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1 What About Now

Inspirational; definitely deserves the top spot... Could listen to it forever and still love everything about it. Amazing lyrics, great vocals, abosolutely love the keychanged chorus towards the end... Music just can't really get any better than this... Next 4 me is losing my mind. Just awesome music from one of the worlds greatest bands, DAUGHTRY!

Most catchiest song. It takes you on a heavenly ride.. Yu got beautifull lyrics, great rhythm.

Awesome song just loved the music and even the lyrics are fabtastic. Just love this song deserves to be number 1 DAUGHTRY ROCKS!

This is by far one of the best songs ever that points out.World Governments and there thirst for power and fame. In short they could prevent all those horrors that the footage shows from starving children. The man standing in front of the tank. By putting all there monies into prevention. Lyrics awesome. everything about it is just great.

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2 Home

#1 goes to I'm going home!
my top ten:
1. Home
2. What About Now
3. September
4. Over You
5. Learn My Lesson
6. Life After You
7. It's Not Over
8. Used To
9. No Surprise
10. Feels Like Tonight

Home is Daughtry at its Ultimatum..
As you keep listening' to Daughtry
No Surprise is the best at the Starting
What about you will Rock later
September will look awesome
But its HOME that'll take you
In the end
Still No Surprise is awesome.. - shouryat2b

This song should definitely be number 1 it just sounds better then their other songs it has good lyrics and is really catchy


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3 It's Not Over

It's a killing rock song... one of my favourite songs

Well, it might be in no.3 here, but it's one of the best rock song I've ever listened

Hell no!... This song deserves to be on the number one!
Laugh out loud.. Critics are insane.. Come on guys make this one a number one song!


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4 September

Awesome song must listen first time I heard it I heard it for the next few weaks continuously! Should be in top 3! Must listen!

Simply amazing! The lyrics are so deep. It really moves me whenever I listen to this song. Goosebumps.

This is arguably the best song by Daughtry. From The first time I heard the song, I fell in live with it. The lyrics and the music. MESMERISING! LOVE you DAUGHTRY.

First ever song ever heard been hooked ever since

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5 No Surprise

Easily. It's their catchiest song and it has the best lyrics, this is the song that got them famous in the first place. Number 1.

What a song! I just love the song from the start... The intro is just superb. And the lyrics are so meaningful, thumbs up, really awesome song!

Very nice song!.. Nice catchy tune and lyrics... This song deserves to be in the top spot...!

One of their best songs in my opinion! And what a great surprise it was when I fist heard this

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6 Over You

Come on.. This is the best daughtry song in my opinion. This song helped me through my awful breakup with my boyfriend. Just listening to this song and singing along to daughtry makes me feel so much better... THIS IS THE BEST BREAKUP SONG EVER. You should try it... "well, I'm picking up the pieces, spending all of these years putting my heart back together.. " TRY IT. I promise you wont be disappointed.

I mean come on man... Seriously? This song totally deserves to be in the top 3's... Why in the world this song doing here in 6? I have heard a lot of songs and this song my friends, is simply one of the best!

This is the best song ever, of Daughtry's. The tune and lyrics are just so good, the song is really meaningful. This really speaks what a lot of people feel, and Daughtry is really good at that. This song is their best ever... Ya!

It's still my favorite song by them of all time! Musically and lyrically it's genius!

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7 Life After You

I don't care what the votes say; this needs to be at least in the top 3.

How come this song is at no.7. This is one of the best song from their album leave this town. VERY TALENTED LYRICS. Can't UNDERSTAND WHY NO ONE GAVE MUCH ATTENTION TOWARDS THIS SONG.

I adore this song! The most beautiful lyrics ever... And so relatable... And his voice is so good... It really deserves to be in the top 3!

Deserve to be at number 1

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8 Feels Like Tonight

Phenomenal cover of The Asphalt's "Tonight." Also some work made by musical geniuses Max Martin and Dr Luke; unmatched by any rockstar, dead or alive.

This is such a good song! IT deserves top 5, though!

Beautiful song

9 Call Your Name

I can't believe that this is on 11. This needs a lot of, lot of votes. Its one of my favourites by Daughtry.
I wonder if people go by the online ratings, or the popularity in their friend circles, probably this might become their favourite after listening to this.
For those who haven't heard of this song, I highly recommend you to do so.

It has an awesome start on the acoustic, has a piano which you'd love and a great ending on the guitar with Chris raising his voice and giving that force which he has in his voice.

I thought it should be in the podiums. I really love this song. This song has got soothing rhythm and perfect lyrics. I really get lost listening to the song and in-song transition is awesome! How can this be at 11!

I literally don't care about this song that much. It reminds of the Three Stooges movie. You know, Larry, Moe and Curly were fighting in that place, and Moe tells Larry and Curly he doesn't want to be bothered with them, anymore, and then they run off, and it looks as if Moe was singing the song, in Chris Daughtry's voice!
But. don't worry. It was just something I dreamed about.


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10 Waiting for Superman

Amazing Song By Daughtry the Legends! Must get in in the top 3!

This song should so be in the top five pick. This song is sweet and sensual, like a light whisper of someone's thoughts. Plus the video is the best. That guy is some kind of angel. Love this song.

