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21 Fever Dreams
22 Metal Will Never Die

This should be higher as it's a national anthem for Metal Music - christangrant

Should be higher

This song should be higher

23 Jesus, Mary and the Holy Ghost
24 Vooodoo

This is from the Black Sabbath album The Dio Years. This is a great song. It's somewhat dark like Black Sabbath and it's got the killer voice of Ronnie James Dio. But overall, it's just a great song.R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. We will miss you.

25 Wild One
26 King of Rock and Roll
27 Prisoner of Paradise
28 Night People
29 Tarot Woman
30 As Long As Its Not About Love

The whole 'Magica' album is super underrated! Dio returned to form on this album and this is certainly a stand out song

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31 Straight Through the Heart

I can't believe it's not in the top 5. In my opinion It is one of the best Ronnie James Dio songs

Most memorable melody and far too underrated. Should be higher.

The drums at he start say it all - luke_cody_03

This is so underrated, great drums, great guitar, great bass line and great vocals. What's not o love - luke_cody_03

32 Neon Knights
33 Killing the Dragon
34 Caught in the Middle

I've always thought this was his best song. I got tired of Holy Diver and Rainbow in the dark buy never caught in the middle.

This is a massively underrated song. It has a great Guitar line great lyrics and a great solo. Should be in the top 15 at least

Ya, what that guy below me said.

Count me in, too. Exact same comments. I will add the B-songs on this album are better than the hyped ones. See Gypsy.

35 Hey Angel
36 Man on the Silver Mountain V 1 Comment
37 Push
38 Overlove V 2 Comments
39 I Speed at Night
40 Shame on the Night

One of my favorite songs on one of the best heavy metal albums of all time. Should be much higher. - DarkenedBrutality

This is the most underrated dio song ever. Listen to it. It's great. Who dislikes this - luke_cody_03

Great song, just epic build up..

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