Top Ten Best Dance Moves

What moves takes skills to pull off? What moves are the most famous and significant, and what moves are so funny when people fail.

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21 Lean

I'm talking about leaning to a 45 degree angle not a 90 degree angle

22 Air Flare

Even one air flare seems difficult to do... And some people can do them so amazingly... So awesome to see...

23 Pindrop

Very Coolest Dance Mover I Ever Seen.

24 Twerking

Its funny I'm only 10 people at school talk about it a lot I think there gay

Why is this on the list? Twerking's so wrong!

It is really awesome I can do it like the best

Fifth Harmonys song work should be twerk #swagforlife

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25 The Carlton

An iconic dance move of the 90s.

26 The Wave

I don't like this

From one end to the other #swagforlife

27 The Wu Tang
28 Thrusting

Thrusting is the opposite of a dance move. It is disgusting

It is a dance move IF you don't have anyone front of you. also others around you may think you're weird

29 Crip Walk
30 Wiggle Dance
31 Hit the Quan

Best dance/song 2 stay out of stress

Awesome dance move

Best move ever

Hit the quan hit the quan said get down low and swing yo arm said get down low and hit the quan gotta tell ya
how to (7x)

32 Side Slide

When you watch Michael jackson move like that he's like liquid

It sucks butt

33 Switch Leap

Leap wear you go from a right leg leap to a left leg leap in mid air, or the other way around

I am like perfect of switch leaps and I love doing them #swagforlife

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34 The Disco
35 Running Man

Can be a bit hard at first, but when you get it it looks really cool :D

36 The Britney
37 the splitcartrollwheel
38 Party Boy
39 Body Isolation

Isolation of the body looks incredible. It's the best move after moonwalk.

40 Finger Tutting

When I first watched finger tutting my mouth was open and eyes broad. Such a great move it is

This is cool

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