the cuting/torturing part! But I would give it a 8/10

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114 Symmetry
115 Rainbow Factory

I like this pasta, it's creepy and well written.

Stunning Pasta, only 1999 beats this.

Saw this one when I was in the MLP fandom. Haven't read the pasta, but the video is absolutely TERRIFYING.

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116 Kuchisake-onna (The Slit-Mouthed Woman)
117 Pokémon Dead Channel
118 No End House

How is this not on the list? - Gruunge

119 Username 666

Well, I heard that person went to youtube to refresh the page, the youtube page went hellish and the video were being very creepy, So I begin to watch video. While I'm watching the video, I see the women were drowning into the bloody pool and its nasty so I pause but its doesn't work so decide to go back page but its still doesn't work. So I tried Close page but its doesn't close. So I should shut down but it can't shut down, The shut down is always work! So I did several times but its doesn't work. All hope was lost. I couldn't get out of Explorer, and the video kept going on and on. And there was nothing to stop me. The girl in the video starring at me, looking at me with random sounds and beatings playing. So women hand pop up out the video and kill me!

This number is too dangerous to dial.Legend has it that if you call this number, you will die in 7 days.i have read about this online dozens of times.I even found information about it in a book.I don't remember what it's called but it says that if you dial this number, no one will answer.After you have already called this number, you will have strange nightmares about the so called "death" meeting you.But the book says that its not "death" that will be meeting you, it will be A...I'm sorry I can't describe it but it will be like something blck that's for sure.In the 7 days when your waiting, your nightmares will get worst and worst every night.So dial it at your own risk.(P.S. I don't actually know if this is real, or just a myth, but I have yet to known so remember my advice)

666 is one of my favorites. As a regular YouTube user, it's great to see a pasta about a banned YouTube channel. There's even a video about it! Honestly, I love it. Read it! You'll love it too.


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120 Hey Arnold Lost Episode V 1 Comment
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