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21 Season 2 Episode 1 : The Fisher King Part 2
22 Season 1 Episode 7: The Fox

Brilliantly cryptic ending, when Gideon reveals the rings in the box you can't help but piece together how many people were murdered by this serial killer

The moment Gideon screams to check out the neighbors reaction.. Goosbumps

23 Season 5 Episode 6: The Eyes Have it

So Hotch has stepped down Morgan has taken over and oh yeah there's a guy cutting peoples eyes out. - nconnorj

24 Season 8 Episode 12: Zugzwang

I love Spencer, he's my favorite and love this one, one of the saddest episodes of the show

I cried my eyes out for Spencer one of the best and saddest episodes od the show.

Definitely the saddest episode of the show, when Maeve died I cried so much, I felt so bad for Spencer, gosh, he's my favorite character on the show :(
But this episode was very well directed

25 Season 3 Episode 12: 3rd Life
26 Season 5 Episode 8: OutFoxed
27 Season 2: Episode 5: Aftermath
28 Season 1 Episode 9: Derailed
29 Season 3 Episode 8: Lucky

Really creepy with insane plot twist

30 Season 2 Episode 10: Lessons Learned V 1 Comment
31 Season 2 Episode 23: No Way Out II: The Evolution of Frank
32 Season 4 Episode 20: In Conflict

Its just amazing the change of personality from Adam to Amanda, one of the bests episodes ever

33 Season 10 Episode 21: Mr. Scratch

I think this is a great episode, Hotch was flawless with the act. I really like this one, but I was really confused on how all the victims where controlled with this chemical, poison thing, but somehow Hotch was not. Does it not include with him? I was super confused, but the ending was great with the move that Hotch made faking the kill on Morgan, he turned and got the Unsub. It was just amazing!

Matthew did an amazing job directing this; I was captivated throughout the entire episode. Honestly, the scene at the end had me screaming.

34 Season 7 Episode 12: Unknown Subject
35 Season 4 Episode 8: Masterpiece

Excellent episode, especially when Rossi foils the killer's plan

36 Season 8 Episode 8: The Wheels on the Bus

I love this one. I think it's the best. The unsubs are so interesng and I like how pretty much everyone makes it out alive (par: the attendant and one student). This should be number one.

37 Season 9 Episode 5: Route 66
38 Season 2 Episode 13: No Way out
39 Season 8 Episode 10: The Lesson

This guy is just so weird and disturbing. Dislocating joints and piercing hands to create life Marionettes, definitely one of the best episodes.

"the way the guy treats people as if they were objects is creepy as hell. One of the best episodes I've seen so far."

Don't forget the two creepy plot twists at the end

40 Season 4 Episode 2: The Angel Maker

To think that one person could be so devoted to another, that they impregnate themselves with sperm smuggled out of prison, and go on to finish the series of murders their lover started, making themselves the last victim.

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