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41 Infected
42 This I Know

Most epic intro EVER! Great deep tones that get you crazed! Super heavy drops and riffs that kick start adrenaline like no other

43 Waste Me
44 Sixteen
45 The Soldier's Song

This song is an awesome song. Though from their 3rd album, when their sound wasn't fully refined into a perfect "square", I guess, this song is awesome with all its drums and guitars slamming heavily into one even flow.

46 Tomorrow Never Comes

Guitar at the end is just too awesome

47 Follow the Wolves

Awesome everything, guitar, violin, verses, prechorus, chorus. HOW IS THIS IN THE 30'S!

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48 Death

This song is nothing short of spectacular. The video is an artful contribution. The cherry on top.

This song kills it. No pun intended.

"Just who do you think I am? " this song is a perfect conviction of our glorification of death. Death is the enemy and we let it permeate our lives. Jesus CONQUERED death on the cross - "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting? " 1 Corinthians 15:55

49 What is Left

This song is awesome! Best song in the album, one of their best!

50 We Don't Care
51 Fire to My Soul

One of my favorite songs by Demon Hunter. The chorus is amazing. This song to me is not as much about the beat as it is about the words. The lyrics are the best part of this song. As a Christian, I love these lyrics and can relate to them. Demon Hunter is definitely one of the best Christian Metal bands out there!

52 My Throat Is an Open Grave V 1 Comment
53 Cross to Bear

This song open up with a surprise attack from their awesome guitars, but the one part of this song I hate and wish wasn't there, is a certain word yelled in the chorus...if you know the lyrics, you know which one I mean.

One of their fastest and heaviest songs. I think it's DH's number one song out of all of them and in its album (extremist). - GrandTony12

54 Lifewar

I can't stop watching this video...the message punches you in the face with a body beat & heavy fist. Please, somebody stop me!

55 Crucifix

This song is heavy and very crafty. Have you not listened to the guitar melody in the verses and heard the master drumming as well? This song is a beast that cannot be tamed.

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56 Jesus Wept
57 Half as Dead
58 Fear I Used to Know

I love the message of this song.

59 Means to an End
60 We Don't Care
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