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41 Blue Jeans
42 Drive-In Saturday Drive-In Saturday

This is one of the most underrated of all of their hits

This is in my top10, absolutely fabolous song

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43 As the World Falls Down As the World Falls Down

Absolutely fantastic song, nice lyrics and good melody.

44 Blue Jean Blue Jean

It's silly and ridiculous, but somehow really magnificent and creative.

Love this song. Bowie at his creative best.

45 5.15 the Angels Have Gone 5.15 the Angels Have Gone
46 1984 1984
47 Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast

"Any guitarist who plays Beauty and the Beast... You know they get erections" - Robert Fripp

48 The Jean Genie The Jean Genie

Jean Genie -- One of Bowie's greatest musical entrances This single made Alladin Sane the album that it is --spectacular. And the video for this was one of the first conceptual videos to intermingle concert, backstage, and canned shots. Needs to be way higher than 38th. This is ridiculous.

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49 Station to Station Station to Station

This song is an odyssey! Absolutely flawless

Why is this 47? Hopefully people understand this is at least top 10 maybe 20

Completely underrated song. This is his best song.

Not sure why this is so low? this song is epic the emotion is so strong your can almost drink it.

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50 Stay Stay

Amazing song. Should not be this low.

The greatest Bowie track (In my humble opinion).

51 I Can't Give Everything Away I Can't Give Everything Away

Without a doubt, the greatest song he has ever recorded.

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52 Never Let Me Down Never Let Me Down

My favourate Bowie song - why? After all the criticisms of this Bowie period? It is a simple love song that captures a mood so well. Sure, I like Low and more experimental Bowie but this one is wonderful.

53 Fashion Fashion

This was extremely underrated. I love how upbeat it is. RIP Bowie. You'll be missed. - matty925

This always makes me get up and dance its totally underrated in my opinion

It uses the word goon in it. Enough said.

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54 TVC 15 TVC 15

His most underrated song. This is a very catchy uplifting song that should get more credit than it gets. - matty925

55 This Is Not America This Is Not America

This song is definitely in my top ten it is beautiful

Excellent song! Should not be this low

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56 Diamond Dogs Diamond Dogs

What the hell is this doing down here. This title track of one of his best albums. You can't have a bowie top ten too many brilliant songs

Actually, all of these songs don't really need a ranking, they're all so damn good, and hell, it was enough to have a fictional mercenary group use this as it's name (thank you Kojima, for keeping the legacy of Bowie beautiful bastard)

I absolutely agree it should be in top 10 it is addictive this song

One of the best songs on one of his best albums. How the hell is this song at 90? It's easily top 10!

57 Across the Universe Across the Universe

Great vocals... Great Beatles cover... Should be higher :(

58 Somebody Up There Likes Me Somebody Up There Likes Me

A very underrated David Bowie song!

Ahh the memories of playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas!

It's very sad that few people, except for true David Bowie fans and people who heard it on Grand Theft Auto-SA have heard this song even once. This is my favorite song by him, and it's unbelievably underrated. Whenever I'm flying a Rustler, and this comes on, I'm in a state of nirvana. I'm also upset that David Bowie died. - doodie

A hidden gem in the David Bowie catalog

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59 Cygnet Committee Cygnet Committee

Got me through my youth, and its good to listen to old friends, )

60 Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing
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