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41 Premier
42 Crescent

Truly hand made cymbals. Not claiming to be while secretly using hidden machines like most of the Turkish brands.

43 Silken
44 Zultan

Not the best but one of the best, sounds great...

45 Supernatural

Have great sounding cymbals with a very unique look made from Turkey

Phenomenal cymbals. Sound great, look awesome, and take a beating. I'll be with them for awhile.

46 Amedia

Great price for that cool unique sound, handmade in Turkey, many different styles of cymbals, say why not? They fit every kind of music style from jazz to metal. Amedia is the way to go.

Best priced cymbals out there, serious bang for your buck. Forget the top brands, try these and be sold for life.

Amazing work, cymbals more consistents than zildjian or paiste and cheaper!
Fits to all kind of music with a lot of series.
Authentic cymbals handmade are not dead!

47 CB-700

Epic cymbals. They are great for rock and essential for blues drumming and those loud hits on the cymbal when needed in rock playing. 10 Stars for sure.

48 Pearl Cymbals

Yeah I know that's not a proper brand but some pearl hi hats I played were so sexy

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49 Fame
50 Muse
51 Empire
52 Olympic
53 Symrna Cymbals V 1 Comment
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