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21 Not Exactly

I could say something like "Sick Beat! " or "Come on guys, vote it up! " But honestly, this is one of the best deadmau5 tracks ever produced. It is perfectly paced and is thoroughly enjoyable. At least in the Top 10 for me.

Yeah um what's with the mix up, kick some chords down a few pegs and put this up in the top 10 it deserves to be in. If you don't believe me check out the 2010 mix, I think it's better than strobe!

This is the song that turned me onto Deadmau5. I then picked up a copy of Random Album Title in the Louvre...says it all really!

100% deserves top 10 if not top 5

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22 Alone with You

I once listened to Brazil-Alone with You, back-to-back, while running. I think by the time that I was halfway sick of the songs, I had already put in well over 10 miles.

Takes you on a magical journey from high to high. No matter how bad things are, this tune brings back hope.

Oh my god, words cannot describe the feeling I from the song. The quintessence of euphoria rushes into every molecule of my being as I crest the 16, 000 total plays mark. I haven't purchased a song in years, and even after having every version of the song in it's highest quality, I felt for the first time it was duty to give an artist my money.

Thank you you glorious angel Joel Thomas Zimmerman.

...I honestly like this song more than I Remember. I said it. Best off of Random Album Title, hands down. It's been eight years since this song was first released and it still isn't old. - Nebby_

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23 A City in Florida

How is this not number 1? I've listened to 3 of Deadmau5's albums, and I have to say, this is my absolute favorite song. Listening to it on a great speaker system also enhances the quality, too.

This this song is $&@! Amazing! I've listened to all the top ten and this one is by far my favorite. Most songs are to slow for M. This song has a faster beat and a great song. Can't believe this song is so far down!

This song got me into electronic music... Definitely deserves a higher spot!

This should be number one!

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24 Hi Friend

This song is okay if you're able to withstand six minutes of constant beeping. I think it's good, but it was definitely one of the lesser songs on For Lack of a Better Name. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but not the best. - Nebby_

One of my favorites. What a great addition the voice was - Ajkloth

What is this song doing this down?

Just awesome... I like Mc Flip's contrubution, but the song would still be perfect as an instrumental

25 Jaded

Simplicity is the name of the game here, and Deadmau5 delivers with a beautiful track. If you haven't heard this track, do yourself a favor and listen! It builds on the same progression throughout, adding subtle elements to the timbre of the synths and to the beat. Add in a perfect breakdown and you've got a top 10 track!

The intro is a pure masterclass of electronic music composing

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26 Clockwork

This song got such an intense build up. Just lie down for 11 minutes and take a trip in your mind with this song.

Absolutely amazing! Seems like its always rising.

This is simply perfection, how this is not higher on the list is beyond me.

Awesome... like somebody else said, it seems like it is always rising. For eleven minutes. Top 20 material. - Nebby_

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27 8bit

8bit was one of deadmau5's first songs released, and definitely deserves a spot in the top 3 - amoepixl

This thing is called love on first sight! Its amazing! This is definitely one of the mau5's best songs and one of tjhe best songs I have ever seen

28 Drop the Poptart

The vocals kinda ruin it, in my opinion it would be better without the vocals but great song otherwise.

Definitely would prefer this to Invidia or Ira from While (1<2). Damn good song

I really do think that this song should be on while(1<2)... it would be a very good replacement for one of the depressing piano tracks. While the title may have nothing to do with the lyrics, it's still very good, give it a listen. - Nebby_

Best song for relax. This should be definitely in top.

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29 Fn Pig

One of the best intros I've ever heard in a song in a long time. The song is paced so well, and the drop is awesome. Brilliant

This song has a really cool beat! The first part tells you "get ready". Once it finally comes you are listening to a really sick beat! Listen and wait!

Amazing build up, which at first is ambient but after 2 minutes of the tempo going up and down, sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly, the song becomes something different entirely. A chiptune melody plays for some time, which builds up into one of the coolest deadmau5 drops to date. All I can say is that you must listen to this.

To be honest this is probably the most underrated deadmau5 track on here, along with Jaded. Both deserve a top 10 spot

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30 Orca

This is top 10 quality. It is one of my staple deadmau5 songs just like strobe, faxing Berlin, Brazil, and arguru. If you haven't heard it and like the songs I mentioned, I highly suggest it!

Awesome song! Unbelieavably heavy drop!

31 Arcadia

This song will be in the top ten soon! I hope that.

I love this song so much. It's a shame Somewhere Up Here got a release and not the simplified version. The atmosphere of this song is breathtaking and genius.

ONE of the best song by deadmau5 it should be in the first 5 according to me.

32 No Problem

Best song off W:/2016ALBUM/. The sample doesn't give much but it's so worth your time, one of the best. Ever. Great job on this track, deadmau5. - Nebby_

33 Maths

Complex and hard hitting, beats Ghosts N Stuff anytime. Lovely glitchy sound to it, with great build up, breaks and drops!

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34 October

This song reminds me of strobe. I guess you could call it strobe 2. I love it, both the melody and the build up. My favorite song from the new deadmau5 album.

Masterpiece! For sure one of his best songs! The breakdowns are unbelieveable good!

35 Avaritia

This needs to be farther up, no question. Listen to the song, and you'll understand.

One of the best deadmau5 tracks out their. Not quite #1 but its still up there.

This song gives me the chills. The best synth in trance music ever.

One of Dedmau5's best intros to a song, hands down better than Strobe. Now Strobe beats it every other way, but the reason I love this one way better is because of the intro and its atmosphere, purely remarkable..

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36 The 16th Hour

Get yourself in a dark room, play this song as loud as possible, close your eyes and try stopping yourself from dancing with goosebumps all over your back and coming down your arms.

Up you must go, The 16th Hour! Definitely one of the best off of For Lack of a Better Name. Deserves a spot in the top ten, or at least the top fifteen! - Nebby_

I've been listening to this song ever since I first found out about deadmau5! Truly a beautiful yet dark, progressive masterpiece.

Eveybody is talking about Strobe, while the real masterpiece is the song immediately preceding it in that album. This is the work of a genius. Deadmau5' best song. Right here folks.

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37 All I Had

All I Had is beautiful, just as emotional as Strobe in my opinion. This track deserves to be up in the top 10, I'd take it over Bleed any day. - Nebby_

Better than All I Have, the complexity of the notes are beautiful and harmonic. Love this song.

The melody. Oh My. This song is so beautifully sad.

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38 My Pet Coelacanth

Awesome build up, the drop is perfect. By far one of his greatest. The beat is addicting to get you moving and dancing.

I find myself coming back to My Pet Coelacanth over and over again... so catchy, very unique. - Nebby_

This song has a very good build up and break definitely deserves in top 10

Love it - super intense, crazy build up, and you can't help but yell "f***" at the climax!

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39 Finished Symphony

Why this song wasn't in this list?! It's so amazing, I like it a lot.. It makes me fly high..

This song is musical definition of spiritual bliss and enlightenment

Great mixture of orchestra and electronic music. Should be higher!

His my friends is something you should listen to before you die.

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40 Bad Selection

This is one of those songs that I should hate a lot, but I really do enjoy it.

Come on number 33 put it number 8 - me3p0

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