This is such a great song. I really like the chorus to song and the instrument in the chorus. I always sing this song when it come s on the radio. This is one of my favorite songs from current day and possibly by Daughtry.

Lower because it's still among the newer on this list, I would put it at number four!

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11 Crawling Back to You

Awesome song from their new album Break The Spell
Have you liked no surprise the 1st time
You'll Love it
Its released after long time
But it'll make to top 5, deserves it. - shouryat2b

Are you serious?! This should be in top 5! The best song the Daughtry's newest album; Break The Spell. The song is very addicting and the music just makes everything so perfect I can't stop repeating it again and again, I guess I'm obsessed

No. Just no. The first time I listened to this song, I cried because it was so wonderfully amazing. THIS IS NUMBER ONE. OR NUMBER TWO. OR NUMBER THREE. NOT ELEVEN. We'll never do this song justice by leaving it here.

This is the first song I hear from daughtry and make me fall in love with the voice and the band for same time

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12 Start of Something Good

Damn! Start of something good is on the 17th?! This sing can uplift the pessimists and make them optimistic. Make it a start of something good. It is ought to be in the top 10 at least. It makes me jolly too. And am sure It will for the others too.

Daughtry is just Great. All his songs are like fantastic. He is my God ( in music. One of them, though). And I respect him a lot.

Guys, this must be no1. It says nothing wrong and it made me realise that I have to fight for love... 'Cause I've really been on top of the world and a clown... DAUGHTRY is the best band ever... I'm from Croatia, love ya

One meaningful song.. Lets start of something good

This song is underrated and deserves to be on top. Great instrument plus great lyrics. Guys listen to this you won't be disappointed

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13 Losing My Mind

The Best song by DAUGHTRY till date, although their album was not up to the level but this song nailed it...

In love with this song since I've heard it, just listen to it and you'll realize how top class song it is.

Amazing Lyrics, Beautiful Chorus, and of course world class music by daughtry, and the voice modulation by chris, just love it...

One day it will reach the top spot or at least top 3...

Unbeatable till date... - shouryat2b

Great song I would put this one in my top ten list, but I love all Daughtry songs so it would have to be a top 20 list, also Start of Something Good is a great song and Never Gonna fall Down in time these will be a top ten song in terms of Daughtry songs

"One part angel and one part danger but it's the kinda crazy I like, you got me losing my mind! "

So catchy- nice work, Daughtry!

This has to be No. 1. I don't know why it isn't. Just love this song from the moment I heard it.

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14 Open Your Eyes

I love All Daughtry's song But I want to Help this Amazing song Out and get higher on this list!

Such Meaning to this song Sometimes We Do Need to Open Up Our Eyes and take a look around instead of being oblivious to whats really going on! - Curti2594

This song is beautiful... So beautiful.
If you listen closely, there's a story behind it. He tells the story of a woman who loses a man that she kept very close to her heart. And what happens at the end? Well... Go listen to it for yourself!

This song seems to have more meaning than the other songs. I like all the songs but this song has meaning.

A song with a beautiful and deep message. One of the most underrated songs by them

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15 One Last Chance

Common guys... This song off the limits... I am not saying that it should on the top but this song have the capacity to be in the top ten list...
When I downloaded daughtry albums this song not included... Must be a deluxe edition piece...

One of my most played daughtry songs should definitely be in the top ten

Awesome lyrics! So give the song a chance to be heard by you (y)

Gives me chills every time. Relates to everything I'm going through..

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16 Used To

The guitar riff in this song reminds me of Hoobastank's "The Reason". And for that this song is one of my favorites by them, especially the chorus!

Needed to be played on the radio it was so good

Are you kidding me!?... This is the best song by 'em!
Deserves to be way up there!

17 Learn My Lesson

Dude, this is like THE song of for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I mean how can it be here? It should be number one, I mean its so meaning full! I listen to this song when I don't feel good and it just gives me sudden boost of energy!

Someone just stabbed me, twenty-three? Doesn't belong here. It's one of the best songs I have heard, it can give ' what about now a run for its money. Deserves to be, in the top three or five if one must.

It is better than the number one song on this list. Well that's what I think... But it doesn't really matter to me because I love this song.

One of the best ones

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18 Maybe We're Already Gone

This song is so AWESOME! I can't believe it's a bonus track! It has a similar chilling vibe as "All These Lives."

One of their best extra tracks on any of their albums! Such a fiery rocker!

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19 Crashed

This is an amazing song. All his songs are amazing, I especially like this one! His voice is truly amazing. Daughtry forever! Great singer and great songs :o

This would be in my Top 10 songs. Love how the chorus just shouts in your face and brings you on a journey in just three short minutes!

Ugh! This song reminds me of that stupid Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp. I like the deeper version of this thing, better.

I absolutely love this song, how is it so far down?

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20 Outta My Head

Whoa I know this is knew song but at 35? Is it some kinda joke it should be in top 10 so good song the video is also great! Please vote for it guys the song is awesome just hear it and you will understand what I mean to say please vote for this song daughtry rocks!

This song in my opinion is Daughtry's BEST song! It is so catchy, upbeat and love the electric guitar in this one! ABSOLUTELY a fun and feel good song! Makes me want to dance! LOL!

This... Song is damn... The best song by them I have ever heard how it is at 20 let take this super song to 1

So catchy and the music is rocking'!

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