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1 Wasting My Time

Great Song, Discovered in 2013 :D I've been living under a f-rock!

2 The Memory Will Never Die

This song rocks.. It gets better each time I listen to it

3 Throw It All Away
4 Count on Me
5 It Only Hurts
6 Little Too Late
7 Caught In the Moment
8 Sick & Tired
9 Taking My Life Away
10 The Way We Were

The Contenders

11 All Over Me
12 All She Wrote
13 Hiding From the Sun
14 All Is Forgiven
15 Deny
16 Comes and Goes

Awesome song my friends

17 Hold Onto You
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Top Remixes

1. Wasting My Time
2. The Memory Will Never Die
3. Little Too Late



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