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This list contains the top ten best Doctor Who episodes from 1963-2012.

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21 Turn Left

This episode was amazing in every way! Definitely the best Doctor-lite episode I have seen, usually episodes which are focused mainly on a companion can be slightly boring but this episode is so slick and mind-boggling that you just want to keep watching! Definitely one of Catherine Tate's best episodes!

This is simultaneously a terrible and good episode. One one hand, it handles it's cliche subject material sloppily, and much fan-service and very little nuance. One the other, you can at least tell that it's trying.

This should be at the top, it's my favourite by far, and Hello Rose comes back, well for a while anyway.

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22 Listen

BY FAR the best in season 8. So beautifully dark. And creepy - VERY creepy.

Dark, scary, and has such a beautiful lesson for fans of all ages!

Clara did great in this one - 2storm

Utter Perfection - cena1

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23 The Deadly Assassin

This episode contains thrill, adventure and murder which a Doctor Who episode should rightfully have

Awesome episode plus the first time the doctor doesn't have a companion

24 The Doctor's Wife

I love this look at the TARDIS. It's great to know what she thinks of the Doctor and his companions.

25 The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone

A magnificent sequel for the weeping angels. Words cannot describe how good it is. - cameronbrown

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26 The Unicorn and the Wasp

The effects of the wasp are so cheesy though - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

27 Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

Don't know if its necessarily the best but maybe the best dalek episodes

This is a great episode. MOVE IT UP!

Best one ever should be number 1

Move this up to the top 10

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28 Dalek

How could such a beautiful and perfectly written story be so low on the list?

29 The Tomb of the Cybermen

Outstanding classic story. My favourite cyberman stroy, well written, well directed. Absolutely outstanding. Thank goodness this one was recovered in Hong Kong. - cameronbrown

This would be a great episode if it didn't have racism...

Best 2nd Doctor Episode - 2storm

I always thought this story was a little overrated.It;s good, but the Cybermen are comepletley unintelligible.

30 The Ark in Space

That episode was so thrilling; it also inspired Alien!

The Ark in Space is a superb story and is bursting with strength. Written by the superb Robert Holmes who has written some of the best doctor who stories ever (Spearhead from Space, The Talons of Weng Chiang, The Caves of Androzani), he doesn't let me down because this is my favourite. A strong stroyline, brilliant creative mosnters, the Wirrn, and great actors! Most people refer to this stroy as Dr who and the bubble wrap. People who ahve seen this stroy will know what I mean. - cameronbrown

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31 Genesis of the Daleks

A brilliant origin story, Genesis of the Daleks is great Doctor Who all together, featuring a superb cast, regular or otherwise, beautiful imagery, a memorable score, but the star here is the script. Terry Nation at his best.

Best Dalek story since Power, and probably the best one of all time, too.

Terry Nation makes the Daleks great again! The explanation of the Daleks' origins, and a wonderful story for Fourth Doctor Tom Baker (and Lis Sladen, RIP).

This was probably the best 4th Doctor Episode - 2storm

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32 The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

How can this be so low on the list?!?! It doesn't even make sense. It was so funny and dark and meaningful.

Thrilling. One of my favourite arcs.

First episode I watched and still the best!

33 Inferno

This episode is a thrilling tale of another universe and that makes it a perfect Doctor Who episode

One of the darker classic episodes. In a good way, of course.

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34 The Trial Of A Time Lord
35 The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang

This was by far the best episode. Every single alien in Doctor Who you can think of in the new series is in the episode along with a great cliffhanger

"Hello Stonehenge! "

Why is this rated so low? This was by far the best season finale.

Best Matt Smith Episode - 2storm

36 The Asylum of the Daleks

It's a good episode, and a nice introduction to Clara Oswald. It's crazy to think that the Daleks can be more deranged than they already are.

37 Heaven Sent

My question is: how is blink beating this masterpiece. I get that this is more recent, less understandable for casual viewers, lacking of David Tennant, and overall just less popular, but really. I would rank it along side the best the show has to offer. From Inferno to Remembrance of the Daleks. From the Empty Child to Human Nature. From the Waters of Mars to the 11th Hour. I might even place it about all of those. Quite simply, Heaven sent is one of the finest pieces of Doctor Who ever created, and I doubt there will ever be one finer. - Mangocave

Surprised this is not at least in the top 5 this episode is superior to most above it

It's scary, it's sad, and overall very beautiful and epic, and it made Capaldi my favorite Doctor. Truly a heaven sent episode.

pretty lit

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38 The Satan Pit

Amazing episode, totally my favorite, I mean it's so intense, and scary, and sad, depending on how you look at it. Cleverly written, this episode really deserves to be in at least the top twenty. I absolutly love it.(Sorry about my spelling)

39 The War Games

This episode is one of my particular favorites, even though it is 10 episodes, it is still perfect for that time by the long tale of the different wars

All these New Who stories getting top spots because people don't watch the classics. - Aeterna

My absolute favorite episode, and my first. This episode made me fall in love with doctor who.

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40 The Seeds of Doom

This is an excellent, exciting episode. True, the Krynoids look a bit silly, but it's such a great story, that doesn't matter.

This is an excellent, exciting episode. True, the Krynoids look a bit silly, but it's such a great story, that doesn't matter.

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