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121 Templar V 1 Comment
122 Rope

Its an awesome beats song

123 Acedia

Seriously people. 130? This song has a fantastic piano melody for the intro. Then, after 90 seconds of that beautiful melody, the song drops to this extremely catchy melody that gets better every time I hear it. One of the best songs from the 2nd disk of While 1<2.

V 1 Comment
124 Invidia V 1 Comment
125 Somewhere Up Here

Cool intro and overall amazing song - Ajkloth

126 Catbread

Catbread is honestly really good, not sure what it's doing at #121. It should at least be in the top 40. - Nebby_

V 1 Comment
127 Failbait
128 2448

This song is a hard-hitting take on the cat-thruster chord progression. One of the best from w:/2016album! - justinlong810

129 Cat Thruster

A chilled out but funky bass-heavy jam that makes you want to dance! - justinlong810

130 Whelk Then

In my opinion this is the greatest song from w:/2016album. An unorthodox intro sets up beautifully for a spaced-out, intense beat, all along with some dark piano chords. - justinlong810

131 Heavy Petting Zoo
132 Hyperlandia
133 Sleeping Beauty Pills
134 Intelstat
135 Bye Friend
136 Everything After
137 Pixel Cheese
138 Satisfaction
139 Carbon Cookie
140 Can't Remember the Name
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