Top Ten Best Dance Moves

What moves takes skills to pull off? What moves are the most famous and significant, and what moves are so funny when people fail.

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1 Moonwalk

Michael jacksons way of defying gravity and his signature move worth the no 1 spot and if you have any ideas please add them


The way that he could literally almost glide was amazing

Awesome dance

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2 Backflip

SO much fun! Probably my favorite gymnastics/dance move. They're quite hard at first, but once you get them, they just let you relax and have a fun time! :D

Some times when I do a backflip fall and it hurts that's why I want to learn

It is just plain awesome

Michael Jackson does NOT do backflips, guys

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3 Running Man

Can be a bit hard at first, but when you get it it looks really cool :D

4 Worm

lots of people can do this but lots of people struggle

Best move ever. The feeling you get while doing it is awesome! :D

There's one in my bum

I love doing the worm! so much fun

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5 The Disco


6 Toe Stand

So awesome! I'm 10 and I can do the Toe Sand but it is still hard and it looks really AWESOME too.


If anybody other then Elvisjackson Presley or Michael Jackson does this they are at risk of breaking there foot

For some reason, I can do this very easily. Who else?

I'll call it Toe Freeze..The name Toe Freeze is better than Toe stand...

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7 The Wave

I don't like this

From one end to the other #swagforlife

Yes - Dabpolice

8 Headspin

Oh my god... Seeing people in Step Up 3 do this is incredible!!! Especially the Battle of Gwai... This is the only move i can't do, I can already do the moonwalk, and it's cool, but still not THIS cool.

I love the head spin go right round

It's the coolest move by far other moves are cool to but the takes so much upper body strength!

Head spins are awesome personaly I think it's the best move when you do it correct

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9 Robot

very few can mimic the distinctive motion of a robot

I was watching an old episode of soul train and saw someone doing this! It always makes me laugh so hard I piss myself. - michaelhughes

Even if you aren't born to dance, you can still do the robot and not look stupid.

Michael Jackson had the best robot

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10 String Dance

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11 Crotch Grab

It's not that bad when the King of pop is doing it

Why is this number 2 it should be lower on the list

Is he holding his pee or what? That is maybe why he cries out, "YOW! "

King of pop dance move

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12 Anti Gravity Lean

This move puts other moves to shame, plus to add to all its awesomeness it's a signitural move of the king of pop Michael Jackson


What is this


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13 Axl Rose's snake dance

Poop and pee would make it better and I'm 100 and will die later today you rouined my life!

14 Gangnam Style

Gangnam style is epic

This dance is way too old to be in top 10

Horse ridding is great

The best!

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15 Cat Daddy

Because I like it like that oh yeah baby

I hate the cat daddy I ment to put the moon walk I hate the cat daddy

'I hate the cat daddy I ment to put the moon walk I hate the cat daddy'


16 Harlem Shake

This Gets the crowd pumped

Harlem shake is boss


17 Nae Nae

This move sucks like poop

Yass the nae nae is a boss

I love it


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18 The Floss

No it is overrated and like the dab, it takes ZERO effort to master

This dance is retarded

Best dance ever!


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19 Kneedrop

yes I know you can do it on bouncy surface but try doing it on wood or concrete like me

This is way better than that stupid ugly arthritis causing floss

Great move so easy to do

20 Dougie
21 The Carlton

It should be higher than the stupid floss

This should be higher than the stupid floss because the floss is number dork

This should be number 21 and the floss should be nin existence

Maybe it was too good for people to vote on it.

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22 Foot Shuffle

Hardstyle makes you very tired than most of the dance moves.. And once you start doing it, it's hard to stop it. You get lost in it haha.

The floss should be way lower than this as it is stupid

This should be 20 and stupid floss should be extinct #antimfloss
Join anti floss to stop the floss and stupid back pack kid

23 Ultra Spin

A normal person could do anywhere between 1-3 spins but a skilled dancer can do anything from 5-10 spins

I love doing it to.

The king of pop Michael Jackson made the ultra spin

Its amazing the wind get caught it your hair, it feels great!

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24 Duckwalk

Chuck Berry's greatest move. Really he was hiding wrinkles.

25 Twist

In the content of a piro├ęt yes this move is spectacular and is a total show stopper 'if you do it right ' lol but just have a try!

26 Lean

I'm talking about leaning to a 45 degree angle not a 90 degree angle

This is is way better than the floss

27 Pindrop

Very Coolest Dance Mover I Ever Seen.

28 Crip Walk
29 Wiggle Dance
30 Air Flare

Even one air flare seems difficult to do... And some people can do them so amazingly... So awesome to see...

31 Party Boy
32 Hit the Quan

Best dance/song 2 stay out of stress

Awesome dance move

Best move ever

Hit the quan hit the quan said get down low and swing yo arm said get down low and hit the quan gotta tell ya
how to (7x)

33 The Wu Tang
34 Thrusting

Thrusting is the opposite of a dance move. It is disgusting

It is a dance move IF you don't have anyone front of you. also others around you may think you're weird

35 Batusi



36 Stankileg

I love the stankileg, Again silento

Stanky leg is in the top ten

Personal I think the stankilag is the great move I can do it with my friends and also my fellow stankilagers. vote TEAM STANK!

37 Side Slide

When you watch Michael jackson move like that he's like liquid

It sucks butt

38 Switch Leap

Leap wear you go from a right leg leap to a left leg leap in mid air, or the other way around

These are really hard.

I am like perfect of switch leaps and I love doing them #swagforlife

39 Body Isolation

Isolation of the body looks incredible. It's the best move after moonwalk.

40 Aerial

Incredibly hard unless you're a trained gymnast. - Dabpolice

Cartwheel with no hands

41 The Britney
42 the splitcartrollwheel
43 Finger Tutting

When I first watched finger tutting my mouth was open and eyes broad. Such a great move it is

This is cool

44 Sprinkler
45 Praise the Lord

Oh oh oh

46 Budots
47 Tut
48 Twerking

Why is this on the list? Twerking's so wrong!

Its funny I'm only 10 people at school talk about it a lot I think there gay

It is really awesome I can do it like the best

Fifth Harmonys song work should be twerk #swagforlife

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49 The Whip

Alto of people find this hard but its not. White people usually struggle to get it right. In white and it took me a minute.

I start with the shotgun pump.

Yes I love the whip - Dabpolice

Now whach meh wip now wach me nae nae

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50 The Kangaroo


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