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121 15 Minutes

Best song in project 56

122 FlashTV
123 Haitus Fantasy

This is one of his best masterpieces, I've listened to it 299 times

124 Suckfest 9001

UNREAL new track. Love the duality of hard hitting and super chill. But where is MY PET COELACANTH?! That is his best new song by far. Suckfest comes second.

SICK new track! Great admixture of beats and moods. There's a weird resilience in the moody part and it totally works for me.

Amazing song, its definitely one of his finest pieces. Give it a listen, won't regret it!

125 Killthemau5 V 1 Comment
126 Sex Slave
127 Careless

First song in my life that made me cry and I'm 15

128 Edit Your Friends
129 Satisfaction
130 Your Ad Here
131 This Noise V 1 Comment
132 Plus
133 I Forget
134 Hey Baby

Wow, really surprised that this is so far down the list.

135 Turning Point V 1 Comment
136 1981 V 1 Comment
137 Bounce
138 Trepid
139 Seeya

I AM SHOCKED! This song is way better than strobe and it deserves to be in the top 10! Listen to it right now and let's make it shoot up!

I can't believe this at #70. This deserves in that top 3. If not, I find it slightly better than Strobe. Please get this up.

What ranked 61? come on either seeya or seeya next tuesday should be ranked at least in top 20!

Very Daft Punk sounding. Love it.

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140 Carbon Cookie
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