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41 Fascination
42 Blue Jean

It's silly and ridiculous, but somehow really magnificent and creative.

Love this song. Bowie at his creative best.

43 Shining Star (Making My Love)

I love this. It tells a story; about drugs and hardships.

44 Killing a Little Time
45 Blue Jeans
46 Drive-In Saturday

This is one of the most underrated of all of their hits

This is in my top10, absolutely fabolous song

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47 As the World Falls Down

Absolutely fantastic song, nice lyrics and good melody.

This is the 1st song I've heard of him. So, it's an obvious pick

48 5.15 the Angels Have Gone
49 Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)
50 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
51 Beauty and the Beast

"Any guitarist who plays Beauty and the Beast... You know they get erections" - Robert Fripp

52 Hang on to Yourself V 1 Comment
53 Waterloo Sunset
54 Stay

Amazing song. Should not be this low.

The greatest Bowie track (In my humble opinion).

55 1984
56 No Plan
57 Aladdin Sane

Come on. This should be much much higher. One of the best classic
Rock songs of the seventies. Beautiful piano piece.

I can�'t believe it�'s here. It should be higher on the list. One of the best Bowie�'s songs.

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58 Fashion

This was extremely underrated. I love how upbeat it is. RIP Bowie. You'll be missed. - matty925

This always makes me get up and dance its totally underrated in my opinion

It uses the word goon in it. Enough said.

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59 Yassassin
60 Diamond Dogs

What the hell is this doing down here. This title track of one of his best albums. You can't have a bowie top ten too many brilliant songs

Actually, all of these songs don't really need a ranking, they're all so damn good, and hell, it was enough to have a fictional mercenary group use this as it's name (thank you Kojima, for keeping the legacy of Bowie beautiful bastard)

I absolutely agree it should be in top 10 it is addictive this song

58... *shakes head in dismay* it's easily the best Bowie song ever. - Britgirl

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